March 2018 Spiritual Messages with Archangel Michael

During March there is always the start of a brand new astrological year, as we return to the sign of Aries after Pisces is complete.  It is a time for us to reflect and review and to finish anything that is lingering before we take action once again.  With three full moons this month as well, things are bound to get emotional, forcing us to face these issues and work on healing them.

This month Archangel Michael came through.  He is an angel of protection and love, but beyond that he is wonderfully empowering and humorous.  If you are open to your angels being humorous, he will certainly connect with you in that way, showing off his goofy attitude.

This time, as soon as I felt him, I got a huge grin on my face.  He entered with a whole team of angels and guides, and when I asked what the party was for; he said it was for all of us.  This month he said there is so much support around us, and to realize that we are never truly alone.  It is a month for us to see the love we have within us, which will help us see the love that is available outside of us as well.  

Thus, we are going to feel very supported this month, and only need to connect with our love within to see all the loving support that is available.  By connecting with our love, and the love that Spirit has for us, we will find that we will naturally direct ourselves to that which is most loving for us.  Archangel Michael stresses that the easiest and best thing we can to do is to follow the love, when faced with worry or decision-making.  Doing so will bring the softest and easiest resolutions and answers, providing us an ease of direction and a multitude of support.  Here, he gives us a mantra to follow: “I choose the energy of love wherever I go at all times.”  


Here is his message:

Greetings dearest ones, I am Archangel Michael, your archangel fixer-upper, as you might say.  (laughs) You are amazingly ascending, and while you may be going through some perceived pain in this process, you have much lighter energy to which you can look forward.  All you need to do is focus on the love within, which will give you connection.  Create a grid of love for yourself and you will see love all around you.  Visualize a grid of light that is radiating loving energy and place it around your shoulders as you would a cape.  This grid of love will be with you forever if you create it with your God-given imagination, and will be your compass to guide you towards the experience of yourself as love.

Think of all the things you are currently worried about right now; I tell you, they are already resolved.  It is not the resolution that matters now, but what you are learning on your way to the resolution.  That is why this month is pivotal for you, because you will be learning what is truly important to you, and to us all: love.  This month is about following the love; you will find when you follow the love, your problems are instantaneously resolved.  These troubles you carry, you will not see them as problems anymore.  You will only see them as a path you are walking down, another lesson you are integrating into your soul, and these lessons are only ways to help you experience yourself more fully as a love being. 

At this moment, and at all moments, we completely surround you in this love.  Ask to feel it constantly and stronger, and do so by making a space for yourself to feel it.  Breathe in my energy of love and strength, and feel it radiate within you.  When you tune into this love, your eyes, ears and thoughts will be naturally drawn to the option that holds the most loving circumstance for you. 

If you find yourself worried about what to do, or what direction to take, tune into The Love.  You will find that this is the only way to do things.  When you have tuned into this love, and find your direction, your mind will help you figure out the details, but do not let it take you away from the essence of your decision, which is Love. 

You will find this is the only way you wish to make decisions, this is what your soul is calling you to do, this is why you are here at this point in time experiencing what you are experiencing, because you are leading the way to experiencing your true form, your form of pure love and light, and as you do this you will radiate and shine more brightly than ever. 

Remember that tuning into this love is not about what things appear on the surface, it is the energy behind them, so in following your heart you are not following concrete things or circumstances, or specific situations, you are following energy, and whatever you choose it does not matter as long as you are drawn to it’s love like a magnet. 

This energy is all there is, and it is all you are, and at this point in time you will feel it more strongly than ever.  Remember we surround you with this love, familiarize you with it, and strengthen you with it, bringing you clarity of mind and spirit.  Our love is always with you and forever.  

March 2017 Spiritual Messages with Archangel Raphael

The energy of March is already starting to reveal itself.  With this new month we have a new shift and focus, mainly upon the Self.  This is a month where we will be sensitive, and for a reason: the feelings we have and the growth we experience demand attention, and will not be ignored.  It is a month to discover our leadership, confidently lay the groundwork for the future, and not give up on ourselves.  Basically, this is a time to feel better about who we are, and to make feeling better our priority.    

