2019 Spiritual Messages and Zodiac Forecasts


2019 sweeps in with a sense of relief!  We’ve cleared, we’ve learned, we’ve destructed and we’ve prepared, and now we get to enter into a year of sensitive, heart-based action and expansion.  It’s a year that will be felt by us all as a way to expand our mission and purpose, whatever that may mean.  It’s a time for creativity and self-expression, so we can bring our soul knowledge and deep desires into the tangible world.  

This year is an opportunity to feel more nourished, feel more creative, feel more anchored to the inner callings of our heart, and of fulfilling our needs as they arrive…even if residual pain and challenging circumstances still linger.  Use this year to experience yourself in a fun, playful and nourishing way; as we move deeper into the year, we may find ourselves becoming more confident, bolder, and with increased zest to have increasingly authentic experiences that make our hearts sing.  

I had a lot of fun making readings for each zodiac signs about what 2019 has the potential to bring, and I hope you enjoy them!  Remember they are general readings, so please take what resonates and leave what doesn’t.  May this year be filled with blessings, expansion, and the space for you to revere and love every part of yourself, and to honor your emotions.  

Card Decks: The Angel Oracle, The Angel Tarot, The Numerology Oracle, The Power Animal Oracle, and The Archangel Michael Oracle


2018 Yearly Readings: The Zodiac Elements

2018 Tarot Forecast for Fire Signs: Aries, Leo & Sagittarius

You are breaking down barriers and creating things for yourself! Don’t be afraid to take action!

Card Decks:
-The Good Tarot
-Archangel Raphael Oracle
-Magical Mermaids & Dolphins Oracle
-Keepers of the Light Oracle


2018 Tarot Forecast for Earth Signs: Taurus, Virgo & Capricorn

A new start is ahead, so believe in yourself and consider your new ideas and inspirations!

Card Decks:
-The Good Tarot
-Archangel Raphael Oracle
-Magical Mermaids & Dolphins Oracle
-Keepers of the Light Oracle

2018 Tarot Forecast for Water Signs: Pisces, Cancer & Scorpio

Now is the time to open your perspective and try new things.  Let each experience lead you to another, unfolding your path before you, and broaden your horizons this year!

Card Decks: 

-The Good Tarot
-Archangel Raphael Oracle
-Magical Mermaids & Dolphins Oracle
-Keepers of the Light Oracle


2018 Tarot Forecast for Air Signs: Aquarius, Gemini & Libra

Time to get in better touch with yourself to make decisions that feel right!  Synchronicity will work for you as you release burdens and focus on balance.  

Card Decks: 

-The Good Tarot
-Archangel Raphael Oracle
-Magical Mermaids & Dolphins Oracle
-Keepers of the Light Oracle

2018 Yearly Tarot Forecast


A general forecast looking at energies and themes of 2018.  Card Deck is the Good Tarot.

The card positions are:

Summary of 2017: The Hierophant-facing traditions and institutions, trying to find your own unique path, integrating the lessons you’ve learned

Lessons learned from 2017: 8 of Fire-learning to handle chaos, multi-tasking, taking on challenges, getting done what is in front of you, trying not to rush into things with haste

Theme of 2018: The Emperor-creating structure and stability, putting ideas into motion, getting organized, going against authority figures and following your unique path, desire to see plans manifest, using will-power to get things done

Goals and Dreams of 2018: Messenger of Earth-taking charge of a situation, being methodical and intentional in manifesting, making gradual process in work, home and finances, being on the right path to achieve goals, being successful in all endeavors

Support for our Goals & Dreams: The Empress-giving birth to new ideas and ways of being, nurturing influences, protection, abundance, creativity, miracles, things working out in our favor

Possible Obstacles or Challenges: The Sun-difficulty in remaining positive and giving gratitude, missing opportunities, depression, reluctance to move forward, fear, lack of confidence

