June 2018 Spiritual Messages with Archangel Jophiel

Spiritual Energies of June

June is feeling like a wonderful month that bridges the energies of the first and last half of the year​.  We’ve been feeling overwhelmed, blocked and tired, all because our lives and perceptions are changing.   We’ve been trying to find the best path forward as changes keep occurring and nothing seems certain at the moment.

June will be a bit of a ‘slow-down’, ​but in a positive way.  More of 2018 will continue to bring shifts and changes, but this month is a gift where we ​can take our time and think things through.  We can see how much we’ve shifted, and consciously connect to the needs of our inner being, building a strong foundation of trust with our spirituality.

It’s a month to express ourselves productively and authentically​, and to really visualize the upgrades we wish to experience in our lives.  Thus, this ‘slow-down’ will give us the time and space we need to ensure we are feeling connected to the self, so that we feel strong enough to build something new or start something fresh.  ​Allow your imagination to take flight, and take action that is well-thought out and makes you feel strong.

Archangel Jophiel

Archangel Jophiel came through this month, the Archangel of Beauty.  She helps to beautify our lives, such as our actions and self-image, and helps us to have a positive perspective.  Her energy is gentle, loving and playful, and helps us to keep calm and slow down.  She’s a fantastic angel to call upon when you need to uplift your perspective and bring more beauty into your life.

Here is her message for us:

Dear Ones, it is I Jophiel, and as you see this, I want you to feel all the sparkles that I am surrounding you with, which is loving energy that is clearing out any negative energy you have around you.  As you connect with me, your heart will feel more free and more loved.  This is very important, for your best tool at this time is to feel completely loved.
I want you to connect with your inner beauty.  This is important, but it is not a skill or a privilege; it is your birthright, your right of the spirit.  You see, as an earthling, the contrast is here to help you identify the beauty that is within you, but many tend to fixate on the darkness.  In order to empower yourself further, now is the time to feel your inner beauty within every part of your energy.
​In doing so, you feel will a magic touch within you.  As you see your beauty, and more importantly FEEL your beauty, you will more easily focus on all the beauty that is available to you, and that you can attract.  This inner work will lead you to beautify your life, which in turn beautifies the world.  You cannot impact one part of yourself without impacting an aspect of the outer world; it is a chain reaction that spreads like seeds in the wind.
Feeling your inner beauty will give you cause to seek beauty in the outer world, recognize it​ in all situations, and feel content and peaceful.  It will uplift your energy and clear you mind so that you can focus on the joy you wish to create, and shift away from the despair and conflict you are leaving behind.
​So, I give you this simple exercise to help you:
Lay our sit in a relaxed position, and breathe clearly and steadily.
Close your eyes, and take five deep breaths, inhaling and exhaling.

With each, you become more relaxed and more at peace.

Now, you shall create your beauty symbol.  Your beauty symbol is an image you see in your mind’s eye, floating among clouds or the stars.  It can be a songbird, a sunflower, a rainbow, a nebula.  It is yours and yours alone.

Find your symbol and connect with it by seeing it in front of you.

Out of your heart pours a beautiful light that surrounds this beauty symbol.  You are now connected to it, and you feel the joy it’s beauty brings you.

This beauty is an energy that flows from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet.  As it fills you, you feel more relaxed and at peace. 

Do this as long as it feels good. 

Finally, call your beauty symbol closer to you.  Let it move slowly, slowly, until it is absorbed into your open heart.

The beauty is now within you, radiating in all directions, and your heart beams and enlarges with this knowledge that the beauty is within you.

Take five deep breaths again, ​and open your eyes. 

Ask the Universe to show you all the beauty today and help you connect to it.  Allow it to connect you closer to your inner beauty, and enjoy the symbiotic exchange.  ​

Call upon me also to help you with this, and to come to you in this meditation.  Yes, I am here always, loving you deeply and reveling in your beauty forevermore.  

