February 13-19, 2017 Weekly Spiritual Messages

The themes for this week are inner power and relationships.  This week will help us discover how dynamics of different relationships are best letting our inner light shine, and also help us develop our relationship with our inner selves.  Creativity and strength are significant factors, as we push forward with determination while still letting go of control.  Know that we are protected and safe, and the best thing to do is follow our intuition to guide us for the right action at the right time.  Nurturing ourselves is important this week, as is nurturing our relationships.  All experiences this week are to help us be more true and more authentic to ourselves, so it is important to widen our perspective and see things from a bird’s eye view.  

Card Deck: The Mystical Wisdom Oracle

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January 2017 Spiritual Messages with Archangel Metatron


January feels like a time for us to gather the lessons of 2016 both personally and universally.  I sense that we will have ‘quiet’ ways to put these lessons into practice as we invest in shifting our energy, thus shifting our lives.  While you may have had many reminders of old patterns you still need to break over the last few months, these reminders came at the perfect time, for they are now fully in your consciousness, making you extremely self-aware and conscientious.  You are ready to get 2017 off to a powerful start, and, most importantly, in a way that feels right to your unique self.  

Archangel Metatron joined me, and what follows is the conversation we had as I asked for messages for all of us for this new month.  He has been ‘on my mind’ lately (and a friend even recently mentioned him over coffee) and I know that when a particular angel is on my mind, he is around!  He is wonderful when you need help learning esoteric knowledge, or clearing away negative energy (you may have also heard of his cube, an amazing piece of sacred geometry).  He is ENORMOUS, so if you ever call on him and ask to tune into his energy, you will probably feel wonderfully overwhelmed by his mammoth energy.


When I called on him, he was there immediately, and suddenly we were transported to another place and time.  I found myself in the middle of a desert, the sun shining brightly and harsh winds blowing the sand around.  I asked where we were, and he replied, Where I returned. “Where you died?” I asked.  Yes. 

I was curious.  “How did you die?”  Metatron laughed as he said, Humans are always asking how others die, when the why is far more important.  You die to return home when your journey is done.  This is always the reason.  Every death is an opportunity to return, and in this you may rejoice. 

Metatron, knowing my thoughts, continued:

I remind you of this, for very much of your time now, for many of you, will be about returning.  No, not in death of your physical self, although many are choosing to return this way.  But for those of you who are determined to stay, the return is about returning to your true self in your physical world, in a way that has not been done before by so many.  

You come here in the hopes of experiencing yourselves, in one way or another, sometimes by the way of experiencing what you are not in order to know what you are.  Now, my beloved angels, you have experienced what you are not so many times that you are ready to be what you truly are.  Therefore, it is essential to take this time to reflect, to focus on that which you are in order to physically live it.

Think of the things you like to do.  You believe these actions bring you joy, bring you fun, bring you creativity.  This is what it appears on the surface, but I tell you that this is not the entire truth.  You enjoy these things because they connect you to the core of your true self.  They remind you of the love that is you. 

Do you claim to love reading?  For it is not the action of reading you love, but rather it connects you to the part of you that is knowledge, fantasy and discovery.  Do you love to knit?  It connects you to the part of you that is creativity, integration and creation.  All you love to do is merely a reflection of you, your true, most perfect self.  The action itself connects you to your true energy, helping you to feel it brightly and strongly.

Take this time, then, to acknowledge that which connects you to yourself.  Investigate behind the joy of the action; to what part of yourself do you feel connected when you do or say certain things?  Make a simple nod of acknowledgement to that part of yourself.  In this way you can consciously lead yourself to experiencing more of who you are, rather than who you are not.  

This is, indeed, about returning.  Returning in the sense that you can experience your true self in physical form, for this is the new wave of ascension.  When you feel lost, uncared for, or alone, connect with yourself  in whichever way you choose, and acknowledge that connection, for acknowledging that is acknowledging the Love that is You.  

I suppose then this month we can take the time to steadily focus on this self-connection.  It feels as though we are setting the stage for things to come, yet these things will be brought by us as we lessen our reliance on outside sources.  May this month bring us all revelation, a clear sense of joy, and steady growth and blessings.  And so it is!  



2017 Yearly Forecasts from January to June

In numerology, 2017 has a ‘1’ vibration (2+0+1+7=10–>1+0=1) which is about new beginnings and planting seeds.  It may take, as always, several months to transition into this energy, and everyone will be going at their own pace.  The possibility of new things taking flight merely depends on how we have set the stage in the previous year.  In order for things to grow, the ground must be ready for nourishment.  Think of yourself as the ground, and inspiration as the seeds, with action and manifestation as the resulting flora and fauna.  Treat yourself with lots of nourishment and unconditional love, weeding anything out that would prevent growth.  Feel good to create good.

