October 2018 Spiritual Messages with Archangel Michael

October Energy Insights

October is a new beginning, but not in the sense where we completely start over from scratch.  There is no need to discard or destruct what is already in existence.  Rather, this is a time to keep building upon what we have surfaced over the last nine months.  Whether this means to keep beautifying a new home, or simply keep building upon your ideas and goals with small steps, use this time to strengthen your new layers.  Gentle, balanced, heart-centered action will create the strongest foundation for us. 

When we place the majority of our focus on building these new layers, the things that no longer serve us will either dissolve naturally, or we will release them more easily and without regret.  It is so much easier to walk away from things that no longer serve us when the majority of our energy is focused on what DOES serve us.  Loss feels less like loss, and more like a spring cleaning, where we select items that are no longer in our use and donate them to their next owners.  

With this energy of building upon our new layers, we will continue to crave that security and stability.  The guidance I receive for this month is to build emotional stability within ourselves.  One way we can do this is to look towards our meaningful relationships with others.  Use connection with the people you love to strengthen the love in your heart.  It will also help give us a fresh perspective on the relationships that aren’t working for us anymore, and help us determine who we wish to continue evolving with.  This doesn’t mean to look to others to make you feel better, or vice versa; it simply means to allow these connections to be opportunities to share and express love, appreciation, healing and joy.  

The most powerful tool for building emotional stability is through self-acceptance.  My guides say self acceptance does not come from proving ourselves to the outside world.  It comes from the quiet knowledge that we are always in the right place at the right time, which gives us that ‘alive’ feeling.  It’s acknowledging our existence as perfect and purposeful.  By saying to ourselves, “I am exactly who I need to be right now,”, we create emotional stability within ourselves, and anchor our spiritual energy into our physical form, for these words are a verbal expression of self-acceptance and self-love.  This helps melt away any outside drama that doesn’t belong to us, dissolving it from our mental hemisphere, and brings the focus onto the love we have within us.  Love is existence, and existence is love, and focusing on one also focuses on the other, for they are the same.  Allow stability to build within you by acknowledging your perfect existence.  


Archangel Michael


Good, old, trusty Archangel Michael came through this month.  When I tune into his energy, it is like that of a loving, older brother, here to look out for us, give us advice, and also to make us laugh and have fun.  His energy is one of encouragement and support, which includes encouraging us to be expressive, goofy and authentic.  He guides us away from the past, helps us make changes, and gives our confidence and courage a major boost.  I focus on the color blue when I want to connect with him, and his presence reminds me of Metatron at times where it feels enormous and encompassing.  Call on him this month to give you confidence and help you with your self-acceptance.

Here is His Message:

Dear ones, I am Archangel Michael, and I am here by your side to guide you and give you confidence.  Do you know what your current state of expansion means?  It truly is quite simple: you are learning to embrace your own light.  As us angels, you are pure light beings, as everything is.  The trees are light beings, the animals outside your home, and every drop of water.  The only difference is your light has manifested in physical form, and in this denseness you are the great experimenters, seeing how to be the light within matter.  Yet I tell you that the discovery has been made, and you have already figured it out.  For your light is not something to be discovered, but to be acknowledged, seeing that it has been there all along and not something to coax out.  This is why light came first on your planet, for it is the source of all life and creates the components of physical life.  Everything on your planet is simply interacting with the light, including yourselves and the processes of all physical forms even if they are not consciously aware of their bodily processes.  

I tell you this to encourage you along in this physical form.  This physical form is so beautiful.  It is so perfect.  It is here to acknowledge and interact with the light.  So I give you this question to ask yourself: “How may I interact with my light?”  Asking this question is all you need to expand.  It is all you need to expand your experience, your awareness, and your love of life.  Ask how you may best interact with your light, which is yourself and the core of who you are; it is your source.  And you will begin to see the source of light in all things.  And when you ask how you may best interact with your own light, you shall see the light of all things, and will know how to also interact with the light of all things.  So, your experience expands by acknowledging the connectedness of light throughout you and all things, and the light of all weave into each other’s experience to grow and expand.  