How to Overcome These Challenges: The Star-remain hopeful, keep things balanced, have faith, connect to your spirituality, forgive and forget, healing, honor yourself and your energy, trust in yourself and the universe

Guidance and Things to Remember: Temptation-let go of attachments, don’t worry about the outcome, release addictions, worry and fear, stop unhealthy behaviors, don’t give into illusions of despair, don’t fixate on one idea or situation, break free of negativity

Outcome of the Year: Ace of Earth-new beginnings, fresh energy, prosperity, abundance, inspiration and new ideas to plant, new opportunities, a positive mindset and emotional state, achieving goals

2018: Spiritual Energies and our Personal Path


Recently I met with my spiritual mentor and friend Cedric Redfeather, the last Mandan Turtle Priest who is a ceremonial guide, author, teacher and artist.  We talked about the current spiritual energy and what the New Year shall bring.   “The light will continue to be brighter, and the dark will continue to grow darker.  The separation will become even wider between these two,” he stated.

2018 will be driven by people’s passions and strong, STRONG emotions, and their paths will deepen in this way.  For all the conflict and unrest in 2017, 2018 will see even more of this due to this deepening.  Those who are involved in greed, corruption, manipulation and so forth will most likely delve deeper into this path, whereas those who are seeking to uplift themselves, love more, grow more, learn more and set out on a healing path will do so with great energy behind them.

This is not to say we don’t have a choice, for we always do; rather than focusing on others’ choices, which will be difficult NOT to do in 2018, it is vital to make sure we are focused upon our own choices this year.  This will determine our rate of change, and there is MAJOR change on ALL levels in store for 2018.

The remarkable thing about these changes is that many will feel out of the blue, but truly they have been set up for such a long time, and this set up has simply been unknown and unseen to it’s viewers.  Many will not understand where these changes came from, except to the person and institutions making these changes, who have been writing their backstory for a very long time.

On a personal level, with all the change and seeming upheaval around us, our journeys will be focused on clarity: clarity of who we are, and how we wish to reflect into the world, bringing clarity of actions steps to take.  In fact, the actions of others are serving us, helping us clarify how we feel about ourselves and guiding us towards knowing ourselves better.  By seeing what we feel is right and not right, we know ourselves better, and will discover how we wish to experience ourselves in a truer way.

We will have the chance to clarify every aspect of who we are and what we desire, deepening our sense of self and connecting us further to our spiritual mind.  All the chaos is here to serve us, weirdly enough.  Are we going to choose the confusion and distraction that comes with all the misinformation and surface conflict, or are we going to go beyond that, realizing that it is helping us tune into what our hearts treasure and what we feel is important to our essence of being?

Allow the chaos to serve you in a way where you deepen your relationship with yourself,  and act in a way that reflects your beliefs about yourself.  Do not act ONLY  to remedy the actions of others.  In fact, on a spiritual level, when we react to contradict what others are doing, the best result we can get is to neutralize the actions of others.  While this may temporarily take away the chaos, it does not create anything new that can take root and be everlasting in love.  Neutralizing is fine, and sometimes necessary to clear a field, but we must also focus on planting something in that field.  Therefore, if you must respond to neutralize your space, do not let it be the only thing you focus upon.  Our actions cannot simply be in response to others; they must also be a reflection of how we see and feel about ourselves, which deep down is to thrive, not just survive.


If 2017 was a buildup of energy, 2018 is about letting that energetic build-up push us forward.  How many of us feel like a bubble ready to burst, after all?  For those of us on the path of brightening our journey, our hearts will not be denied.  Whether we crave change, question our current stage of life, or experience the change of suddenly becoming content, all the energy is serving us to delve deeper into ourselves and, ultimately, experience ourselves as a high vibration.

Our vibration, after all, is not a ‘thing’, but is a measure of how much we are in touch with our Divine Self.  The more in touch we are, the more energy we have, and the more energy we have, the easier we are able to create with pure intention.  So, all the talk of a ‘high vibration’ is merely a way to describe how open our inner doors are to…ourselves, basically!  The higher vibration,( i.e, the more open the door is), the better we feel, because that doorway to the Divine Self is pure, perfect love energy.  Allow 2018 to serve you in this way: by intending to have the most open door and clearest connection to your Divine Self, the energy of perfect love.