Archangel Raphael joins us for this month’s channeling.  He is the Archangel of healing and travel.  Calling on him to heal a physical ailment, relationships or anything mental or emotional will reveal deep inner truths.  He brings with his healing energy the powers of clarity and strong will.  His aura is a strong, emerald green, and he is a very gentle angel with much tenderness to give.  

Here is his message for us:

Greetings Dear Ones, it is I, Archangel Raphael, so happy to deliver this message unto you at this moment in your time.  You may go into self-examination this month, and it is a good time to do so.  You are in touch with your doubts, your fears, and your worries.  You are also in touch with all other emotions, far more deeply than you have been before.  

The question I pose to you now is what shall you do with these great insights and learnings you have acquired, for yes, you have acquired these things.  What are your feelings about, and are they feelings that originated within you, or do they derive from another source?  Let your own feelings guide you, and release other people’s worries and fears that sometimes you pick up.  Their worries and fears are not your own, so do not carry them with you.

This is a time of self-discovery, of focus on thyself, and releasing the weight of other peoples’ ideas.  Your judgments have put you closer in touch with what you do and do not resonate with, and now is the time to put those discoveries into action.  Why invest in something emotionally when it is something that makes you feel disconnected and fearful?  Now is the time to focus on your good feelings; to work out what holds you back.  

Begin again, for this truly is the time of year where you begin your new beginning.  Nothing can hold you back other than your own unwillingness to make changes.  Know that when I speak of changes, I do not speak of the physical action or material manifestation; I speak of the emotional changes and the spiritual growth within you.  You must first consciously acknowledge your emotional and spiritual stance; in other words, how you are feeling about yourself, and what you are sensing about yourself.  You must be settled with these internal changes, for once you are, you will be ready to put this new energy into the universe and receive back.  

Be mindful of caring for your energy, and take nothing personally, as many will be at their most sensitive.  Take time with your heart, and allow yourself to grow and shift.  I am with you always.


January 2017 Energy Update with Insights from MLK

I always find January to be one of the most ‘difficult’ months.  Much of the month can be transitioning from the energy of the previous year to the current year.  Often it feels like we are stumbling through a thick fog, searching … Continue reading

November 2016 Spiritual Messages with Archangel Uriel

In November we start off with a new moon, marking a new cycle.  This cycle feels tumultuous, with things moving quickly one week, and then moving slowly another week.  Emotions might feel erratic, and your emotional investment in something might be high one minute, and low the next.  

This will all be due to uncovering truths and connecting deeply to our authenticity.  We have mostly been focused on our individuality, but what I’m seeing is a shift towards collectiveness.  The unique thing about this shift, which has been taking place slowly over the last 10 years, is that the collectiveness is coming from the embracement of our individual and unique selves.  The more we connect with our individuality, the more we connect with others who are doing the same, thereby coming together to collectively shine our light on the planet.

November is a good time to be open to the possibilities.  Be ready to let go of what you thought was true, because the process of making assumptions is becoming outdated more and more quickly, and truth through heart (rather than mind) connection is growing faster and faster.  It will be important to laugh and have fun this month as well!  The more lightness you bring to everything, the more positive results you will get!  

Archangel Uriel brings us a message for this month.  He is the Archangel of ideas, and his name means “the Light of God.”  He is warm and sunny, and I often experience a light and rich yellow color when he enters my space.  He also is a “get down to business” angel; he’s very direct and gentle, and will tell you anything you need to know at that moment in time.  He brings you solutions, next steps to take, and new ideas to investigate.  

Here is his message:

Greetings, I am Archangel Uriel, and I am here to tell you, or rather to give you that confirmation you so deeply desire, that yes, you are on the right path.  For indeed, dear ones, you are never on the wrong path.  This is impossible, as you are creators of all you experience, and thus can never experience anything that is not created, and all you create is right and true.  