So, now I tell you that that sitting still is not sitting still at all; it is you, interacting with your own light.  This leads to the expression of your light, and further interaction.  When you are kind to yourself, you are interacting with your own light.  When you follow your intuition, you are interacting with your own light.  When you take a walk in nature, you are interacting not only with your own light, but also with the light of the trees and plants and animals, and this expands each other’s light.  You can feel your light expand when you feel joy, or healing, or inspiration, or strength, and many other things.  

Use this time to ask how you may interact and honor your light.  HONOR your light, dear ones.  Do not be afraid of setting boundaries; your boundaries are set to give your light a safe space to shine.  Some are not ready to interact with their own light, or with yours; and this is part of their journey, to discover their own light as best they can right now.  Honor their light by allowing them this space, and honor your own light by giving yourself the space you require.  You simply need to ask, “How may I honor and interact more with my light?” and the intuitive knowing shall come to you.  It may mean taking a day of rest, or painting a picture, or calling a relative to speak with and have a light interaction with each other; do not overthink it.  Your heart IS  light, and is your source; it will always lead you towards a place of healing, truth, love and knowledge.  Trust your light source, your heart.  

Pay attention to your body.  Your stomach contracts and your neck stiffens when you are constricting your light.  You can feel it in your body.  So breathe, which is a way to circulate your light throughout your being, and release the constriction.  Your body is simply communicating when you are not interacting with your light, but hiding it away for fear of others and what they present to you.  You see, when you feel constricted with others, it merely means you are withholding your light; you are not interacting with it, but matching the energy of the other person who may feel equally constricted with their own light, and are consciously unaware of it’s presence.  This feels uncomfortable, because your light cannot be contained, and each time it is constricted it is bursting to be poured back into yourself and to expand and shine. 

The best way to expand yourself in this instance is to breathe fully and deeply, let your light circulate throughout your body, and put your focus on interacting with your own light.  Your light shall expand so much that the other person will feel it, and feel a shift within themselves.  Whether they express this outwardly is not your concern; you shall rest easy knowing you have done your own work, and simply need to keep focusing on how to best lovingly honor and interact with yourself, your source, your light.  

To be your authentic self is to acknowledge, interact with and honor your light.  Do this with a sense of safety, for no one can take this light source away from you, or harm it in any way.  It is always there, always whole, always complete, always perfect, always bright, always expanding, as are you, for you are the light, and are interchangeable with it.  There is no separation; it is only you. 

When you ask these questions of how to interact and honor your light, the physical steps and actions become easier and are presented with little effort.  For you are then not trying to ask how to bring the light in from the outside, but how to let it expand from within, and it becomes an ever-expanding circumference of light that activates and circulates the light in all the things that surround you.  You create more and more opportunities to interact with your light, and the light of others, and this is a force that cannot be stopped.  In this way you light your own way.  

I am here not to protect you anymore, although I shall, but the most powerful protection comes from expanding your light by acknowledging and honoring and interacting with it.  So, you may call on me to protect, but even better is to call on me to help you interact with your light.  And I will bring you my light to interact with as well.  I am always here for you in any capacity you wish.  You are safe to glow.  

March 2018 Spiritual Messages with Archangel Michael

During March there is always the start of a brand new astrological year, as we return to the sign of Aries after Pisces is complete.  It is a time for us to reflect and review and to finish anything that is lingering before we take action once again.  With three full moons this month as well, things are bound to get emotional, forcing us to face these issues and work on healing them.

This month Archangel Michael came through.  He is an angel of protection and love, but beyond that he is wonderfully empowering and humorous.  If you are open to your angels being humorous, he will certainly connect with you in that way, showing off his goofy attitude.

This time, as soon as I felt him, I got a huge grin on my face.  He entered with a whole team of angels and guides, and when I asked what the party was for; he said it was for all of us.  This month he said there is so much support around us, and to realize that we are never truly alone.  It is a month for us to see the love we have within us, which will help us see the love that is available outside of us as well.  