August 2017 Spiritual Messages with Archangel Jophiel

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2016 Guidance with Archangel Jophiel

An Overview of 2016

2016, like any year, will be different for everybody.  I have chosen not to focus on global events, but rather focus on the energies that surround us individually this year.  My focus is to empower the individual, as we are all a collective together, and what we do on an individual basis energetically affects the rest of the planet.  Let yourself be empowered this year, and in doing so you empower the rest of the world.

Thematically speaking, 2016 is a year of officially ending things, and I expect many people will be closing the doors on more than one aspect of their lives.  It could be a relationship, a job or home, old habits, or simply an opinion you’ve held for a long time.  Depending on your perspective, these endings could be good or bad, but with endings always come new beginnings!

I expect major spiritual growth this year for everyone on the planet.  I do not define spiritual growth simply as consciously connecting with your Divine self through meditation, prayer or angel cards!  The term ‘personal growth’ is spiritual growth, as nothing is more personal than your spirit and how you care for yourself.  2016 is a time where people truly access their personal power.  

I see people’s assertion and confidence will grow more, clear realizations of the self will come forth, better acknowledgment of true feelings will be known, and setting goals and creating plans will be at the forefront.  It will be easier to let go of things that no longer serve us, indulge in rest and self-care, and release guilt of the self.  2016 is your time to shine!  Whether someone sees themselves as a spiritual person or not is not important.  This is the year of becoming “un-stuck”.  

This also means a time of strongly-felt emotions.  Expect yourself and others to feel ‘fiery’ this year!  This is an opportunity to let go of the past, and practice feeling inner peace.  It is a chance to deal with struggles in a compassionate manner without sacrificing any part of your self.  It is a time to feel your beautiful, inner light radiate outwards and acknowledge your inner power.

Archangel Jophiel

Archangel Jophiel came through for us to talk about ‘us’ in 2016.  Archangel Jophiel is the Archangel of Beauty, and has a very feminine energy.  She helps us bring beauty into our lives whether it’s through our physical environments, our feelings and thoughts, or even our fashion choices!  She has a light pink aura that brings peace and nourishment to the mind, body and soul.  When you need to feel calm, beautiful, and at peace, call on Jophiel to give you her pink light.  

Here is her message:

Greetings loved ones.  I am Archangel Jophiel, here to tell you to allow your lives to become more beautiful.  That is your theme and your focus this year, for you will be building upon the foundations which you have laid down.  This is a year of major expansion, and yes, I know we say this word ‘expansion’ quite often.  

What will be incredible for you and your growth this year will be the focus on independence.  This is a time when the creation of beauty and joy in your lives is coming from you.  Without relying on others’ actions, or divine timing, or for circumstances to eventually change, this is a year where you find your own footing and take the reins of your own growth.  This is a time where you let your inner power shoot outward like the speed of light.  You are beings of light and energy, so this is fitting for you!  

The wait is over this year; when you have struggle, you will be resourceful to overcome it.  When you need assistance, you will easily draw that assistance to you.  When you want something, desire something, or look to change something, you are done this year with relying on it to simply happen; you instead are taking the role of making things happen.  

A greater understanding of your power will come to you, anchoring you in divine love.  Peace is your goal this year, and you indeed will find this inner peace you seek as long as you know that it is already there.  You simply need to access it.  Access it, and everything is yours.  

See a pink light inside your diaphragm, giving you the peace you so desperately want to feel.  Focus on it, and let it expand throughout every cell of your body and beyond your physical being.  This is my gift to you, as I am always placing this energy of peace and love within you.  It is yours for the taking.  Access this peace, and feel all your worries fade away.  This is the source of power.  This love is always with you, and I am simply reminding you of it.  

This year you will stand strong and be fearless, as you truly will make leaps and bounds in your spiritual growth, and what it means to be having this human experience.  You will find your way this year, and the more you practice feeling this inner peace, the clearer this path will become to you.  I am with you always, loving you and guiding you.