Energy Insights for August 2016

A recent post on I made on my instagram provided some insights into the current energy we are feeling right now, and I wanted to address this a little more.  You might be feeling restlessness and exhaustion, agitation battling motivation, and desire combatting with low confidence.  We want to proceed but we just don’t know how, all the while dealing with circumstances that appear to prevent us from moving forward.  In short, we feel right and not right simultaneously, as if we are seeing clearly, yet all we are seeing clearly is fog.  

What I see is that we are currently purging emotions from our physical experience that are not aligned with our higher selves.  Our consciousness continues to expand.  More and more we are coming to understand that we are not here to learn, but to remember who we truly are.  We are here to experience our True Selves in physical form, because the physical is such a glorious way to experience and express Ourselves.  If we came here on this Earth with the knowledge of Who We Are already, it would defy the purpose of being in the physical dimension in the first place.  We could not experience Ourselves fully if we were not able to create ourselves anew in each given moment as we are now.


Right now the energy is leading us to greater expansion.  We are driven by desires to physically experience, but these desires have changed from surface comforts and pleasures to taking a deeper meaning.  We don’t just want a nice house, a loving relationship, or a purposeful career; we desire to experience the highest form of joy and love in all these things.  We desire the feelings themselves, as it is the feeling that is the experience.  Our souls are always in search of this.  Our souls have the knowledge already of love, but having knowledge is inherent in us; it is not why we are here.  We are here for the experience; we are here for the feelings.  Feeling love is to feel Ourselves; experiencing love is to experience Ourselves.

Therefore, all this instability you could be experiencing is about helping you choose.  You cannot choose your Highest Self, or your Highest Experience, if you have nothing to choose from.  How do we choose then?  You must first take away the power of anything undesirable in your life.  


This leads us to the current energy right now: It is time to sort through emotions.  Past issues are showing up in present circumstances.  Why?  So we can release them.  Everything we are experiencing now is stemmed from the past.  It is all tied together, acting as a signal that it is time to heal from these issues.  Your soul can remember every circumstance where you felt hurt, depressed, controlled, helpless, etc.  The difference, as you experience these emotions again, is that now you are prepared to heal them.  

How do we do this?  First of all, remember that you know yourself better now; you are far more self-aware.  Your feelings act as a barometer; they tell you when you are not experiencing your Highest Self.  Notice when you are having unpleasant feelings; they tell you when you are not experiencing your True Nature.


Then, let these unpleasant emotions rise to the surface.  Let yourself confront them, and connect them to any past situations where you also experienced them, like pulling apart a sweater to see where it all began.  Let it all unravel before you.  This will require some time and thought (meditation, journal writing, or talking to yourself about it all helps), but as you continue to do so, you deconstruct an entire wall that was preventing you from moving forward.  When we deconstruct something, it loses its power.  It returns to the Earth and transmutes into the Cosmos.  It loses its importance and its power over you.  


When this process is complete, you have freedom.  You are able to put intention into experiencing love in everything you do, say, see, touch, smell, hear and feel.  By making this intention, inspiration soon follows and you are able to take action, putting the power back into your hands to physically experience your True Self.  

You may have to do this process over and over again, and the trick is to allow it to happen.  We are longing to do something about Who We Are, and each moment we are stepping closer to that.  We can experience Ourselves in every moment, but first we have to acknowledge that which is not a part of our True Selves and let that go.  We can certainly be grateful for these unpleasant experiences, because they are helping us get closer to knowing how to experience true and perfect love, and our True and Perfect Selves.  


As you move forward in your present, and heal from your past, remember to take your time.  Find what works for you, and allow the process to unfold naturally.  Each day you will see a little clearer, hear a little louder, and know a little better how to experience the most love possible, which is what You are all about.  You are letting in the light, one window at a time.

The Power of Surrender

What are YOU resisting?

I have currently been traveling in the United Kingdom for five weeks now.  In these five weeks I have been on my own, although I have met some wonderful people and fellow travelers along the way.  For three of these weeks, I have been housesitting for a lovely family deep in the English countryside where I currently am looking after a dog, a cat, four guinea pigs and eight chickens!  Many days pass without speaking to a single human being, and this has given me plenty of time to rest, contemplate, pursue my metaphysical degree, meditate and simply be.  

However, I found it extremely difficult being in this countryside during my first week.  I experienced emotional highs and lows without explanation, and spent many hours trying to define what I was going through.  I felt my guides and angels trying to get through to me, but I was so wrapped up in my emotions that it made it difficult to listen.

After about a week of going through this inner turmoil, I began writing in my journal.  After releasing my emotions on paper, I wrote, “I am resisting being here.”  This took my greatly by surprise, and I had to pause for a good five minutes to focus on this reality.  I was resisting being here.  This was the most enlightening source of information I had realized on my journey as of yet.

Right then I felt an urge to pick up The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle.  This is a book I felt I should take with me while traveling.  Rather than power-reading through it as I normally do with books, I have let my intuition tell me when and where to read it.  In doing this, no matter when I picked it up, I found that whatever part I was reading was exactly relating to my current emotional experience.  This time around, after I wrote that sentence in my journal, I opened the book to where I had left off, and right there was a part about resisting!  Talk about synchronism!

What I found out was that I was resisting my experience being in the United Kingdom because I was always putting my thoughts in the future instead of the here and now.  Traveling can be quite busy, as there is so much planning involved, and you are constantly keeping track of the next train, the next residence and the next activity.  Yet really, travel has nothing to do with this; you still have this same component in your daily life, always thinking of the next thing, the next appointment, the next task, the next chapter of your life.  While I think its good to plan and be organized, spending all your time doing this completely robs you of your entire life because you’re never present.