Thus, we are going to feel very supported this month, and only need to connect with our love within to see all the loving support that is available.  By connecting with our love, and the love that Spirit has for us, we will find that we will naturally direct ourselves to that which is most loving for us.  Archangel Michael stresses that the easiest and best thing we can to do is to follow the love, when faced with worry or decision-making.  Doing so will bring the softest and easiest resolutions and answers, providing us an ease of direction and a multitude of support.  Here, he gives us a mantra to follow: “I choose the energy of love wherever I go at all times.”  


Here is his message:

Greetings dearest ones, I am Archangel Michael, your archangel fixer-upper, as you might say.  (laughs) You are amazingly ascending, and while you may be going through some perceived pain in this process, you have much lighter energy to which you can look forward.  All you need to do is focus on the love within, which will give you connection.  Create a grid of love for yourself and you will see love all around you.  Visualize a grid of light that is radiating loving energy and place it around your shoulders as you would a cape.  This grid of love will be with you forever if you create it with your God-given imagination, and will be your compass to guide you towards the experience of yourself as love.

Think of all the things you are currently worried about right now; I tell you, they are already resolved.  It is not the resolution that matters now, but what you are learning on your way to the resolution.  That is why this month is pivotal for you, because you will be learning what is truly important to you, and to us all: love.  This month is about following the love; you will find when you follow the love, your problems are instantaneously resolved.  These troubles you carry, you will not see them as problems anymore.  You will only see them as a path you are walking down, another lesson you are integrating into your soul, and these lessons are only ways to help you experience yourself more fully as a love being. 

At this moment, and at all moments, we completely surround you in this love.  Ask to feel it constantly and stronger, and do so by making a space for yourself to feel it.  Breathe in my energy of love and strength, and feel it radiate within you.  When you tune into this love, your eyes, ears and thoughts will be naturally drawn to the option that holds the most loving circumstance for you. 

If you find yourself worried about what to do, or what direction to take, tune into The Love.  You will find that this is the only way to do things.  When you have tuned into this love, and find your direction, your mind will help you figure out the details, but do not let it take you away from the essence of your decision, which is Love. 

You will find this is the only way you wish to make decisions, this is what your soul is calling you to do, this is why you are here at this point in time experiencing what you are experiencing, because you are leading the way to experiencing your true form, your form of pure love and light, and as you do this you will radiate and shine more brightly than ever. 

Remember that tuning into this love is not about what things appear on the surface, it is the energy behind them, so in following your heart you are not following concrete things or circumstances, or specific situations, you are following energy, and whatever you choose it does not matter as long as you are drawn to it’s love like a magnet. 

This energy is all there is, and it is all you are, and at this point in time you will feel it more strongly than ever.  Remember we surround you with this love, familiarize you with it, and strengthen you with it, bringing you clarity of mind and spirit.  Our love is always with you and forever.  

December 5-11, 2016 Weekly Spiritual Messages

We start the process of starting fresh this week!  Getting in touch with your rhythm, emotions and frequencies will start you off feeling refreshed, and shedding yourself of negativity.  Going out into nature can help you get in touch with your breath and get you grounded.  Continue to be in touch with you feelings, your faith and your desires.  Writing things down and expecting good things will help you.  Remember we are shifting energy this week one by one, and that is our role all this week.  The weekend continues the theme of staying in touch with your desires, visions and fantasies.  Intuitive messages are bountiful, and confidence is being built up pillar by pillar.  We are starting anew and embracing ourselves just as we are.  

Card Deck: The Archangel Michael Oracle

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December 2016 Spiritual Messages with Archangel Michael

The end of the year plays a big part in setting the tone for the year to come.  2016 has had many jolting surprises and turn of events, challenging both groups and individuals to bring forth their most raw emotions and encounter an enormous amount of stressful energy.  December will continue some of this energy, but mostly so we can resolve that which is still lingering around us in order to step into 2017 a lot lighter than before, and far more empowered.

December is your time to lay the groundwork for becoming a pathmaker.  Make time for deep reflection, or you will enter into 2017 just as muddled as before.  We may want change, to find a new direction, to discover something new within the familiar, or to release something old.  Whatever you are feeling within yourself lately is about ignition, meant to get your motor started so you can finally start driving.  

Take advantage of December, which has a “let’s get settled before we get moving” energy, by going deep within yourself and asking the ‘why’ behind your feelings, your dreams, your motivations, your unmotivations, your contempt, your blame, and how you think about yourself.  Allow the universe to send you the information you need to resolve your internal issues, and feed you new inspiration each time you self-reflect.  Remember the universe ALWAYS answers.  


Archangel Michael came through for this month’s message to close out the year.  He lends us courage, strength and motivation whenever we call on him, as well as protection and a boost in our faith.  He’s a very clear communicator, and his connection with us here on Earth is much stronger than any other archangel I’ve ever felt.  He likes to be direct, and has a mischievous sense of humor.   Call on him to amplify your strength, your access to inner wisdom, your sense of humor and, of course, for guidance.

Here is Archangel Michael’s Message:

 Dear ones, I come to you now to make you aware of your light bodies, for every bit of you is made of light, of frequency, which all flows to your heart.  Your heart was the first physical manifestation of yourself, and your heart is your battery, to which all energy flows towards and away from, conducting energy to all other parts of you.  

You have spent much time bringing IN light, allowing emotional pain to surface so you can bring awareness and healing to that which has decreased your auric field, but as more light flows to you at a faster pace, you are now shifting to being in tune with the frequency of light, not just bringing it into the world.  You are learning to work with the light, to flow with your highest frequency, leading to joy, service and creation.

While you spend this time preparing for another block of time you call a year, you will find it necessary to to go within and simply get into the frequency of the light you are conducting throughout your energetic and physical bodies.  As you do so, your frequency will get higher, putting you into a state of clearly receiving your Divine guidance.  You do not need to reject your material world to get to this place, but rather a new age of intertwining the mystic senses with the Western material world is being birthed.

 Togetherness is your next cycle in every sense, as you are combining material items and your spiritual self of your personal world together, and you will see more togetherness in communities and between others as you move through your journey.  When you find yourself having trouble manifesting, sit and breathe in the frequencies of higher dimensional light that is coming to you, and tune yourselves to these frequencies.  This will put you in touch with your true, highest emotions, and unveil any lower frequencies that have been holding you back.  

You may be experiencing a rapid uncovering of lower energetic negativity, so that you may bring it to the surface and allow it to transmute finally so that you have room and space to be in your highest frequency.  With each stage of your life you are ascending to a higher level, and you cannot skip levels!  You must take your journey as it comes, and the more you resist each stage, the longer you shall stay in that stage.  However, you may rapidly progress through each level simply by bringing conscious awareness to where you are at the moment.  Bring your inner eyes to your current situation, feelings and thoughts, allow yourself to see all that is within you and around you, and simply by doing this you are moving yourself up towards a higher frequency.  Acknowledgement is active release and ascension upwards.  

You are focused on what you call big steps right now, and I say to you to keep the focus on simplicity.  Do not invite negativity into your auric field by focusing on a task that seems overwhelming to you in order to move onwards and upwards.   All steps are simple, but this may be difficult for you to see, so I invite you to focus on that which makes you feel like you are moving forward and that which is simple to attain, and everything it involves from the process to the task itself.  

As you move through your steps, the anger you feel towards others and the grudges you behold will fade quickly.  Grudges are a form of your judgment, and judgment will always hold you in a place of non motion, for you are bringing the attention off of your own growth and onto the growth of others.  As you focus on your experience and bringing up your frequency, you are automatically uniting yourself with the higher frequencies of others, helping them to grow and evolve as well by putting more attention and focus on the higher frequencies of light that are around you all.  

Step into your own light this month, and simply allow yourself to flow freely.  