The thing that will guide you most is connecting with your desires.  Too often you let the logistics of a situation slow you down.  This is not to say that the details and practical steps are unnecessary; indeed they are.  I am stating that, however, once you start thinking about the logistics, your very desire diminishes, and you do not even take the first steps.  

Dear ones, I know you are exhausted; you are weary.  Weariness is due to feeling disconnected from your true self.  Your true self always wants to be doing and activating something within you; your true self wants to grow, to create movement, to create a song in your heart.  Therefore, when you feel weary, give yourself the proper break you need to not only rest your body, but to connect once again with your inner being, so that you may feel inspiration once more.  Know that this inspiration is always within you, and it merely depends whether you hear it or not.  

As you move closer together with others, this time you are not losing your individual self.  You are finding more than ever that what makes you a unique individual makes you a powerful collective.  You can be connecting with others in a way you have not experienced yet, but that many are experiencing now.  The coming together has been happening, and it will be happening more and more.  It is coming together naturally, as it needs to be, and all you need to do is continue to express yourself and connect with your inner desires.  

This is a month to maintain your spark, your motivation, your energy.  You are, you could say, evening out, as the mighty flares die down and a steady flame burns within you.  It is time for you to figure things out, but do not push to do so; simply allow the energy to flow through you, and let the process occur naturally and at your own pace.  The ideas are coming; the feelings are there.  Simply know when to sit still and listen within, and when to put those thoughts into the external.  

I ask you to open the eyes of your heart this month, and listen.  The truer you are to yourself, the easier this shall become, as you are moving towards more acceptance and togetherness, and away from rejection.  There may still be opposition and rejection to your true self, as there are those who are not yet ready; but the transition is smoother and smoother.  Do not doubt yourself; do not doubt the messages you receive.  All is good and all is perfect as it is.  

As you expand your boundaries, as you expand your hearts and minds, you expand your abundance and opportunity.  Laugh, love and listen.  You are done putting the powers of decision into leaders; you are being your own leaders, so continue to do so in your individual life and you will move forward in love this way.  Call on me for guidance and next steps, and know that I am there even before you call on me to deliver that which you need.  I have known all of you forever, and I love you.  


October 2016 Spiritual Messages with Mary Magdalene

I want to share some revelations I had about the ego recently: Often during our spiritual journey on Earth, we are warned of the ego; don’t let the ego put ideas in your head, don’t let the ego put you in fear, etc, etc.  Today I had the revelation that our spiritual development does not mean we are here to suppress the ego.  Our spiritual development IS the ego.  

We come to Earth to physically experience our god-selves.  As spirits, we inherently have all spiritual knowledge and understanding because our spirits are fully developed; we are very wise and ancient souls! Our egos are brand new, as they are part of our new, physical bodies, and are therefore undeveloped.  Earth is like a garden, our spirits are the gardeners, and our egos are the bulbs.   How our ego grows–which is how we physically experience–depends on how we nourish it.  Our spirits are here to guide our ego’s physical experience and integrate with it.  

This means that when fear, worry, hate, judgement and such take over, rather than saying, “Get out, ego thoughts!” we can say, “I hear you; I acknowledge you; let us work together.”  I get the sense that this is important now in order to move forward, because we are working on uniting our spirits with our egos & bodies.  We are working on having physical experiences that experience our spiritual power.  Our ego is at the core of our physical experience, so it is our job to develop it with our spiritual truth.  