Blessings and love to us all!

July to December 2017 Tarot Forecast

The last half of the year focuses on blossoming and creating more stability for ourselves.  All this comes from listening to our inner guidance better, and trusting ourselves more.  Changes and transitions are inevitable, but this time around we are projected to handle them with passion and leadership!  The transitions overall look positive, and that is because we are allowing ourselves to be inspired.  Let the experiences you create reflect your most authentic self, and enjoy being who you are for the most positive outcome.  

Card Decks: The Fairy Tarot, & the Fairy Lights Tarot

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2017 Yearly Forecasts from January to June

In numerology, 2017 has a ‘1’ vibration (2+0+1+7=10–>1+0=1) which is about new beginnings and planting seeds.  It may take, as always, several months to transition into this energy, and everyone will be going at their own pace.  The possibility of new things taking flight merely depends on how we have set the stage in the previous year.  In order for things to grow, the ground must be ready for nourishment.  Think of yourself as the ground, and inspiration as the seeds, with action and manifestation as the resulting flora and fauna.  Treat yourself with lots of nourishment and unconditional love, weeding anything out that would prevent growth.  Feel good to create good.

In this general tarot forecast for all, I look at different aspects of the first half of the year, as well as monthly energy.  Why only six months?  Well, frankly, halfway through the year I like to get an update and see how things have shifted; it’s part of the fun!  Plus, ‘predicting’ energy can be like predicting weather: it is always changing, shifting and morphing, and one can never be 100% accurate until they are close to the actual moment.

Card Decks: The Archangel Power Tarot, the Robin Wood Tarot, and the Soul’s Journey Oracle

Also check our your zodiac sign mini forecast below, something I’ve been wanting to do and finally made the time for.  Much love!














July-December 2016 Six Month Tarot Forecast

This reading looks at different aspects of the year, as well as general energy for each individual month.

Change is upon us, whether we welcome it or not, so the rest of the year will require COURAGE. We want to seek purpose and meaning from within, and cease seeking fulfillment from outside resources and events. We have the chance to connect with others, even though it may be difficult. The lesson is that anything we need for motivation, we can find within ourselves. We will have great strength the rest of the year as we skillfully integrate the physical with the spiritual, and apply our higher knowing to our daily lives. You know yourself and have more strength now than you ever have before! The guidance to keep in mind is to stick to your beliefs, and tune into your higher senses. You could be easily swayed this year by worry, worldly events, and ego-based fears, so listen to and process your emotions to clear out any bothersome chatter. Your spirit is passionate, and by 2017 there will be major transformation for everyone on multiple levels.

Card Decks: “The Psychic Tarot” by John Holland, and “The Angel Tarot” by Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine

January 2016 with Archangel Chamuel

Archangel Chamuel delivers messages for us about January.  Chamuel is the Archangel popularly known as the Angel of finding lost items, healing hearts, and finding soulmates.  He is often depicted with a crown of flowers on his head, and is keeper of a pink ray of light that offers us love and compassion.

On a bigger level, Chamuel can see how everything is connected and intertwined; he helps us discover inner peace, and is a champion for those who are experiencing difficulty and restlessness.  He helps motivate and calm us simultaneously, and has a calming, pastel blue aura.  He is one of the Archangels closest to Earth, and adores all living things on our planet.  

I could feel his motivation to help us find our inner power this month, as well as the rest of the year.  I have connected with him before, but this was the most powerful channeling I have experienced.  It felt enormous, although I lack the words to describe the experience.  Basically, he turned the volume up to 11 in every way imaginable and more.  I realized that Chamuel is more than an Archangel who helps and guides us; he is a very wise and revered teacher of the Archangel realm.  

