December 2015 Forecast

You will most likely begin this month frustrated. This is a reflection of your inner struggle to find, do, or accomplish something MORE than you already are. You might worry about the steps you’re taking, hypotheticals, or anything else you can possibly worry about. Don’t worry; you have what it takes to succeed, and this month you will balance your worries out with your passionate desires. The guidance here is to take slow, steady steps; energetically, through your thoughts and emotions, imagine how it would feel to bring a certain something or situation into your life. How would you integrate it into your life? If it comes all at once, it could throw you off balance, so focus instead on how you can plan for it. By the end of this month, you’ll be ready for that GO feeling, and able achieve anything.

December 2015 with Archangel Machidiel

During this week, I had a dream about a reindeer.  I was walking through the woods, following some train tracks that never seemed to end.  It was nighttime, and it was quiet, and it was snowing.  From out of the forest came a reindeer, who allowed me to pet him.  I asked him his name (“Roger,” he said) and then I awoke.

I mention this here because reindeer have a symbolistic meaning that fit into the theme of the energy of December that applies to all of us.  Reindeer symbolize that the end is near to a long, emotional journey that you have taken.  Even though you have no idea where the road is going, reindeer tell us that we have what it takes to keep going, and to have courage to move forward.  

This, indeed, is the theme of December: courage.  As we draw near the end of 2015, a year that has been about major expansion and “blind” movement, we will be given the ultimate opportunity to apply what we have learned this month about faith and trust.  December is helping us embrace our fortitude and our fearlessness.  After everything we have been through, both personally and globally, there is no sense in giving up now!  

Archangel Machidiel guides us this month.  I had no idea who this Archangel was until this morning, when I was in the shower, doing my physical and spiritual cleansing (I always imagine golden light coming out of the shower head, cleansing my aura.)  I asked the universe who would like to come through for this month’s channeling, and Machidiel came forth.  At first I was like, “Huh?  WHO?  Modo-chadeel?  Monkey-eel?”  


There is not much written information about Machidiel.  He rules the sign of Aries, and is the Archangel of the month of March.  So, why does he come to us now during December?  Well, I have learned that Archangel Machidiel is the Archangel of Courage!  He gives us strength and lights our way through our own hearts.  

I am so pleased to have him here with us for this month’s message, as the most POWERFUL thing we can do this month is pay attention to the messages of our hearts and intuition.  It no longer suits you to go against anything that makes you feel bad, uneasy, awkward, unhappy, uncomfortable or worried.  The signals you receive through your emotions are so strong now that even your physical body feels horribly uncomfortable.  

For example, if a friend asks you to go somewhere, and you feel you don’t want to go and then decide to go anyways, you will feel so uncomfortable that you could possibly feel ill later on.  There is no way to avoid this unless you stay true to what you want in the moment.  Trust your inner messages, and don’t worry about upsetting anyone; if you follow the actions of your highest good, then everyone will benefit from those actions.  You have expanded so much that you can no longer go against your own current.  

Therefore, this month is a time to listen to the messages of your Divine Self.  It can be a stressful time of year for those who celebrate any of the numerous holidays that take place, so it is essential you become comfortable with saying ‘no’ to others and ‘yes’ to your ideal feelings.  Say ‘yes’ to feeling joy, peace, gratitude and love.  Follow your instincts, and trust in yourself.  

Archangel Machidiel encourages to “do” or “not do” whatever feels right to us.  In short, it is important to be ourselves without worry or preoccupation.  When he came to me, I saw a very light blue and green aura, almost like aqua, and some cream color.  This angel has a lot of feminine qualities that help us be in tune to our inner guidance.   He put a brilliant light onto my heart chakra, that made me feel unashamed to be who I am, who I have been, or who I will be.  He helps you take self-judgement out of the picture, which clears the way for loving thoughts.  

You might not see a lot of action this month, but that is because you are building up your strength and courage through “small” movements; so, when you WILL have many things to do in the near future, you will not experience a lack of confidence, because you will have a strong foundation to base your trust on!  Al always, the best thing you can do is pay attention to what you want or need in the moment, without projecting too far into the future.  

Random knowledge: he also showed me how he helped Marie Curie follow her own passions and inner guidance (despite anything society said, and without worrying about what others would think) so she could become a renowned female physicist.  


Archangel Machidiel’s Message:

Greetings beloved souls, light bearers, light givers, and sparks of the universe.  I am Archangel Machidiel, here to spark within you the passionate fires of your heart.  You may feel directionless this month; know that there is much value in not doing just as much as there is in doing.  Your qualities of listening and being still will greatly fortune you this month.  