Now, onto our October Messages from Mary Magdalene, one of my favorite ascended masters and spiritual teachers!   I’ve only known for a day that Mary was around me, ready to give a message, and she is incredibly playful.  Her aura was a brilliant magenta color this time around, giving off feelings of security, strength, and love.  We had a little conversation about her life with Jesus, and here is what I learned:

Mary Magdalene was actually Jesus’ wife, having been betrothed at a very young age.  Many of Jesus’ teachings were also Mary’s teachings as well; in fact, they perfectly balanced each other in every spiritual sense, as they both had equal parts masculine and feminine energy, but physically represented one of each.  Mary helped keep Jesus grounded and assertive, whereas Jesus helped Mary connect to her gentleness.  They respected each other greatly, absolutely adored each other in every sense, and had a very active sex life.  Some followers were uncomfortable with Mary embracing her sexuality so openly, but really they were experiencing a fear of feminine power and male-female partnership.  Mary loved her body as much as she loved her spirit, uniting them perfectly.  Jesus and Mary had a very equal partnership, in order to show how two energies can unite into one and be perfectly balanced.

She then showed me movements throughout history the last 150 years, from women wearing pants to current movements such as being body positive, abolishing slut and prude shaming, “freeing the nipple”, and movements of people owning and standing up for their race, gender, bodies and more.  These movements and developments that are focused on our physical selves are all connected to a similar energy: awakening to freedom and allowing inner power to shine outward.  She said that we are uniting our spiritual knowledge with our physical bodies: in short, working on uniting two energies into one! By bringing our spiritual self-love into our physical realm & our ego, we are becoming stronger than ever before.  

Whereas September was highly focused on closing doors, feeling out of control, and major release and shifts, October has an inviting energy.  It will be a time to be filled with a sense of empowerment, tying up loose ends, and getting your focus back.  Major insights are inevitable, and intuition will be loud and clear…there may even be some surprises in store for us all as we begin building a new foundation for ourselves.  

Here is Mary Magdalene’s Message:

Hello darlings, I am Mary Magdalene, and I am so happy to provide you a message at this moment in time.  You have done so much work in turning the wheel.  This month is promising, as you are getting closer to mastering the wheel.  You may experience a lot of push during this time, as in push-back and pushing against.  You are opening new doors for you, and new light is coming in.  

Think of it this way, as you have been letting go internally so much, letting go and releasing emotions, old patterns and behaviors, old ideas…all that is internal to you, and for some it has been reflected in your external life.  But now that the majority of you has let go internally, you will be moving on to the external. Pushing through the standards, the norms, the rules and the walls that your current cultures and societies have enforced upon you.  

For years you have been emptying a box, releasing that which does not serve you, letting go of everything in side that box.  You will now be shifting towards releasing the box itself and allowing it to disintegrate gently.  You have opened the lid of the box, are letting the light in, and once you have seen that light, you realize you do not need the box and will be getting rid of it altogether.  

We call this breaking free as you learn to work with energy more and more, and less with old ideas that do not belong to you.  Ideas are simply the intellectual interpretation of the energy you feel and allow into your being.  Ideas are manifestations of energy, and in this way you can detect what kind of energy you are retaining, and what kind of energy you can work with.  You can tell the difference between lower energies and higher energies, as higher energies are light, playful and enthusiastic, whereas lower energies give you thoughts of worry and doubt.  As you advance in working with energy, and use it to break down barriers and manifest open fields of possibilities, you are advancing your egos into a purer form of your God energy.  

This month, I advise you to be brave.  You will need to be brave, take chances, and awaken.  Awakening can be jolting and scary, but it will also make you feel more alive than you ever have before.  This is a time to celebrate your experience.  Celebrate being alive.  You have trouble remembering how to do that.  You often don’t feel alive, or lately you have been filled with dread.  This energy now is bringing you back to the excitement of living, and the purpose of living.  

How to embrace this energy?  You must keep and hold your intention…THAT is working with energy.  Upon waking up, falling asleep, or throughout the day, make the intention that you wish your experience to be joyful, meaningful, peaceful…whatever you wish.  This is how you begin working with energy!   You are moving out of healing and into power.  

