October 2016 Spiritual Messages with Mary Magdalene

I want to share some revelations I had about the ego recently: Often during our spiritual journey on Earth, we are warned of the ego; don’t let the ego put ideas in your head, don’t let the ego put you in fear, etc, etc.  Today I had the revelation that our spiritual development does not mean we are here to suppress the ego.  Our spiritual development IS the ego.  

We come to Earth to physically experience our god-selves.  As spirits, we inherently have all spiritual knowledge and understanding because our spirits are fully developed; we are very wise and ancient souls! Our egos are brand new, as they are part of our new, physical bodies, and are therefore undeveloped.  Earth is like a garden, our spirits are the gardeners, and our egos are the bulbs.   How our ego grows–which is how we physically experience–depends on how we nourish it.  Our spirits are here to guide our ego’s physical experience and integrate with it.  

This means that when fear, worry, hate, judgement and such take over, rather than saying, “Get out, ego thoughts!” we can say, “I hear you; I acknowledge you; let us work together.”  I get the sense that this is important now in order to move forward, because we are working on uniting our spirits with our egos & bodies.  We are working on having physical experiences that experience our spiritual power.  Our ego is at the core of our physical experience, so it is our job to develop it with our spiritual truth.  

Now, onto our October Messages from Mary Magdalene, one of my favorite ascended masters and spiritual teachers!   I’ve only known for a day that Mary was around me, ready to give a message, and she is incredibly playful.  Her aura was a brilliant magenta color this time around, giving off feelings of security, strength, and love.  We had a little conversation about her life with Jesus, and here is what I learned:

Mary Magdalene was actually Jesus’ wife, having been betrothed at a very young age.  Many of Jesus’ teachings were also Mary’s teachings as well; in fact, they perfectly balanced each other in every spiritual sense, as they both had equal parts masculine and feminine energy, but physically represented one of each.  Mary helped keep Jesus grounded and assertive, whereas Jesus helped Mary connect to her gentleness.  They respected each other greatly, absolutely adored each other in every sense, and had a very active sex life.  Some followers were uncomfortable with Mary embracing her sexuality so openly, but really they were experiencing a fear of feminine power and male-female partnership.  Mary loved her body as much as she loved her spirit, uniting them perfectly.  Jesus and Mary had a very equal partnership, in order to show how two energies can unite into one and be perfectly balanced.

She then showed me movements throughout history the last 150 years, from women wearing pants to current movements such as being body positive, abolishing slut and prude shaming, “freeing the nipple”, and movements of people owning and standing up for their race, gender, bodies and more.  These movements and developments that are focused on our physical selves are all connected to a similar energy: awakening to freedom and allowing inner power to shine outward.  She said that we are uniting our spiritual knowledge with our physical bodies: in short, working on uniting two energies into one! By bringing our spiritual self-love into our physical realm & our ego, we are becoming stronger than ever before.  

Whereas September was highly focused on closing doors, feeling out of control, and major release and shifts, October has an inviting energy.  It will be a time to be filled with a sense of empowerment, tying up loose ends, and getting your focus back.  Major insights are inevitable, and intuition will be loud and clear…there may even be some surprises in store for us all as we begin building a new foundation for ourselves.  

Here is Mary Magdalene’s Message:

Hello darlings, I am Mary Magdalene, and I am so happy to provide you a message at this moment in time.  You have done so much work in turning the wheel.  This month is promising, as you are getting closer to mastering the wheel.  You may experience a lot of push during this time, as in push-back and pushing against.  You are opening new doors for you, and new light is coming in.  

Think of it this way, as you have been letting go internally so much, letting go and releasing emotions, old patterns and behaviors, old ideas…all that is internal to you, and for some it has been reflected in your external life.  But now that the majority of you has let go internally, you will be moving on to the external. Pushing through the standards, the norms, the rules and the walls that your current cultures and societies have enforced upon you.  

For years you have been emptying a box, releasing that which does not serve you, letting go of everything in side that box.  You will now be shifting towards releasing the box itself and allowing it to disintegrate gently.  You have opened the lid of the box, are letting the light in, and once you have seen that light, you realize you do not need the box and will be getting rid of it altogether.  

We call this breaking free as you learn to work with energy more and more, and less with old ideas that do not belong to you.  Ideas are simply the intellectual interpretation of the energy you feel and allow into your being.  Ideas are manifestations of energy, and in this way you can detect what kind of energy you are retaining, and what kind of energy you can work with.  You can tell the difference between lower energies and higher energies, as higher energies are light, playful and enthusiastic, whereas lower energies give you thoughts of worry and doubt.  As you advance in working with energy, and use it to break down barriers and manifest open fields of possibilities, you are advancing your egos into a purer form of your God energy.  

This month, I advise you to be brave.  You will need to be brave, take chances, and awaken.  Awakening can be jolting and scary, but it will also make you feel more alive than you ever have before.  This is a time to celebrate your experience.  Celebrate being alive.  You have trouble remembering how to do that.  You often don’t feel alive, or lately you have been filled with dread.  This energy now is bringing you back to the excitement of living, and the purpose of living.  