This month is good to keep quiet, to focus on the essence of your desires, and to follow your guidance as you see fit.  I will ignite your hearts with passion and courage whenever you call on me.  I do not push you forward, but instead help you realize your endless strength in order to move yourself forward.  I am here to guide you, and sometimes that means keeping still.  

You could easily fall into worry this month, especially when it comes to money.  You will indeed have everything you need, so turn your focus on gratitude.  Do you realize the power of gratitude?  It is to put you in a state of high vibration.  It is to help your conscious mind recognize all the love you are surrounded with.  Gratitude is an extension of giving love, so giving gratitude will surround you with the vibration of love.  It surrounds you with the vibration of joy, so that you can readily receive the gifts of the universe that you yourself have created.  

I cannot express how powerful you are.  Your inner desires are reflected all around you in your physical reality; so, always ask, and you may be specific in what you ask for.  Then let go of expectations.  You may ask to see growth, and see a tree that is growing.  Be specific in what you want, and not how it should happen.  If you want to see yourself as growing and successful, ask for this, and let it unfold before you without trying to control every step.  

If you must take actions this month, focus on each moment as an opportunity to follow your inner guidance.  One step at a time this month.  You can trust yourself to do what is right for you.  You can be courageous this month when it comes to taking chances; do and say things you’ve never done before, or think thoughts you’ve never allowed yourself to think.  

I express all my love for you in each moment; call on me to feel it, so you can feel your own love that you have for yourself, and all of your kind, as you are all one, and never alone.  If you feel anything this month, feel the courage within you to simply be WHO YOU ARE.  Be who you are, be true to yourself, be true to your guidance, be loving to yourself.  This does indeed take a lot of courage, as you have become accustomed to denying yourself everything you feel, everything you are, and everything you want.  If you can stay true to yourself moment to moment, you will feel much joy more than you ever have before.  You are READY to be you.  I am with you, loving you and igniting you.  

I wish you all the best this month, as you access the courage that is always with you.  Keep moving forward by being who you are in every moment, and you will feel more joy and strength possible than ever before.

November 2015 Guidance with Archangel Sandalphon

Welcome to November!  This month feels remarkable in terms of PERSONAL REVELATION.  I was delighted to have Archangel Sandalphon come to me to deliver guidance and messages about November, since his ‘twin brother’ Metatron came through last month.  Sandalphon says some really interesting things about moving ourselves into an expansive energy of creation.

Archangel Sandalphon has many aspects credited to him; he helps musicians, guards wishes and secrets, and is an angel of mercy.  However, with his gorgeous turquoise-like color, I feel him as a Protector of Earth, which he says he is.  More than any other Archangel, I feel that he is with us humans the most, and his love for human beings is limitless.  He hears our prayers and is constantly with us on Earth in order to help us grow and manifest.  At a time when we might feel powerless or aimless, it seems appropriate for him to remind us this month that he is here.  

Sandalphon showed me how worried we are about our future.  That most of our actions are directed towards the future and making plans.  He guides us to focus on the moment.  This can be hard to understand, but he says that even when he ARE making plans for the future, to focus on what we are doing in the moment.  

For instance, let’s say you want to take a vacation.  You can spend time worrying about the ‘how’ and the ‘when’, or you can be IN THE MOMENT, and start researching vacation ideas.  Simply be committing to that action, you are sending out a message about what you deserve.  Whatever ideas come to you, BE with them, and don’t worry about how the idea will come to fully manifest.  Simply sit with the idea that you deserve good things, and act on these ideas in whichever way you can….no matter how small the action seems.  

Here is his message:

Greetings beloved ones.  I am Archangel Sandalphon, Portector of Earth and Carrier of Prayers.  I love you all with a love so expansive you will have difficulty even conceiving this with your human imaginations, but if you connect with your higher self you will be able to feel it.  

I know you are focused on your desires, and this month I am guiding you to them.  This is in a way you would not expect, yet I ask you to heed my guidance lest you become disappointed and lose faith.  Do not lose faith, dear ones.  Your prayers are heard, as are your deepest wishes.  Look above you, below you, and to every side of you.  There is magic happening all around you, as created by you.  

This is a month of manifestation, but know that you always are manifesting; the remarkable thing is that for many of you, this month you will learn how to recognize it.  You will see how your thoughts, which affect all your actions, affect your manifestation abilities.  Right now you are focused on what you do not have, what you wish you had, what you wish was different or altered; this means you will always be focusing on what you don’t have, what you wish you had, or what you wish was different unless you alter your focus.  