You must appreciate yourself during this time; this is the number one assignment I lovingly hand to you.  Appreciate your body, your mind, your spirit, and your experience.  Appreciate your point of view, the lessons you have learned and are currently learning, and all that has assisted you.  In order to move into your power, you must feel deserving of that power, and thankful for your holy Self.  This will help you embrace all that you are, and step into the light.  

I am here to help you embrace yourself and give you the fierceness that you require.  The fierceness in me is also the fierceness in you, and I will help you awaken your fire if you desire.  I am here for whenever you need, and love you always.  I love you now and have always loved you now. 

January 2016 with Archangel Chamuel

Archangel Chamuel delivers messages for us about January.  Chamuel is the Archangel popularly known as the Angel of finding lost items, healing hearts, and finding soulmates.  He is often depicted with a crown of flowers on his head, and is keeper of a pink ray of light that offers us love and compassion.

On a bigger level, Chamuel can see how everything is connected and intertwined; he helps us discover inner peace, and is a champion for those who are experiencing difficulty and restlessness.  He helps motivate and calm us simultaneously, and has a calming, pastel blue aura.  He is one of the Archangels closest to Earth, and adores all living things on our planet.  

I could feel his motivation to help us find our inner power this month, as well as the rest of the year.  I have connected with him before, but this was the most powerful channeling I have experienced.  It felt enormous, although I lack the words to describe the experience.  Basically, he turned the volume up to 11 in every way imaginable and more.  I realized that Chamuel is more than an Archangel who helps and guides us; he is a very wise and revered teacher of the Archangel realm.  

We discussed for over an hour, which is why this month’s channeling appears as a dialogue, with my questions shown in addition to Chamuel’s words.  I mostly listened and recorded, but at one point he had me draw pictures to share with you all as a visual aid!  I have never felt more out of my body, even though I was conscious the entire time.  

Chamuel is in blue, and my bits of dialogue are in purple.  

I encouraged you to read this message more than once.  It is something that we will need to meditate and reflect on in order to let the knowledge he shares truly sink in.  My intuition says that the messages below are ones that will continually help us in understanding ourselves and the universe, and that this is knowledge we will need in 2016 to inspire growth and change.  

Dear Ones, I am Archangel Chamuel. I am known as the angel who helps you find that which is lost, but I am telling you my real purpose is to help you find what is within.  I am here to help you be with thyself.  Think of me as motivation; the starter of your engine.

Forget time this month; this thing called ‘time’ plagues you.  There is no such thing as time, because you are infinite.  

Yet we need time here on earth, we can’t escape it.  Can you tell us more about that?

You cannot forget time, but do not be consumed by thinking about time. You are always thinking of the past, the future–spending so much on so little.  Everything is always happening, and the best I can explain is so you see that it is not about time, but about expansion.  The only way to expand is to begin from within.  It is not about time, it is about movement.  Switch ‘time’ around, and you have ‘emit’.  Instead of focusing on time and all things related to time, think about how you emit this month.

Please show me what you mean.

Draw the symbol for infinity.  

(I am not an artist, and probably needed a compass for this, but I did as he requested, which you can see.)


Yes, yes, this is only part of infinity, because this type of infinity shows constant movement, but it does not show the expansion.  You think of infinity as never-ending, but that implicates a timeline.To never end means to go on forever, and forever is an expression of time.  

(At this point Chamuel had me add to the drawing, which meant connecting infinity symbols to infinity symbols and so on and so forth.)


(Pretty soon, it looked like this, and Chamuel showed how energy flows through every part, back and forth and also continually adding new parts):



This looks like a plant, or DNA strands.

Plants understand infinity.  Their energy is always expanding and growing, with the energy equally and constantly moving between each old and new leaf.  Infinity is movement, it is outward and inward, it is constant addition, and every expansion that happens is another beginning point, meaning not only are you forever expanding, but you are forever beginning.  THAT is infinity.

