333If you have never received a reading from me, see the testimonials below to get a better idea of the type of experience I offer.  All content is unedited and sent by previous clients upon request.

After receiving a reading from me, you can submit a testimonial through Contact Info, and I will send you a free mini reading as a thank you!  Testimonials should be a minimum of three sentences, use appropriate language, and be an honest account of your experience, which includes any type of constructive criticism.  I am always open to suggestions!


From Laura S, 2015:

I have been fortunate to discover Maria a few years ago while I was going through a difficult time.We never meet but this lady has helped me in a way that nobody else did.I have received a few readings from her and not only that she was very accurate, but Maria was very generous with her readings,extremely understanding,, loving, and so helpful at all times.She kindly responded to all my  messages and answered my questions thoroughly and really took the time to explain things. I can never thank her enough and I only  wish that more people can feel the same about this wonderful person and accurate psychic as I am…I can never recommend her enough and I hope that she gets back as much as she gives to everybody.Many many thanks Maria.xxx.  


From Brackster, 2015

Initially, I felt apprehensive and sceptical about having a tarot reading done, but was amazed with the accuracy!  This is definitely something I would recommend to everyone who seeks guidance in their life.

 I had to read it a few times to really take it in, cause I was pleasantly surprised with the accuracy of the reading .  I like the way Maria Teresa presented and explained the reading Thank you Maria so much for the reading. It gave me hope for the future. Sincerely Brackster


From Lindsey T, 2015

I love readings with Maria. I have had several because the first one left me feeling like I had just had a loving, caring, and honest therapy session with the Angels. I always direct others to Maria for a beginner readings because she delivers her reading not only efficiently , but in a real down to earth manner. You have nothing to worry about in purchasing from Maria… you are in the best hands possible!