How to Do a Past, Present, Future Tarot/Oracle Card Reading

Thanks to Amber from Facebook for the video suggestion! This is a DIY video on how to do a multiple card reading with 3 cards: one for the Past, one for the Present, and one for the Future.

The video demonstrates 2 key elements: finding common and connecting themes in the cards, and letting it tell you the journey that is taking place. Take note of visuals your eyes are drawn to, and all your psychic senses: what you are sensing, feeling, hearing, seeing, and what your intuition tells you.

Card Deck: The Fenestra Tarot

Develop your Psychic Senses!

Don’t forget to check out the new page on my website, the Psychic Me.  This is a series of video lessons companioned with literature in the form of downloadable PDF’s to help you develop your psychic senses.

You don’t need to be a professional psychic in order to use your psychic and intuitive abilities!  Many would like to incorporate their spiritual power into their daily life, and this series is aimed at helping you do so.  Many lessons will be continuously added, so stay tuned for more.  Currently the Introduction and Lesson One are posted.  Enjoy and have fun!



How to do an Oracle Card Reading, Part 2

Learn how to give an Oracle Card Reading in this tutorial video with Maria Teresa!

In Part 2 you learn to think of a question, say a prayer to the Universe and interpret the message you receive. Plus, a universal message is included for all teens watching this video!

If you missed part 1, see it here:

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How to Give an Oracle Card Reading, Part 1

Learn how to give an Oracle Card Reading in this tutorial video with Maria Teresa!

In Part 1 you learn about choosing a deck, clearing the cards, attuning them to your energy and consecrating them. (and a side note about the spirit animals that are with you!)

In does not matter what deck you choose; you can even create your own. They are merely earthly tools to help you in your quest to connect with Heaven!