Every day is a beginning, every moment is a beginning, right now is a beginning, and even though there is no real beginning, as beginning implicates time, you lack the words to fully explain.  This is why I am lending you the feeling now [of infinity], for feelings are limitless in expression, whereas language is limited to aid understanding and knowing.  

This is knowledge you know, but may not understand.  Yet know that there is no ending, and in divine truth, there is no beginning, there is only this.  The movement, the expansion, the movement, the always now.  

This month you will be preoccupied, and the root cause of it all is time.  Not time itself, but rather bringing all your attention to time; the ‘when’ of everything.  When will it happen?  When did that happen; when does this happens, when what will happen.  So I encourage you to let go of the when, and bring your attention to the peaceful feeling of what is now.  

What will you emit this month?  When you are feeling preoccupied, focus on your emissions.  Emit peace and love, for peace and love will only find you if you first find it from within.  This is your biggest, most important task this year, and that is why the energy surrounding you begins this way at the start of the new year.  

You will be encouraged…not forced, but encouraged, to bring your attention to the infinity that is within you.  You must bring your focus within, and focus on all that is available to you.  Once you truly understand that you have access and infinite resources within you of love, peace and harmony, you will not need anything to change.  Only when you do not need it, when you do not need things in desperation, will all you desire come to you.  Only when you let go of of expectation, and inspire yourself to feel the love within you, can you powerfully manifest.  

So, are you saying we should not need and want things?

No, for ‘should and ‘should not’ do not exist.  These are human concepts.  To clarify for you, you deserve to have all you want and more, as you often sell yourself short in terms of what you deserve and desire.  I am saying that everything you want, you already have inside you; once you realize that, and truly feel that, you feel the inner peace, the abundance, the LOVE; then, and only then, will you see change.  

This is why I urge you to let go of time; yes, you need to be aware of time to function in your day-to-day life.  But you will not allow yourselves to become preoccupied with it.  It is very much like staying in the moment.  

You feel most miserable when you feel stuck, so whatever happens to you, and whatever actions you commit to, think not in terms of creating results, but of creating movement.  You are creating infinity, not results.  This is how I will guide you this month; I will help you create this movement, and the only way that your physical world responds to this embracement and love of movement, which is expansion, which is in itself love, is to respond with other physical creation, which is a physical expression of love.  The movement is what creates matter, but the movement is not focused on matter.  

The movement is love, is infinity, is joy, and you are the movement; you are the love.  See yourself as this movement, which is love, which is infinity, which is you, which is love.  Let yourself feel your infinity this month, and you will see and feel amazing things.  I am here to motivate you, to help you feel this infinity, to feel this love, to feel yourself.  Call on me to help you find which you need, and to feel yourself, which is love.  I am here for you always, I am right in front of you.  Extend your heart outwards and feel my energy.  It is like a soft blanket that envelops you.  I am so happy to be with you.  I love you dearly.  

October 2015 Guidance with Archangel Metatron

If someone had told me 4 years ago that I would be communicating with spirits and angels one day, I would have berated them for making such a joke.  Yet, once I began doing it, nothing seemed strange; it felt completely normal, and I wondered why I hadn’t been doing this consciously all my life.  It felt completely natural right from the beginning, as if I had returned to something I had always known was there.

Today, however, was one of those days I had to take a breath, and embrace the “WHOA” factor; the channeling today left me in a daze, as Archangel Metatron came through.  If you don’t know him, he’s enormous.  He is one of two Archangels who once led a human life.  You may have heard of ‘Metatron’s Cube’; he uses this cube to clear away lower energies.  He holds esoteric wisdom and knowledge, and can help you understand concepts beyond our physical lives.  

When I channel, I meditate for about an hour, and make the connection.  Slowly I feel the being enter my energy (with my permission, of course), and we blend into one.  

Today, it was only 15 minutes of meditation, and within a few more Metatron was HERE.  He was in my space within 30 seconds.  It was overwhelming, and I could tell he was trying to ease me into it as best he could, because his presence is incredible.  I was recording the session, and when I played it back later, my voice had taken a deep, baritone tone (I tend to be mezzo-soprano.)  