In this general tarot forecast for all, I look at different aspects of the first half of the year, as well as monthly energy.  Why only six months?  Well, frankly, halfway through the year I like to get an update and see how things have shifted; it’s part of the fun!  Plus, ‘predicting’ energy can be like predicting weather: it is always changing, shifting and morphing, and one can never be 100% accurate until they are close to the actual moment.

Card Decks: The Archangel Power Tarot, the Robin Wood Tarot, and the Soul’s Journey Oracle

Also check our your zodiac sign mini forecast below, something I’ve been wanting to do and finally made the time for.  Much love!














December 26-31, 2016 Weekly Spiritual Messages

This week you may experience indecision or a crossroads.  This is simply an energetic sign that asks you to look around at your options, rather than continue to pour your energy into a situation that keeps you feeling trapped.  Connect to your inner self and let the answers unfold naturally so you can make strong choices.  You may need to let things go and cut emotional ties to give you the freedom you desire.  There is no need to be afraid, as you are fully supported on this journey.  As we prepare to step into 2017, take time to focus on how you wish to experience your Highest Self in the upcoming year.  How do you wish to grow, and what do you wish to feel?  This week may require patience and ask you to step back from involvement, but really it is asking you to put your involvement into your own self-worth.  

Card Deck: Keepers of the Light

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December 19-25, 2016 Weekly Spiritual Messages

This week asks you to have trust in your path, and know that each day is helping you to spread your wings.  With Mercury Retrograde coming in this week, taking time for mental relaxation is important to bring clarity and peace.  You may have a lot to do, so taking one step at a time and being your own leader will help you.  Allow time to take care of yourself and your health as the week progresses, as you can indeed balance self-care with responsibilities.  The weekend is a time to explore: explore your own feelings and ideas, and allow yourself to daydream.  Mending loose ends or lingering issues in relationships will enable greater freedom and give you what you need to expand further.  Happy Holidays to all who are celebrating, and may all experience greater love and peace this week!

Card Decks: The Fairy Tarot, and the Power Animal Oracle Cards

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December 5-11, 2016 Weekly Spiritual Messages

We start the process of starting fresh this week!  Getting in touch with your rhythm, emotions and frequencies will start you off feeling refreshed, and shedding yourself of negativity.  Going out into nature can help you get in touch with your breath and get you grounded.  Continue to be in touch with you feelings, your faith and your desires.  Writing things down and expecting good things will help you.  Remember we are shifting energy this week one by one, and that is our role all this week.  The weekend continues the theme of staying in touch with your desires, visions and fantasies.  Intuitive messages are bountiful, and confidence is being built up pillar by pillar.  We are starting anew and embracing ourselves just as we are.  

Card Deck: The Archangel Michael Oracle

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December 2016 Monthly Tarot Forecast

Inner peace, nourishment and change are pumping through our veins this month!  A big shift will occur within us, and this will be reflected soon in our environment.  We are leaving behind the insecurities of the past year, and embracing a lighter, more empowered sense of being.  Be in touch with your intuitive senses and guidance this month, and movement will happen.  Release doubt and indecisiveness, and instill yourself with confidence.  Inner reflection is required to move upward, and energies of support, creativity and vision surround us.  Make peace with the moment and where you are at this moment in time as you get in tune with your higher frequencies.  Focus, drive and motivation will fill us by the end of the month as we embrace new energy without attachment, and simply go with the flow.

Card Deck: The Fairy Tarot

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December 2016 Spiritual Messages with Archangel Michael

The end of the year plays a big part in setting the tone for the year to come.  2016 has had many jolting surprises and turn of events, challenging both groups and individuals to bring forth their most raw emotions and encounter an enormous amount of stressful energy.  December will continue some of this energy, but mostly so we can resolve that which is still lingering around us in order to step into 2017 a lot lighter than before, and far more empowered.

December is your time to lay the groundwork for becoming a pathmaker.  Make time for deep reflection, or you will enter into 2017 just as muddled as before.  We may want change, to find a new direction, to discover something new within the familiar, or to release something old.  Whatever you are feeling within yourself lately is about ignition, meant to get your motor started so you can finally start driving.  

Take advantage of December, which has a “let’s get settled before we get moving” energy, by going deep within yourself and asking the ‘why’ behind your feelings, your dreams, your motivations, your unmotivations, your contempt, your blame, and how you think about yourself.  Allow the universe to send you the information you need to resolve your internal issues, and feed you new inspiration each time you self-reflect.  Remember the universe ALWAYS answers.  