We discussed for over an hour, which is why this month’s channeling appears as a dialogue, with my questions shown in addition to Chamuel’s words.  I mostly listened and recorded, but at one point he had me draw pictures to share with you all as a visual aid!  I have never felt more out of my body, even though I was conscious the entire time.  

Chamuel is in blue, and my bits of dialogue are in purple.  

I encouraged you to read this message more than once.  It is something that we will need to meditate and reflect on in order to let the knowledge he shares truly sink in.  My intuition says that the messages below are ones that will continually help us in understanding ourselves and the universe, and that this is knowledge we will need in 2016 to inspire growth and change.  

Dear Ones, I am Archangel Chamuel. I am known as the angel who helps you find that which is lost, but I am telling you my real purpose is to help you find what is within.  I am here to help you be with thyself.  Think of me as motivation; the starter of your engine.

Forget time this month; this thing called ‘time’ plagues you.  There is no such thing as time, because you are infinite.  

Yet we need time here on earth, we can’t escape it.  Can you tell us more about that?

You cannot forget time, but do not be consumed by thinking about time. You are always thinking of the past, the future–spending so much on so little.  Everything is always happening, and the best I can explain is so you see that it is not about time, but about expansion.  The only way to expand is to begin from within.  It is not about time, it is about movement.  Switch ‘time’ around, and you have ‘emit’.  Instead of focusing on time and all things related to time, think about how you emit this month.

Please show me what you mean.

Draw the symbol for infinity.  

(I am not an artist, and probably needed a compass for this, but I did as he requested, which you can see.)


Yes, yes, this is only part of infinity, because this type of infinity shows constant movement, but it does not show the expansion.  You think of infinity as never-ending, but that implicates a timeline.To never end means to go on forever, and forever is an expression of time.  

(At this point Chamuel had me add to the drawing, which meant connecting infinity symbols to infinity symbols and so on and so forth.)


(Pretty soon, it looked like this, and Chamuel showed how energy flows through every part, back and forth and also continually adding new parts):



This looks like a plant, or DNA strands.

Plants understand infinity.  Their energy is always expanding and growing, with the energy equally and constantly moving between each old and new leaf.  Infinity is movement, it is outward and inward, it is constant addition, and every expansion that happens is another beginning point, meaning not only are you forever expanding, but you are forever beginning.  THAT is infinity.

Every day is a beginning, every moment is a beginning, right now is a beginning, and even though there is no real beginning, as beginning implicates time, you lack the words to fully explain.  This is why I am lending you the feeling now [of infinity], for feelings are limitless in expression, whereas language is limited to aid understanding and knowing.  

This is knowledge you know, but may not understand.  Yet know that there is no ending, and in divine truth, there is no beginning, there is only this.  The movement, the expansion, the movement, the always now.  

This month you will be preoccupied, and the root cause of it all is time.  Not time itself, but rather bringing all your attention to time; the ‘when’ of everything.  When will it happen?  When did that happen; when does this happens, when what will happen.  So I encourage you to let go of the when, and bring your attention to the peaceful feeling of what is now.  

What will you emit this month?  When you are feeling preoccupied, focus on your emissions.  Emit peace and love, for peace and love will only find you if you first find it from within.  This is your biggest, most important task this year, and that is why the energy surrounding you begins this way at the start of the new year.  

You will be encouraged…not forced, but encouraged, to bring your attention to the infinity that is within you.  You must bring your focus within, and focus on all that is available to you.  Once you truly understand that you have access and infinite resources within you of love, peace and harmony, you will not need anything to change.  Only when you do not need it, when you do not need things in desperation, will all you desire come to you.  Only when you let go of of expectation, and inspire yourself to feel the love within you, can you powerfully manifest.  

So, are you saying we should not need and want things?

No, for ‘should and ‘should not’ do not exist.  These are human concepts.  To clarify for you, you deserve to have all you want and more, as you often sell yourself short in terms of what you deserve and desire.  I am saying that everything you want, you already have inside you; once you realize that, and truly feel that, you feel the inner peace, the abundance, the LOVE; then, and only then, will you see change.  