How to embrace this energy?  You must keep and hold your intention…THAT is working with energy.  Upon waking up, falling asleep, or throughout the day, make the intention that you wish your experience to be joyful, meaningful, peaceful…whatever you wish.  This is how you begin working with energy!   You are moving out of healing and into power.  

You must appreciate yourself during this time; this is the number one assignment I lovingly hand to you.  Appreciate your body, your mind, your spirit, and your experience.  Appreciate your point of view, the lessons you have learned and are currently learning, and all that has assisted you.  In order to move into your power, you must feel deserving of that power, and thankful for your holy Self.  This will help you embrace all that you are, and step into the light.  

I am here to help you embrace yourself and give you the fierceness that you require.  The fierceness in me is also the fierceness in you, and I will help you awaken your fire if you desire.  I am here for whenever you need, and love you always.  I love you now and have always loved you now. 

September 2015 Guidance with Mary Magdalene

This month the amazing Mary Magdalene came through to provide us guidance for September.  There are many mysteries surrounding Mary Magdalene, but I can tell you that during her human experience she listened to her heart, rather than her head.  She was a loving companion to Jesus as well as a disciple, and now she works to help men and women join their energies together.  

She is an advocate in healing women from oppression and suffering, and has given many women figures inspiration and guidance to step into leadership roles.  More importantly, she helps all people find inspiration within themselves; she fills your bellies with the power of intuition, assertiveness and strength.  She has an energy that is both loving and fiery; she pushes us to move forward, helps us heal, and partners us with helpful energies.  

September is a successful month where we deeply connect our spiritual practices in our physical lives, and shift away from seeing them as separate.  We have already made so much progress in this sense, and this month will bring us opportunity to connect these two facets in a very big way.  There is also a theme of ‘multiple choice’–we will have many thoughts, actions, people, and options to choose from, because we are in control of making our decisions.

She provided us this month with the symbol of a white rose, which indicates purity.  In the message below, she explains that we have been feeling so topsy-turvy because of the rapid shift in energies that are constantly moving.  Therefore, it is important to keep our bodies, minds and spirits pure and connected to our Higher Selves.  Self-care is important this month, and cleansing in all shapes and forms.

It is also important this month to focus on non-attachment.  Much will shift in and out of our lives, and she urges us to connect ourselves only to the present moment.  Keep in mind that many things that come into your life are merely stepping stones; appreciate them, and then let them go when they are ready to leave.  


Here is her Message:

Dear Ones,

Greetings my beloved.  I am Mary Magdalene, as you know me.  I am here to bring you the inspiraiton and assertiveness you desire.  Many of you are seeking what you know as “answers”; you have so many unanswered questions about which direction to take, what to think and even how to feel.  This is due to the rapid development of energy on your planet.  More and more as individuals and as collectives, you are questioning everything: your beliefs, your ways of life, and what you think you know about yourself.  

This can be extremely exhausting for your physical minds and bodies, and your emotions may be feeling very unsettled.  I understand, as I have been human too.  I want you to know that this month, allow yourself to change your mind.  You may think you come across “the answer” to a question that maybe you cannot even yet define, but then something else will come along and make you question that answer you initially received.  You are changing rapidly, you are going through an accelerated growth process, so allow things to drift in and out of your life as you need them.  

This is difficult for you, because you need to feel anchored in your sensibilities.  Therefore, I advise you to anchor yourself in love.  Surround yourself in self love, love of your passions, love of the outdoors, love of creative projects, for this type of joy will help you feel anchored to your higher self.  You may want to eat more and feel an increase in appetite, or you might feel the exact opposite and not feel the need to eat at all.  Do what you need, and listen to your bodies, as they are very wise.  Your health is very important this month, as your bodies must adjust to the constantly shifting energy of your soul, and extra sleep will be necessary.  

Most important, pay attention to the inspirations we are bringing you this month, but do not attach  yourself to them too steadfastly; your inspirations are merely stepping stones.  One thing will lead to another.  See yourself on a constantly moving wheel.  You will sometimes be at the top of the wheel, and as it moves, you also will move to the bottom.  You are focusing on being in the center spoke, so that you still are moving but you are balanced and merely observing the highs and lows of the moving wheel.  

The most important thing is to pay attention to the present moment.  Anchor yourself in the present moment, and attend to your needs in the present moment.  I am telling you now that there is difficulty; it will be very difficult for you to set expectations for the future, because things are shifting rapidly and you are going to be going through change after change.  This is part of your development, but can feel chaotic.  

Therefore, stay focused on the present moment.  Do not hold on too tightly to things that flow in and out of your life, because each occurrence, each person and each idea is serving you a purpose.  Once that purpose is finished, there is no need to hang onto it, for it is not ‘the answer’ you are looking for, but rather it is a what you need to prepare you for the next wave of energy shifts.  Say yes to your experiences, and call on me when you need help being assertive, when you need ideas, or when you need to care for yourself better.  

I wrap you in my love, and I am honored to be with you during this moment and all moments.