August 29-September 4, 2016 Weekly Spiritual Messages

“I’m in charge” is the mantra for this week!  We start off with the chance to bring healing and empowerment to everything we do, from daily interactions with others to how we think about ourselves.  You are the boss of how you give and receive energy, and how you express yourself, and can decide when, where and how in every moment.  The middle of the week is about starting fresh with this realization of your power.  Have faith in yourself, pray for guidance, and let your sensitive nature guide you.  Your intuition is strong and can help you take a grounded stance in how you present yourself to the world.  The weekend shows feelings of safety and feeling lovingly united with others if you allow it.  You have nothing to worry about if you focus on the blessings that bring you feelings of love and protection.  

Card Decks: The Archangel Michael Oracle Cards, and the Magical Times Empowerment Cards

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September 2016 Guidance with Archangel Michael

September is always a month where we are anticipating the change of seasons.  In the Northern Hemisphere, we watch summer wind down as we wait for autumn to approach, and in the Southern Hemisphere the promise of Spring is just around the corner.  The change does not happen overnight, but is a slow metamorphosis, and in our minds we are preparing for the changes to come.

This is how I am feeling about this September’s particular energy.  It’s a month where we may feel as if we are waiting for things to change, and mentally remain quite focused on that.  With most of the month being draped over with a Mercury Retrograde, it will be an introspective month where we can review plans and reflect peacefully on our lives.  I will say that no matter what is happening energetically, we are always our own Masters; only you can know and decide when it is best to do–and not to do–any action.  


Lake SuperiorI took a day trip to Lake Superior for some hiking along the rocky north shores, an activity that always brings me rejuvenation and meditation.  After several hours I sat down for a break, and Archangel Michael came through, the Chief of Archangels who provides courage, protection and confidence.  He showed me an image of birds flapping their wings to fly higher and higher until they meet a current of air upon which they can glide with ease.  He said this is a metaphor for many of our efforts right now: we are working hard to fly higher and higher until we find a current that we can effortlessly float on.  

Here is Archangel Michael’s Message:

Greetings, I am Archangel Michael, and Dear Ones, you have come so far!  You are yet so preoccupied with the ticking of the clock.  You have all the time you need to do everything.  You can get what you want, but the getting is not your priority.  You have an impression that it is, but listen closely: it is the doing that you truly desire.  It is the experience that you crave.

This is not a time period to make life-altering plans; it is a time for you to discover another layer of your desires.  What I mean is this “quiet” period you will experience most of this month will build up the action-oriented part of you.  You will remember, as your Higher Self already knows, that the experiencing (which is always reflected in your feelings and mood) is what you deeply wish for and love, not the end of an action or the obtaining of something.

Therefore, to get your conscious self aligned with your subconscious self, practice this experiencing part of you this month.  If you feel unhappy with an experience, you know that you are not living your deepest desire and your Highest Experience.  Once you know that, and once you are in touch with that, ask yourself in that moment, “How can I live my highest possible experience right now?” and follow the immediate guidance that comes to you.  

Practicing this in what you call “everyday moments” will prepare you for “bigger” experiences ahead.  Remember you are protected.  I am here.  I am always here, ready to instill you with the courage you need.  Do not rush, for there is nothing to which you need to rush; everything is here and now, and everything is love.  I am with you always.

As you can see, Archangel Michael’s advice is short and sweet.  To live better and brighter, in every moment there is always an opportunity to “experience higher”…even if it means slightly shifting an action, an attitude, or a few words.  If we get in the habit of shifting, we get in the habit of embracing our power.  Have a wonderful month, and much love to you all!

March 2016 Guidance with Archangel Michael

This month’s message comes from Archangel Michael.  He is the Archangel of Protection and guides you on your life purpose.  He is often depicted with a shield and sword, and is probably the most well-known Archangel here on earth…and believe me, he knows it.  (He has a sense of humor, and is a bit of a ham…I get the feeling he enjoys the attention!)  

When I connect with Archangel Michael, he has a lot of blue around him.  He appears to me as 9 feet tall, with dark, shoulder-length hair and blue eyes.  His energy gives out senses of protection and love, and simply inviting him into my energy field makes me feel 10 times stronger than usual.  He is truly awesome in every sense of the word.