This is why I urge you to let go of time; yes, you need to be aware of time to function in your day-to-day life.  But you will not allow yourselves to become preoccupied with it.  It is very much like staying in the moment.  

You feel most miserable when you feel stuck, so whatever happens to you, and whatever actions you commit to, think not in terms of creating results, but of creating movement.  You are creating infinity, not results.  This is how I will guide you this month; I will help you create this movement, and the only way that your physical world responds to this embracement and love of movement, which is expansion, which is in itself love, is to respond with other physical creation, which is a physical expression of love.  The movement is what creates matter, but the movement is not focused on matter.  

The movement is love, is infinity, is joy, and you are the movement; you are the love.  See yourself as this movement, which is love, which is infinity, which is you, which is love.  Let yourself feel your infinity this month, and you will see and feel amazing things.  I am here to motivate you, to help you feel this infinity, to feel this love, to feel yourself.  Call on me to help you find which you need, and to feel yourself, which is love.  I am here for you always, I am right in front of you.  Extend your heart outwards and feel my energy.  It is like a soft blanket that envelops you.  I am so happy to be with you.  I love you dearly.  

2016 Forecast, January to June

Welcome to the first six months of 2016! The first half of the year is focused on laying foundations and not giving up on ourselves. Expect manifestation to occur; sometimes it will be slow, and sometimes it will happen quickly. The key here is to stay balanced through it all and not to FORCE things to happen. This year we might hold a lot of doubt about ourselves, and the message is to trust and keep faith. Don’t push through and force things to happen, but let them naturally unfold. There will be lots to celebrate in all aspects of your life. The biggest thing to take away is to take one step at a time with strength and hope.

Card Decks Used: “The Psychic Tarot” by John Holland, “The Fairy Tarot” by Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine

2015 6-Month Forecast with Archangel Uriel

Happy New Year!  As we embark on 2015, we will want to make many changes in our lives.  I’ve seen and experienced many forecasts for this upcoming year from other wonderful lightworkers, and balance is a prominent theme in all these readings.  Balance will be coming in many shapes and forms on small and large scales for all of us.  You will see it in your personal lives, as well as globally.  

While it is traditional to do a forecast for the entire year, I tend to find this overwhelming.  I can hardly focus on an entire month, let alone an entire year!  Therefore, in the interest of balance, I’ve asked my heavenly helpers to only deliver message regarding the first six months.  When June comes, I will do another forecast for the last six months.  The video above sums up Archangel Uriel’s message.  The video below is the angel tarot card reading!

I requested beloved Archangel Uriel to deliver us guidance for the first half of the year.  He is the Archangel of IDEAS AND INSPIRATION, and that will also be prominent this year as we move forward.  


Personally, I like to focus on what the individual can expect and do to lead a more joyful life, rather than focus on global affairs and predictions.  However, Uriel did let me know the following:

“It is wonderful to focus on your individual self, for you are all unique.  This year, however, will be different in terms of your emphasis towards your diversity and individuality.  You will be more accepting of your uniqueness, which is something you have been striving towards, and this will cause you to be more accepting of others’ uniqueness; when this happens, you will be more group and community-driven.  You will be more willing to share your individualism, and partake in others’ individualism.  This means that you will be blending your individual self with others to create oneness.  You are ready to begin this step as a planet, and your celebration of each others’ differences will only bring you closer together, just as individual pieces create one mosaic.”  


