April 2017 Spiritual Messages with Archangel Barachiel



Every month I try to tune into major themes that are present within us all.  One thing I sense is that April might feel a bit like the doldrums.  Elimination is present as we work on saying goodbye to both physical and emotional aspects of our lives.  When any type of transformation occurs, it can be depressing for those who heavily carry their old selves and situations.  The other aspect, however, is about resetting our limitations and extending our reach, which is far more uplifting.  We expand our potential, or what we believe is our potential, and can make the decision to feel better and reach higher.  April is a very inter-dimensional month, as we integrate all parts of ourselves to work together for our own expansion.  

This month’s message is provided by Archangel Barachiel, the Archangel of Blessings and Chief of Guardian Angels.  I lasted channeled him in August, speaking of his playful and joyful energy and his sense of humor. Connecting with Barachiel is like being wrapped in an energetic hug, as he helps us find the blessings in our current state, thereby helping us attract more joy in our lives.  

His Message

Greetings Dear Ones, I am Barachiel, this bringer of joy, here to guide you today.  I invite you now to get into your physical body, to rejoice in it, to have pleasure with it, to enjoy the physical experience.  You are moving past this emotional healing you have worked on.  Think of it as laying bricks down, and now you are stronger.  You may still be working on this, and that is okay.  Know that wherever you are, your journey is meant for you at this time.  

That energy of melancholy is around us this month, and that comes from self-judgement.  You believe that you should be doing, being something else, nay, something MORE, than you already are.  We often say to you, you are powerful, you are infinite, but in this human body, it is difficult to realize that, to accept that into your consciousness. (although your superconsciousness already knows it, and that is the part of you that receives our messages.)  

What I see now is that you lack oxygen.  Oxygen is more than just molecules, it carries the life-force.  The energy behind oxygen is chi, it is life-force; oxygen is spirit, which is why when you have a great intake of it, you feel floating, you feel out of your body.  Now use the oxygen to be IN your body, use the oxygen to anchor your spirit in your body.  

If you are feeling depressed, you might be experiencing symptoms of feeling disconnected from your physical self; your spirit is ready and willing to do, but may feel dragged down by the weight of this material plane.  Instead of fighting against the physicality, I invite you to EMBRACE your physicality.  You are spirit in a human body, and this is the time to rejoice in that, to feel and focus being physical.  Being in the moment it is not just about focusing your mind, your heart, your spirit, it is about focusing your BODY.   

This year is revolutionary for all of you, and that is because you are integrating!  You are not just of mind and spirit and emotions, you are a body as well, and you will greatly learn how to work with your body.  Let your body be a part of your development; those who exercise frequently know of this, but at the same time I ask you to focus your spirit IN your body, instead of just focusing on your body wellness.  Focus on your spirit IN your body, and working within your body.  It wants to express itself through your body; your spirit does not want to act on its own!  It is here on Earth, it came here for a reason!  It is ready to express itself through your physicality.

If you feel melancholy this month, then know you are not IN your body, do not think of these things as separate, such as ‘oh, i am focusing on my spirit now’, ‘oh, I am focusing on my body”; know that they are together.  Your physical self is an expression of your spirit, your spirit is energy, your body is energy, they are not separate, they want to work together, they want to be ONE.  

The easiest way to have all aspects of yourself work together in harmony is to do uplifting things.  You must raise your energy, as this month you will feel you are flying, or feel you are sinking, and if you feel that you are sinking, you know that your spirit is doing one thing, and your body is doing another, and your mind is miles away.  The body will be tired and unmotivated when it feels disconnected; it doesn’t want to actually do anything because it is disconnected from spirit, and your spirit ALWAYS wants to be doing, because it is creating, and that is the natural state of your spirit, because creation is an action of love, and love is what you are, so naturally you want to be creating.  

So when your body is feeling lonesome, like it can do more no further, and your mind may be fighting in any direction, know that your body is feeling disconnected from spirit, and now you must do something to connect it: this may be exercise, meditation, or simply telling your Higher Self and your Body to work together and be one.  Oneness is where we are headed, Oneness is what you deeply desire.  These individual tasks and dreams and paths you wish to take are all good, but do you know what they are leading you to?  They are leading you to Oneness, the deepest desire of all.  As you work on this in the Earthly realm, know that I am always with you.  

November 2015 Guidance with Archangel Sandalphon

Welcome to November!  This month feels remarkable in terms of PERSONAL REVELATION.  I was delighted to have Archangel Sandalphon come to me to deliver guidance and messages about November, since his ‘twin brother’ Metatron came through last month.  Sandalphon says some really interesting things about moving ourselves into an expansive energy of creation.

