Personal Readings for You

Please note: As of November 25, 2018

I will not be booking readings

for the rest of 2018. 

Please come back in January of 2019

if you wish for a personal reading!  


 General information:

If you are seeking spiritual guidance, please check out the different types of readings offered below!

  • Please note all readings are emailed within 28 days of the day of purchase.  If you have not received your reading after 28 days, please contact Maria by clicking on Contact Info and letting her know.
  • The lengths described below are the minimum of what you receive, but can be longer.  I do free follow-ups to your readings, available at anytime after you receive your initial reading.
  • The best way to get the most out of a reading is to be completely open to the experience.  The more open you are, the easier the energetic information flows through!

How I work:  

  • I receive sensory impressions of energy, images, sounds, smells, and worded messages through my spirit guides and guardian angels.
  • I can never guarantee certain information; instead, whatever wants to come through indeed does come through.  However, 99% of the time you receive a message related to the topic you purchase or ask about.  Sometimes ‘extra’ messages come through too!
  • I also use tools such as oracle cards, tarot cards and crystals, but I don’t always use them unless specifically asked.

My Style:

  • I connect to your energy, receiving colors, images and words that communicate messages about you that pertain to the topics of the reading.
  • I receive the ‘themes’ of the reading, and then I bring focus to practical, down-to-earth ways to apply the information to the best of my abilities.
  • The biggest focus is always on EMPOWERMENT.  I want all my clients to feel empowered, which may include taking steps towards healing, goal-setting, or anything else that will help you on your journey.
  • My style is simultaneously straight-forward and gentle.  There is never judgment, and always compassion and understanding.


My Code of Ethics:

  • I never censor anything.  I only deliver the messages that are delivered through me, like a telephone.  I always give what I get!
  • Client Confidentiality is guaranteed.  I never discuss or share your information, which includes your contact information and the reading itself.
  • In the very rare case I cannot connect with a client and am unable to do a reading I refund the entire payment.
  • I cannot do a reading for someone without their consent.  If you would like to purchase a reading as a gift for someone else, they must contact me first and give me their permission to conduct the reading.


One Question Reading-10.00 USD

A simple reading that will offer you a paragraph or so of guidance on the issue you inquire about.   Please allow up to 28 days for your reading to be emailed.

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Spiritual Guidance-15.00

This reading does not require you to ask a question, but instead your angels and guides will pass on a message concerning an important area of your life of their choosing.  This reading tends to be 3-4 paragraphs.  Once payment is made, please allow up to 28 days for your message to be emailed to you.

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6-Month Forecast-30.00 USD

This reading will lay out for you your goals, actions to take, energies to release, opportunities to take advantage of and obstacles to avoid for the next 6 months.  This reading is around 5 paragraphs.   Please allow up to 28 days for your reading to be emailed.
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Shooting Star Reading: Action Steps Towards Your Goals-30.00 USD

What do you wish to accomplish?  Are you unsure of what direction to take, or how to move forward?  In this reading I look at the energies surrounding your goals and dreams, your current situation, your beliefs and how they affect you, and what steps you can take to move closer towards your dreams.  This is a great reading if you are looking to manifest something into your life.  You can go to ‘Contact Info‘ if you wish to send me information about your goals after the initial purchase, and I will send you any channeled information that comes through!  The length of this reading is about 7 paragraphs.  Please allow up to 28 days for delivery.

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Love and Relationships Reading-35.00 USD

A reading of my own design!  You can ask about any relationship–romantic, familial, business, etc–and I will give you insights into different aspects of your relationship.  We will look at the overall situation, the thoughts and feelings of you and the other person, future events and also actions you can take for the best possible outcome.The length of this reading is about 7 paragraphs.  Please allow up to 28 days for your question to be answered.

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Don’t see a reading that suits your needs?  Contact me and let me know what you are looking for!  We can communicate your needs and a fair price.

Thanks for visiting!


4 thoughts on “Personal Readings for You

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  3. Hi,

    Thanks now I see the different reading
    and prices. I am presently struggling but will be seeking a reading. I would be grateful to know if you can help me get a message from my Mom whom passed and desperately need comforting words from her and miss her advice.

  4. Hi!

    I enjoyed my spiritual reading so much I decided to purchase a 6 month reading too. Thank you so much for my readings I really appreciate it, the spiritual reading was so true and real to me that I wanted to know more, so I decided to do a six month one!

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