November 2017 Spiritual Messages with the Rose Collective

The Energy of November

Tuning into the energy of November, it feels like we all get connected to our higher calling in one form or another through harmonization.  All of 2017 we have been experiencing changes, both inside of ourselves and in the outside world.  Whether we have instigated those changes or been on the receiving end of those changes, this month we begin to harmonize with the changes we’ve been undergoing, and with those around us.  

That doesn’t mean things will “settle down”; rather, what develops is our self-image, and how we interact with the world.  Instead of a halt to events, how we respond to them and even embrace them will affect our reality.  We will feel an increase in gentler perspectives and responses all around us, bringing in more ease within ourselves, which will slowly envelop any inner conflict we have experienced thus far.   

It is not the world, but how we see and interact with the world that makes a difference.  All change begins with how we see ourselves.  Be aware of the self, your self-image, how you interact, and who you are, staying true to yourself as much as possible, while being accepting of the experience you are currently undergoing.  

About six months ago, I experienced a shift in my guides and angels, as they began communicating to me as one entity.  They gave me the name the Rose Collective, and that is who brings our messages this month. 

Their Message for November

See this month as a softening of the edges–being honest, being receptive, and being mindful of the energy of actions and words, all with an overtone of gentler energy within yourself.  You are synthesizing your different polarities to be at harmony with one another. 

Allow yourself to have your experiences.  Whatever you are experiencing, make space for it by allowing it.  Be aware of who and how you are during the experience.  Are you reacting in anger, do you have clarity, are you understanding something better?  Be aware not just of how you’re operating, but how you are feeling about yourself in that experience.  Doing so will tune you into your Divine energy, help you harmonize with that essence, and then harmonize with what is happening around you, which releases all need for control and instead brings healing and light. 

By harmonizing with your spirit, your god energy, your superconsciousness, and bringing it into your conscious awareness, all walls that you perceive to hinder you will break down and fall away.  You will no longer see youself as limited, but as expansive.  Again, be aware of the self, which will tune you into the Divine energy and make you feel connected and safe.  

See yourself as light this month wherever you go and whoever you interact with.  Embracing your self-image of being a light being will naturally bring healing to all, tuning you into your Divine energy.   Expect to be more sensitive and emotional, but be accepting of it.  Again, see yourself as light and bring in that natural healing as a light being.  The harmonization with the self will bring much harmonization to relationships and elements around us.  Be open to understanding others, with a clear understanding of who YOU are and the energy you offer.  All you need offer is your beautiful light, and in this you will find comfort, stability and freedom.  

November 28-December 4, 2016 Weekly Spiritual Messages

Our last week of November marks a lot of healing to help us move into our more natural state of joy.  The beginning of the week asks us for balance in our relationships and our perspectives.  Notice where you may be giving too much, whether it be in terms of generosity, criticism or energy.  It’s important to deal with issues from the past that are blocking the flow of love running through you.  The middle of the week could bring some good news, and overall asks you to keep believing and having faith.  Keeping your vibration high and tending to your spiritual nourishment is important to give you better results and open you up to a new energetic shift.  The weekend asks us to maintain that high vibration and trust our intuitive instincts.  The highest vibration is love, so do things this weekend, such as going out in nature, to experience the energy of love as much as possible.  

Card Deck: The Flower Therapy Oracle

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The book Mandan Dreams by Cedric Redfeather

November 21-27, 2016 Weekly Spiritual Messages

This is a wonderful week for inner transformation, healing and expansion.  Most of the week asks us to invest in self-care.  Take care of your body, mind and soul, with time for rest and relaxation.  It also asks us to invest in the perspective and knowledge that everything is perfect and turns out perfect in the moment.  When we stop projecting our worries into the future, and focus on what is at hand and in the moment, we cease all conflict and fear.  Make the intention to have loving experiences, and doorways will open.  We get the message that everything happens in perfect timing and things line up in the perfect way.  The weekend brings a boost in energy and we have a stronger sense of our inner power and purpose.  Let this be a week of reflection, love and revelation for you. 

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November 14-20, 2016 Weekly Spiritual Messages

There is a chance for real growth this week.  With the full moon, emotions, intentions and energy will all be magnified.  If you focus on loving yourself and inner peace this week, it can go smoothly.  Try not to engage in low-energy interactions, and let go of any involvement that keeps you from feeling good about yourself.  Inspiration and balance is coming for us this week, and the main thing is focusing on whether you are ready to receive those things.  Are you open to healing your emotions, and opening your arms to energy that inspires you?  Evolution, rather than revolution, is the goal.

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November 7-13, 2016 Weekly Spiritual Messages

Here’s what to know this week: our needs are met, and all will be fine!  The beginning of the week we need to relax, take a breath, and move out of worry.  The energy may feel murky, but if you focus on keeping your energy uplifted, healed and nourished, you will move past it quickly.  We have what we need in front of us moment to moment.  The middle of the week asks you to hang tight.  There is no need to make any big decisions, but instead hold on, give patience, and instead continue to work on opening up your mind and making peace with uncertainty.  Accept your current circumstances, and wait so that new possibilities can arise at the perfect time.  The weekend brings healing and uplifting transition, as we move on from any mental traps that have imprisoned us.  Throughout the week focus on your own light, and how you shine.  We have much to be grateful for just by being ourselves!