Archangel Michael came through for this month’s message to close out the year.  He lends us courage, strength and motivation whenever we call on him, as well as protection and a boost in our faith.  He’s a very clear communicator, and his connection with us here on Earth is much stronger than any other archangel I’ve ever felt.  He likes to be direct, and has a mischievous sense of humor.   Call on him to amplify your strength, your access to inner wisdom, your sense of humor and, of course, for guidance.

Here is Archangel Michael’s Message:

 Dear ones, I come to you now to make you aware of your light bodies, for every bit of you is made of light, of frequency, which all flows to your heart.  Your heart was the first physical manifestation of yourself, and your heart is your battery, to which all energy flows towards and away from, conducting energy to all other parts of you.  

You have spent much time bringing IN light, allowing emotional pain to surface so you can bring awareness and healing to that which has decreased your auric field, but as more light flows to you at a faster pace, you are now shifting to being in tune with the frequency of light, not just bringing it into the world.  You are learning to work with the light, to flow with your highest frequency, leading to joy, service and creation.

While you spend this time preparing for another block of time you call a year, you will find it necessary to to go within and simply get into the frequency of the light you are conducting throughout your energetic and physical bodies.  As you do so, your frequency will get higher, putting you into a state of clearly receiving your Divine guidance.  You do not need to reject your material world to get to this place, but rather a new age of intertwining the mystic senses with the Western material world is being birthed.

 Togetherness is your next cycle in every sense, as you are combining material items and your spiritual self of your personal world together, and you will see more togetherness in communities and between others as you move through your journey.  When you find yourself having trouble manifesting, sit and breathe in the frequencies of higher dimensional light that is coming to you, and tune yourselves to these frequencies.  This will put you in touch with your true, highest emotions, and unveil any lower frequencies that have been holding you back.  

You may be experiencing a rapid uncovering of lower energetic negativity, so that you may bring it to the surface and allow it to transmute finally so that you have room and space to be in your highest frequency.  With each stage of your life you are ascending to a higher level, and you cannot skip levels!  You must take your journey as it comes, and the more you resist each stage, the longer you shall stay in that stage.  However, you may rapidly progress through each level simply by bringing conscious awareness to where you are at the moment.  Bring your inner eyes to your current situation, feelings and thoughts, allow yourself to see all that is within you and around you, and simply by doing this you are moving yourself up towards a higher frequency.  Acknowledgement is active release and ascension upwards.  

You are focused on what you call big steps right now, and I say to you to keep the focus on simplicity.  Do not invite negativity into your auric field by focusing on a task that seems overwhelming to you in order to move onwards and upwards.   All steps are simple, but this may be difficult for you to see, so I invite you to focus on that which makes you feel like you are moving forward and that which is simple to attain, and everything it involves from the process to the task itself.  

As you move through your steps, the anger you feel towards others and the grudges you behold will fade quickly.  Grudges are a form of your judgment, and judgment will always hold you in a place of non motion, for you are bringing the attention off of your own growth and onto the growth of others.  As you focus on your experience and bringing up your frequency, you are automatically uniting yourself with the higher frequencies of others, helping them to grow and evolve as well by putting more attention and focus on the higher frequencies of light that are around you all.  

Step into your own light this month, and simply allow yourself to flow freely.  

November 28-December 4, 2016 Weekly Spiritual Messages

Our last week of November marks a lot of healing to help us move into our more natural state of joy.  The beginning of the week asks us for balance in our relationships and our perspectives.  Notice where you may be giving too much, whether it be in terms of generosity, criticism or energy.  It’s important to deal with issues from the past that are blocking the flow of love running through you.  The middle of the week could bring some good news, and overall asks you to keep believing and having faith.  Keeping your vibration high and tending to your spiritual nourishment is important to give you better results and open you up to a new energetic shift.  The weekend asks us to maintain that high vibration and trust our intuitive instincts.  The highest vibration is love, so do things this weekend, such as going out in nature, to experience the energy of love as much as possible.  

Card Deck: The Flower Therapy Oracle

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The book Mandan Dreams by Cedric Redfeather

November 21-27, 2016 Weekly Spiritual Messages

This is a wonderful week for inner transformation, healing and expansion.  Most of the week asks us to invest in self-care.  Take care of your body, mind and soul, with time for rest and relaxation.  It also asks us to invest in the perspective and knowledge that everything is perfect and turns out perfect in the moment.  When we stop projecting our worries into the future, and focus on what is at hand and in the moment, we cease all conflict and fear.  Make the intention to have loving experiences, and doorways will open.  We get the message that everything happens in perfect timing and things line up in the perfect way.  The weekend brings a boost in energy and we have a stronger sense of our inner power and purpose.  Let this be a week of reflection, love and revelation for you. 

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