Here are a few things Uriel talks about on a global scale, with a few specific countries highlighted:

  • Australia-more than ever, your sense of discrimination will be heightened.  Great increases in equality will occur as more people become awakened to discriminatory practices and, more importantly, will be SPEAKING UP!
  • India-the caste system has been buried in your DNA for generations.  The modern generations are helping to dissolve this, as it has been dissolving for years.  I see more people coming together to participate in regular spiritual practices as a group that promote love and acceptance.  You are being encouraged to come together as groups in your communities in common places such as homes, sitting areas and river banks rather than going to temples to encourage peace and equal treatment.
  • The Pacific Ocean will see major turmoil and storms-if you are passionate for clean oceans, continue to work towards that.
  • Western Europe will continue to prosper economically, while disparities continue to grow in Eastern Europe, to the point it will seem as if the two regions are split down the middle.  This will later on promote reconstruction because an imbalance can only grow so large before it tips over the entire scale and needs to be built again-deconstruction must happen before reconstruction.
  • Africa-sadly, the continent will continue to be isolated from the rest of the world, and I see this happening for many years to come.  There is a rise in immigration coming from Africa, and this will eventually lead to native Africans bringing back other peoples of the world to their native countries to bring awareness back to the continent.
  • United States-I see a rise in women leaders, but I do not see a woman being elected in November for president.  More people will be volunteering for grassroots movements, and you are spiritually encouraged to join groups that resonate with you.  There will be an increase in interest in E.T’s, and more information will be put forth about their earthly involvement.  Unrest involving racial injustices will grow until fabricated crises will steal attention away from protests and movements.  Be aware of group panic towards media stories and use your intuition to help decide truths.

I asked Archangel Uriel to give us some guidance and advice on a personal level, but also universally so that anyone can resonate with it.  Here is his message:

You have greatly increased your ability to create boundaries and to stand up for yourselves.  You have seen this on a personal and on a group level.  We are excited to see your strength growing, as does your wisdom and your trust of your own abilities.  You spent quite a lot of time doubting yourself for the past many years, and after letting these feelings take you over and eventually exit your body, you are ready to take charge of your life in a proactive way.

I cannot tell you how excited we are to see you as creators!  For that is, indeed, what you are: masterful creators of love.  This year, so many ideas will be pouring forth that we will give you.  Remember to not censor yourself!  These ideas, unfortunately, exit you so quickly because you do not find them reachable.  Keep a way to log these ideas and keep them with you; nurture them as you would a child, and pay attention to the ones that make you excited.  

Now I will demand, as a stern father would of his child for you to do something: connect with yourself.  You cannot delay this any further.  I am joking about being a stern father; I say this gently, but firmly.  Meditate every day.  This is vital.  You cannot move forward until you learn to listen.  Make time-15 of your minutes-for this each day.  This will bring you joy.  This will bring you joy!  This will help transform you at an accelerated rate.  Your intuition will be your most beloved and valuable tool this year, more than any other year; thereby you must learn to use it, listen to it, and be in touch with it.  

There will be times you will want to rush into action, as you will find much to be passionate about.  Remember to be patient, as you cannot change the outside as quickly as you can the inside.  It is bountiful to meditate on a decision and to nurture your passion.  We encourage you to act on your ideas, but meditate on them first to discern which ideas are being sent to you by us, and which are coming out of your ego.  Simply pay attention to that which brings you the most joy.  

Remember, do not be afraid of making wrong decisions, because “wrong” does not exist.  You cannot make mistakes in our eyes, you only can make choices.  We will love you no matter what, and help you to make the happiest choices.  Are you asking for us?  Involve us in all your conversations and thoughts.  Intend to share all thoughts and feelings with us.  Help connect with us, as we are always connecting with you.  Treat us not as masters, but as partners in your journey and your growth.

I LOVE YOU.  Annoyed by you?  At times, yes (he says this jokingly.)  Only because I love you infinitely.  Now is the time to come together in harmony with all aspects of yourself, so that you begin to come in harmony with each other.




In this card reading we look at goals, obstacles, surprises and guidance for the next six months. We also take a look at each individual month from January through June and see what the energy will be like for us! The main focus is that we will be honing our intuition and increasing our spiritual development, and this will influence you beyond measure.

Card decks used: Angel Tarot and Archangel Power Tarot by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine.