August 29-September 4, 2016 Weekly Spiritual Messages

“I’m in charge” is the mantra for this week!  We start off with the chance to bring healing and empowerment to everything we do, from daily interactions with others to how we think about ourselves.  You are the boss of how you give and receive energy, and how you express yourself, and can decide when, where and how in every moment.  The middle of the week is about starting fresh with this realization of your power.  Have faith in yourself, pray for guidance, and let your sensitive nature guide you.  Your intuition is strong and can help you take a grounded stance in how you present yourself to the world.  The weekend shows feelings of safety and feeling lovingly united with others if you allow it.  You have nothing to worry about if you focus on the blessings that bring you feelings of love and protection.  

Card Decks: The Archangel Michael Oracle Cards, and the Magical Times Empowerment Cards

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