You are resisting your current experience because you are removing yourself from the present moment.  Many of us are seeking to improve our lives, but in doing so, we are constantly thinking thoughts such as, “What will be my next action?” or “When I have this figured out, then my life can get started.”  This puts us in hypothetical mode, and removes us from living life now.  What occurred to me was this: I’m missing it.  I’m missing my entire experience here because I’m always thinking or worrying about the next thing.  How can I enjoy myself if I’m not actually here?

Once I brought all my attention to this and all the root causes underneath, I felt complete and utter surrender.  I woke up the next day full of enthusiasm, elation and joy.  I found myself struck with enormous motivation to accomplish so many things, and to simply be in the moment.  Everything I was worried about suddenly vanished into a void of non-existence.  It was beautifully empowering.  I had surrendered to my present moment.

The Importance of Surrendering

Mr. Tolle is one of the most revered contemporary spiritual teachers, and I have to say, he makes surrendering to the now sound super easy!  From my point of view, its going against everything we’ve been conditioned with as human beings.  This means we have to reprogram our entire way of thinking, which completely consists of the ego.  Therefore, for many of us, it can be extremely difficult.

In order to surrender, you have to bring all your attention to what you’re fighting against.  Once you identify what you’re resisting, you realize that there was nothing to resist in the first place.  You might even chuckle at yourself for creating so much drama in your head.  

You might think, “I’m not resisting anything!”  At this point, I can see my guardian angel Dominic give a wry smile with the thought, “Oh, believe me–you’re all fighting against something.”

Dominic has helped me realize that when we give up that fight, not only do we see that there was nothing to fight against in the first place, but we stop creating things to fight against.  When we are always in resistance-mode, we unconsciously create more obstacles, many of them not tangible, that keep us in a state of resistance.  Drama.  

Many might protest that there are many unfortunate and tough circumstances in their current lives, so of course they have to work against those circumstances.  I’m going to let Dominic explain here:

“We angels are not denying that you have struggles.  What we want you to understand is that when you are fighting against these struggles, you are fighting against yourself.  There is no reason to fight.  You fight because you feel this is the only way to gain control.  This comes from your human instinct of fighting or running from anything that is life-threatening.  Your ego has stolen this instinct from you, so that now whenever you come up against any type of struggle, your ego is telling you to fight it.  For all non-life threatening matters, this is not necessary.  Accept your current circumstances by letting go of the need to control the outcome.  When you do this, you leave room for change to occur within you, which can then be applied to your life situation.”

Basically, we are asked to stop resisting whatever is and accept it.  This does not mean we have “given up.”  This means that we bring ourselves back to the present moment, thereby eliminating the need to fight for a hypothetical outcome that we’re trying to bring about.  When we do this, we are given complete and utter freedom, because we realize all we have is the present moment.  Upon this realization, we see we are free to make any changes we want, as long as the changes are applied to the here and the now.  This then sends an energetic chain reaction out to the universe, telling it, “I’m making changes!  Bring them on!”  We are letting the universe know that we are pursuing joy through change in the present moment, rather then letting the universe know that we are worried about the future, which ultimately brings us more things to worry about.

How to Surrender

Surrendering to the moment isn’t easy for us humans, especially, as I said, we’ve been conditioned to do otherwise.  It is also something that we can’t only do once and expect everything to be awesome.  It is a practice that you have to do over and over again, because your ego, now threatened, will put more things in your mind to worry and fret over, thereby getting its nourishment.  Whenever you find yourself worrying, you are resisting the moment.  Acknowledge that, and know that all you have is here and now.  In the here and now, nothing is wrong.

In order to help you figure out what you’re resisting and why, I have a simple exercise you can do.  All you will need is a quiet space for about 10-15 minutes, a writing utensil and a paper to write on.  You may want to play some soothing music, light some incense or a candle, and ask your angels and guides to be with you while you do this.

1) Take a moment to center yourself.  Take deep, life-giving breaths in through your nose, filling up your diaphragm, and exhale slowly.  Visualize healing golden light pouring all around you and through your body.  You are in a safe space.  

2) Acknowledge that you are resisting.  Write, “I am resisting my current experience.”  Then ask your higher self to show you the emotion underneath this resistance.  Write down the very first word that comes to you.  It may be “worry”, “hopelessness”, “unhappy”, or even a full sentence.

3) Thank your higher self for this information.  Take a deep breath and ask for the next layer of emotion that is under the previous one.  Write the first word or thought that comes to you.

4) Continue to peel away the layers with the same process.  Do this for as long as you feel the need.

5) When finished, ask that all these emotions be lifted off of you and transmuted into loving energy.  See yourself being cleansed with the golden light.

6) Next ask to be surrounded and filled with soft, gentle pink energy and love.  Write and affirm, “I surrender myself to the present moment.  I am in the here and now.”  Thank any heavenly helpers who are with you.

When doing this exercise, its important not to think or try too hard.  Just let things flow, and keep yourself from second-guessing.  You might be surprised what you come up with and release!  Here is an example of what it might look like:

Resistance–>Worry–>Uncertainty–>Laziness–>Lack of Motivation–>Fear of Making Mistakes—>Not Trusting Myself–>Fear of Judgement

Do this as often as you want.  Remember the first step is always to recognize that you are resisting something.  It is easy to identify because you are typically resisting when  you find yourself worrying.  If you teach yourself to catch this, you can bring yourself back to the present moment, surrender to it, and embrace a better quality of life.  Once you drop the need to resist, you drop the need to control, which gives you infinite freedom to make change!