Before any words were spoken, Metatron took me on a little journey.  I felt myself grow about 100 feet, and could look down on my house.  He first showed me my backyard, as well as my neighbors, but he showed me through HIS eyes; everything was simply swirling energy.  There was no physicality to it.  He showed me how the energy of everything is constantly moving, changing, absorbing and releasing.  Energy is always energetic.  

Then we were zooming through the galaxy.  It was CRAY-CRAY.  I looked on Earth at a distance, and it was a living, breathing organism of energy.  The energy of everything was appearing in different shades of translucent white and blue.  Moving and swirling constantly.  He even took me inside the sun.  I was curious why he was showing me all this, and he said, in a voice that simultaneously booms and whispers, “Do you see?  Do you see how everything is this energy?  It is energy first, and then it becomes physical, but the energy is always there, even when the physical disappears.”  

Then he brought me back to self.  I myself am energy, as are you; our souls are the energy behind our physical bodies.  Energy is always creating; therefore, we are always creating.  Everything created always begins as a creation within ourselves, and this is what he wanted me to understand.

He talks a lot about our ability to create, how to partner with our egos, and how to envision ourselves this month.

Here is his message:

Greetings Dear Ones.  I am Archangel Metatron.  I am here to tell you all you are is ENERGY.  Energy is flowing through you, all around you, and moving above and below.  You are already complete; you are already whole.  You are SO MAGNIFICENT.  You are SO LARGE.

So much suffering in your hearts; this I know.  But, you are healed.  You know what prevents you from healing?  It is your ATTACHMENT.  Attachment to all that you know as ego.  Yet, your ego is what makes you human.  When you come to Earth for a human experience, you are coming for an EGO experience.  

You come for this ego experience in order to advance your Divine Self.  To be a creator you must be unattached to that which you are creating.  To be unattached means to love what you are creating completely.  

In this month, focus on yourself as a creator.  Make yourself your first creation.  What do you want to create?  See yourself as a blank slate.  You may compose and create whatever you want on this slate.  If you fear the results, you are attached and inhibit your ability to create.

Know that you are rising to a higher dimension; your powers of manifestation are rising.  Every thought is creating, so make those thoughts count.  You can see yourself as already flawless; you have nothing to fear.  All you create will be flawless.  

Focus on creating YOURSELF.  Not the life you THINK you desire, but focus on yourSELF.  The life you want is YOU.  YOU are your life, not the things around you.  Let yourself grow naturally; do not push, for every day is another stage in your human plan.  

Do not get RID of your ego; you are having an ego experience.  To work with your ego, create within yourself and let your ego help you apply it to your human life.  Let your ego give you what is natural to Earth.  

You are always creating energy.  Your ego can help you create this energy to physical form.  Do not let it DICTATE how and when you create, for you are ALWAYS creating in many different ways.  The ego is your partner in this human life, so make friends with it; shake hands with it; let it help you.

You are so much more powerful than what you think.  Every single part of you can help you; every single part is a gift and has a purpose.  Do not lament how you feel about what has happened to you, for it is all happening to develop you.  

Yes, this IS confusing, I know!  It is so confusing [laughs].  Let me put it this way: you want to create a tree, so you create a tree.  It is beautiful, it is pure; your ego helps you decide, “How can this make my physical life better?”  So you grow apples from the tree for food, and you sit in the shade for protection from the sun.  This is what your ego can do for you.  

So create the self you wish, without attachment.  This is your true self that has always been there; then let your ego help you discern, “How can I use this in my human life?”  Just remember YOU are in control; you are in the center.  Your ego is merely your toolbox for Earth.  

Call on me for assistance with your toolbox, because if you look at your toolbox only, you might feel limited.  Therefore, it is important to create first, and use your tools afterwards.  I love you, my dearest ones.”