Michael passes on some interesting messages for March.  If you have been feeling restless lately, it is because an energy is awakening within you….you just don’t know what to do with it yet!  This month will be when you finally get a SENSE of that energy, which is, in the simplest terms, your spiritual power and Higher Self.  Archangel Michael introduces to me the word ‘HASNA’; when I looked it up later, it is Arabic in origin, and means ‘Beautiful.’  

The energy is bigger than your physical being, and it is causing you to go through some big inner changes, which is affecting your physical senses and world as well.  It may be causing you some irritation and extreme emotions!  Yet this is a month where you let it ‘settle’ a bit; it will integrate better with your physical self, and you’ll be able to apply it to your physical life.  You’ve already begun embracing this power within you, and March will be a wonderful time where you let it integrate with your conscious self.  It is a month where we REALIZE our great spiritual selves, and what it means to be spiritual energy.  This allows you to not only bring big changes to your life, but also, and more importantly, be happy.

Here is Archangel Michael’s Message:

Welcome my fellow beings of love.  I am Archangel Michael, protector and strength of all energy.  I am so pleased to be with you here and now, as I always am.  I am always with each and every one of you at all moments, and you know this.  You know I am around you, because you feel my encouragement and strength.  The strength you feel, in fact, is not just my own, but yours as well.  I combine each of our strengths with an energetic cord, so that you can feel it more immensely.  

For awhile you may be feeling restless.  This is because, as you know deep down, that you have a dormancy within you.  Something inside of you has been sleeping, and it has slowly been waking up over the last few months.  It is an energy that is at the core of your spirit; it is the knowledge and the power that makes you a creator.  It is the power of your Higher Self, the energy that makes you feel connected to something greater than your physical presence.  

You have the knowledge that you are a spiritual being, and you know it is more than that.  This power within you is waking up; it is a power that extends beyond your physical world, and you are beginning to truly feel it for the first time.  You cannot define it, you cannot ‘put a finger on it’, because it is something you have never felt in this life, and it is difficult to remember from your time spent in the higher dimensions.  

Yet now is a time when you are waking up to it; you are feeling this power within you, but may be driving you into a state of worry, because your body does not quite know what to do with it, and your body does not know how to process it.  Do not fear.  This is a month where you acknowledge this power, this great energy, within you, and you begin to bring it forth.  

Expect great things for yourself this month, because of your ability to bring forth this inner power that has been dormant for so long.  You may not understand it, because it is something that is not separate; it is intertwined with everything that you are.  This is a time when you begin go realize what it means to be you, and how to use this power, this energy, that has always been with you, that IS you, waiting for you to bring it forth.  

Some of you are waiting for divine timing, and I tell you this: instead of waiting for something specific, bring your power forth into the moment.  Bring this strength of yours into the moment, because that will nourish this energy and let it grow quickly.  This is a month of realization of this power, and you will find immediate physical results because of it.  You have the power to even speed along divine timing.  You do not have to wait for happiness, but instead draw it to you.  

This power within you, you can call it Hasna.  It is your beauty, and what makes you beautiful, but this is a human way or of relating this to you; because Hasna is what IS, not what makes you.  You are beauty, and this energy that is growing more and more towards the sun, towards light, towards clarity, is you, is beauty.  

You can feel this within you, can you not?  You can feel something reaching out beyond your physical body, and it may be to the point where it unsettles you and irritates you and causes extreme emotions.  Let it unfold naturally, because you are beginning to understand it.  You understand it better the more you connect with yourself.  

The Hasna is you, and as you focus on this connection with your energy, rather than your consciousness, you will find this power come forth more quickly and easily, because your own truth is always the easiest way.  This energy is not something you will be able to define easily in words, but it is a feeling and a knowing that goes beyond your physical realm.  

I am guiding you to use your power this month, to let it come forth naturally, and to use it in the moment rather than worrying about the future.  The more you focus on your day to day, moment to moment growth and expansion, the easier your life becomes, because you are letting the love and beauty flow freely within you and around you.  Let go of your expectations of yourself, and simply let yourself flow like the river.  I am with you always, guiding you to embrace your true nature of love, strength and beauty.  