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October 31-November 6, 2016 Weekly Spiritual Messages

This is a great week for starting anew!  The beginning asks you to hold your own space and be your magical self.  It is not just about purification, but utilizing your power to transform and transmute the energy around you with loving intentions.  Remember to ask for help from the universe, and trust in your own magic.  As we move on, the energy supports us in making our own decisions and choices.  Trying something new, or shaking up your routine could be helpful.  Be authentic, be your own leader, and focus on bringing about positive change in your life.  Let enthusiasm and passion be your guide.  The weekend continues this streak of acting with integrity and optimism, but also allows you to integrate your wisdom and inner guide.  

Card Deck: The Goddess Guidance Oracle

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November 2016 Tarot Forecast

Despite busy and stressful events and energy happening, and not a lot of resolution coming from outside sources, we can maintain our own energy by focusing on what motivates us.  Connect deeply to your desires and move forward with inspiration.  Call upon the universe for help, and for your own power to easily flow through you.  Expect to receive many signs, both externally and internally, that will give you inspiration and confirmation about your path.  You may need to leave things behind, and will be have deep inner truths revealed to you about yourself and the attachments you have.  It is a good month to let go of old patterns that no longer serve you, as this month is about connecting to your authenticity and finding a path that makes you feel connected to your true self.  As you sift through the heaviness, put lightness and laughter as much as possible into yourself and what you do, as this will help you easily work with energy and move through any challenges.    

Card Deck: The Angel Tarot

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November 2016 Spiritual Messages with Archangel Uriel

In November we start off with a new moon, marking a new cycle.  This cycle feels tumultuous, with things moving quickly one week, and then moving slowly another week.  Emotions might feel erratic, and your emotional investment in something might be high one minute, and low the next.  

This will all be due to uncovering truths and connecting deeply to our authenticity.  We have mostly been focused on our individuality, but what I’m seeing is a shift towards collectiveness.  The unique thing about this shift, which has been taking place slowly over the last 10 years, is that the collectiveness is coming from the embracement of our individual and unique selves.  The more we connect with our individuality, the more we connect with others who are doing the same, thereby coming together to collectively shine our light on the planet.

November is a good time to be open to the possibilities.  Be ready to let go of what you thought was true, because the process of making assumptions is becoming outdated more and more quickly, and truth through heart (rather than mind) connection is growing faster and faster.  It will be important to laugh and have fun this month as well!  The more lightness you bring to everything, the more positive results you will get!  

Archangel Uriel brings us a message for this month.  He is the Archangel of ideas, and his name means “the Light of God.”  He is warm and sunny, and I often experience a light and rich yellow color when he enters my space.  He also is a “get down to business” angel; he’s very direct and gentle, and will tell you anything you need to know at that moment in time.  He brings you solutions, next steps to take, and new ideas to investigate.  

Here is his message:

Greetings, I am Archangel Uriel, and I am here to tell you, or rather to give you that confirmation you so deeply desire, that yes, you are on the right path.  For indeed, dear ones, you are never on the wrong path.  This is impossible, as you are creators of all you experience, and thus can never experience anything that is not created, and all you create is right and true.  

The thing that will guide you most is connecting with your desires.  Too often you let the logistics of a situation slow you down.  This is not to say that the details and practical steps are unnecessary; indeed they are.  I am stating that, however, once you start thinking about the logistics, your very desire diminishes, and you do not even take the first steps.  

Dear ones, I know you are exhausted; you are weary.  Weariness is due to feeling disconnected from your true self.  Your true self always wants to be doing and activating something within you; your true self wants to grow, to create movement, to create a song in your heart.  Therefore, when you feel weary, give yourself the proper break you need to not only rest your body, but to connect once again with your inner being, so that you may feel inspiration once more.  Know that this inspiration is always within you, and it merely depends whether you hear it or not.  

As you move closer together with others, this time you are not losing your individual self.  You are finding more than ever that what makes you a unique individual makes you a powerful collective.  You can be connecting with others in a way you have not experienced yet, but that many are experiencing now.  The coming together has been happening, and it will be happening more and more.  It is coming together naturally, as it needs to be, and all you need to do is continue to express yourself and connect with your inner desires.  

This is a month to maintain your spark, your motivation, your energy.  You are, you could say, evening out, as the mighty flares die down and a steady flame burns within you.  It is time for you to figure things out, but do not push to do so; simply allow the energy to flow through you, and let the process occur naturally and at your own pace.  The ideas are coming; the feelings are there.  Simply know when to sit still and listen within, and when to put those thoughts into the external.  

I ask you to open the eyes of your heart this month, and listen.  The truer you are to yourself, the easier this shall become, as you are moving towards more acceptance and togetherness, and away from rejection.  There may still be opposition and rejection to your true self, as there are those who are not yet ready; but the transition is smoother and smoother.  Do not doubt yourself; do not doubt the messages you receive.  All is good and all is perfect as it is.  

As you expand your boundaries, as you expand your hearts and minds, you expand your abundance and opportunity.  Laugh, love and listen.  You are done putting the powers of decision into leaders; you are being your own leaders, so continue to do so in your individual life and you will move forward in love this way.  Call on me for guidance and next steps, and know that I am there even before you call on me to deliver that which you need.  I have known all of you forever, and I love you.