Archangel Sandalphon has many aspects credited to him; he helps musicians, guards wishes and secrets, and is an angel of mercy.  However, with his gorgeous turquoise-like color, I feel him as a Protector of Earth, which he says he is.  More than any other Archangel, I feel that he is with us humans the most, and his love for human beings is limitless.  He hears our prayers and is constantly with us on Earth in order to help us grow and manifest.  At a time when we might feel powerless or aimless, it seems appropriate for him to remind us this month that he is here.  

Sandalphon showed me how worried we are about our future.  That most of our actions are directed towards the future and making plans.  He guides us to focus on the moment.  This can be hard to understand, but he says that even when he ARE making plans for the future, to focus on what we are doing in the moment.  

For instance, let’s say you want to take a vacation.  You can spend time worrying about the ‘how’ and the ‘when’, or you can be IN THE MOMENT, and start researching vacation ideas.  Simply be committing to that action, you are sending out a message about what you deserve.  Whatever ideas come to you, BE with them, and don’t worry about how the idea will come to fully manifest.  Simply sit with the idea that you deserve good things, and act on these ideas in whichever way you can….no matter how small the action seems.  

Here is his message:

Greetings beloved ones.  I am Archangel Sandalphon, Portector of Earth and Carrier of Prayers.  I love you all with a love so expansive you will have difficulty even conceiving this with your human imaginations, but if you connect with your higher self you will be able to feel it.  

I know you are focused on your desires, and this month I am guiding you to them.  This is in a way you would not expect, yet I ask you to heed my guidance lest you become disappointed and lose faith.  Do not lose faith, dear ones.  Your prayers are heard, as are your deepest wishes.  Look above you, below you, and to every side of you.  There is magic happening all around you, as created by you.  

This is a month of manifestation, but know that you always are manifesting; the remarkable thing is that for many of you, this month you will learn how to recognize it.  You will see how your thoughts, which affect all your actions, affect your manifestation abilities.  Right now you are focused on what you do not have, what you wish you had, what you wish was different or altered; this means you will always be focusing on what you don’t have, what you wish you had, or what you wish was different unless you alter your focus.  

Yes, I will explain: first, it is important to affirm what you DO have; affirm that everything around you is manifestation at work.  Acknowledge yourself as a manifestor.  You do not believe it now, and when you do not believe it, you will manifest in an indirect way.  If you don’t believe yourself as POWERFUL, as a being that can manifest continuously, of every moment of every day, you will manifest that which is undesirable to you, and owe it to bad luck.  

It is not just that you are focusing on what you don’t want, but you are focusing on yourself as someone you don’t want to be, and are in disbelief of who you actually are.  This is the first step towards owning your power: you must have faith in YOU, in your divine spirit, in your divine powers, and this is more than confidence, although confidence does play an important role; you ARE a creator.  You are a CREATOR, and it is that simple.  

Say to yourself constantly, every day, “I create my experience.”  Once you truly beileve this, in a way that you believe as solidly that you have a heart and a brain, then manifesting desires will be much easier.  You will have many lessons and reminders of your self as a creator this month.  An ability to recognize how you create and what you’ve created thus far will be very obvious to you.  

When these realizations come, these ‘lightbulb moments’, affirm what you see, affirm what you observe about yourself and your thoughts, and affirm that you are indeed a magnificent creator capable of manifesting anything.  Once you have stepped into a knowingness of your own infinite power, you will be able to shift your manifestation abilities to a higher level.  

If you find yourself focusing on the lack in your life, you know you will continue to have lack.  However, I want you to think of it this way: you know you deserve all forms of abundance in a limitless capacity.  Once you have recognized yourself as a true creator, for this is your divine right, you can then layer this knowingness  with the knowingness that you  deserve abundance.

Again, this is something you will be shifting towards this month: the knowledge that you deserve all and everything.  Abundance is simply an energetic form of love; love is abundance, and abundance is love.  You deserve all forms of love to constantly flow into your life.  Think this thought, and feel this feeling of deserving love.    Then, commit towards not simply relying on the universe to shower you with abundance, but commit towards actions that show you deserve abundance.   

You must be loving towards yourself, and that which you feel you deserve.  Do that which makes you feel good and satisfied, powerful and loved, and in the moment.  Focus on the moment; this is essential.  If you worry about whether or not you can or cannot do something in the future, you focus on future lack.  Focus on the moment.  

Finally, be open to the possibilities.   As you commit towards actions that affirm your deservingness of love and abundance, be open to receiving how it comes to you.  Remember, I am here to help you with this journey.  I am always present, I am always here.  I am always with you.  I am everywhere.  Let me be with you and connect with you.  I am always by your side.