March 2015 Guidance with Archangel Michael

This month’s guidance is from ARCHANGEL MICHAEL!  I am so excited to present this message to you, because I have never channeled Michael for a monthly guidance reading before.  Archangel Michael is the archangel of protection.  He is usually depicted with a sword, which is made of light, and slashes our egos and fears.  You can call on him for protection or help of any sorts.  


I have felt Michael around me quite a bit the last few days, and in turn have found my spirit and my energy increase dramatically.  Whenever I feel Michael, I see images of Jon Bon Jovi and big-haired rockstars, and Michael saying, “That’s right, that’s me!”  He is indeed a rockstar as his presence influences everything around him and leaves us in awe.  He also has a cheeky sense of humor, and he makes me giggle quite a bit.


March will be a big shift for us, as the theme this month is about inner power.  We were well aware going into February that it would be tough, but I don’t think we had any idea of how challenging the energy would be.  I’m happy to report that our strength will grow ten-fold as we go into March.

Here are some key points about March, as given by Michael:

  • You have the power in this situation, or any situation.  Remember this and remind yourself of it continuously.

  • Your focus will be challenged, but if you focus on love and what you desire without depending on others for that desire, you will find everything becomes easier.  Focus on what you can do, not what others can do.

  • HEALTH: so many things have appeared to get in the way of self care.  Nourish yourself this month, and you will find that you have the energy to do so.

  • Family: a lot of people are exiting their human lives right now.  It is their time, but your loved ones are still around you.  If you talk to them, they can hear you.  Ask them for signs so they can show you that they are still around you.

  • Nourish your inner power this month.  This does not mean exerting control over others.  Do things that make YOU feel powerful, and your power will grow.  This energy will indeed influence others around, and help to create harmony amongst each other.

Message from Archangel Michael:

Hello and greetings.  I am Archangel Michael, the mighty angel who is always at your side.  I am so pleased to give you guidance for this month.  I have been described as powerful, although I am no more powerful than each and every one of you, for we all come from the same source.  


I am here to tell you that this is the month of inner power.  This is a month to feel victorious! [shouts like Oprah when he says this.]  I know the last month was difficult, but you have gone through a push to help you release.  It is so difficult for you to take on the new when you are still holding onto the old.  This month will still have its challenges, but you are ready to handle them in a new way.  

This message may seem similar to ones you have received in the past, but that is because you have not really mastered your inner power.  That is okay: you have infinite “time”, because there is no time.  So do not be hard on yourselves; you are growing each and every day.  I am working with each and every one of you, so please call on me to be by your side and to help you strengthen.  


I want you to continue to seek guidance from within.  The more you do this, the more you will find answers in the shape of outside resources that manifest.  Nothing will appear if you do not focus your energy on that which you desire to appear.  Moreover, nothing will come if you do not first rely on yourself.  


You may have been tapping outside resources, searching desperately.  When you do this, you have things to be despearate about.  So, here is your secret to inner power: treat all as though is has already been resolved, in even in your most despearte hour.  Trust that all is turning out how it needs to be.  And please, focus on movement this month.  


Move your body, for when you do this, you move energy around.  Dance is especially helpful!  [At this point, I laugh.]  Yes, laugh!  Because laughter is joy, and so is dance.  Dance has always been about the movement and transformation of energy since its inception.  I encourage you to do this, and please invite me to your dancing, because I will come and dance with you.  I want  you to know, above all else, that we are together.  You are not abandoned, and you are not alone.  “I am Mighty” is your mantra this month.  Love, Michael.  


So, last night I had a dance party with myself and angels in my kitchen, and I felt fantastic.  It beats getting on a treadmill, as it is way more fun!  Not only that, but I could feel the energy completely electrified in my house, and suddenly felt inspired to do 10 different things.  I also felt, for this first time in a long time, completely satisfied within myself.  I encourage you all to do anything that helps you feel powerful this month, and I send you infinite love.