Yes, I will explain: first, it is important to affirm what you DO have; affirm that everything around you is manifestation at work.  Acknowledge yourself as a manifestor.  You do not believe it now, and when you do not believe it, you will manifest in an indirect way.  If you don’t believe yourself as POWERFUL, as a being that can manifest continuously, of every moment of every day, you will manifest that which is undesirable to you, and owe it to bad luck.  

It is not just that you are focusing on what you don’t want, but you are focusing on yourself as someone you don’t want to be, and are in disbelief of who you actually are.  This is the first step towards owning your power: you must have faith in YOU, in your divine spirit, in your divine powers, and this is more than confidence, although confidence does play an important role; you ARE a creator.  You are a CREATOR, and it is that simple.  

Say to yourself constantly, every day, “I create my experience.”  Once you truly beileve this, in a way that you believe as solidly that you have a heart and a brain, then manifesting desires will be much easier.  You will have many lessons and reminders of your self as a creator this month.  An ability to recognize how you create and what you’ve created thus far will be very obvious to you.  

When these realizations come, these ‘lightbulb moments’, affirm what you see, affirm what you observe about yourself and your thoughts, and affirm that you are indeed a magnificent creator capable of manifesting anything.  Once you have stepped into a knowingness of your own infinite power, you will be able to shift your manifestation abilities to a higher level.  

If you find yourself focusing on the lack in your life, you know you will continue to have lack.  However, I want you to think of it this way: you know you deserve all forms of abundance in a limitless capacity.  Once you have recognized yourself as a true creator, for this is your divine right, you can then layer this knowingness  with the knowingness that you  deserve abundance.

Again, this is something you will be shifting towards this month: the knowledge that you deserve all and everything.  Abundance is simply an energetic form of love; love is abundance, and abundance is love.  You deserve all forms of love to constantly flow into your life.  Think this thought, and feel this feeling of deserving love.    Then, commit towards not simply relying on the universe to shower you with abundance, but commit towards actions that show you deserve abundance.   

You must be loving towards yourself, and that which you feel you deserve.  Do that which makes you feel good and satisfied, powerful and loved, and in the moment.  Focus on the moment; this is essential.  If you worry about whether or not you can or cannot do something in the future, you focus on future lack.  Focus on the moment.  

Finally, be open to the possibilities.   As you commit towards actions that affirm your deservingness of love and abundance, be open to receiving how it comes to you.  Remember, I am here to help you with this journey.  I am always present, I am always here.  I am always with you.  I am everywhere.  Let me be with you and connect with you.  I am always by your side.


September 2015 Tarot Monthly Forecast

This month we see our relationships harmonizing with others, yet as that area continues to heal we still seek more meaning in our lives. New ideas and opportunities may find their way to you. It is important this month not to become too attached to new things, but rather ‘go with the flow.’ Nurture yourself in the present moment and focus on self love. At the end of the month, we may have find ourselves with something we view as a loss, but it will really be about bringing more change into our worlds!

September 2015 Guidance with Mary Magdalene

This month the amazing Mary Magdalene came through to provide us guidance for September.  There are many mysteries surrounding Mary Magdalene, but I can tell you that during her human experience she listened to her heart, rather than her head.  She was a loving companion to Jesus as well as a disciple, and now she works to help men and women join their energies together.  

She is an advocate in healing women from oppression and suffering, and has given many women figures inspiration and guidance to step into leadership roles.  More importantly, she helps all people find inspiration within themselves; she fills your bellies with the power of intuition, assertiveness and strength.  She has an energy that is both loving and fiery; she pushes us to move forward, helps us heal, and partners us with helpful energies.  

September is a successful month where we deeply connect our spiritual practices in our physical lives, and shift away from seeing them as separate.  We have already made so much progress in this sense, and this month will bring us opportunity to connect these two facets in a very big way.  There is also a theme of ‘multiple choice’–we will have many thoughts, actions, people, and options to choose from, because we are in control of making our decisions.

She provided us this month with the symbol of a white rose, which indicates purity.  In the message below, she explains that we have been feeling so topsy-turvy because of the rapid shift in energies that are constantly moving.  Therefore, it is important to keep our bodies, minds and spirits pure and connected to our Higher Selves.  Self-care is important this month, and cleansing in all shapes and forms.

It is also important this month to focus on non-attachment.  Much will shift in and out of our lives, and she urges us to connect ourselves only to the present moment.  Keep in mind that many things that come into your life are merely stepping stones; appreciate them, and then let them go when they are ready to leave.  


Here is her Message:

Dear Ones,

Greetings my beloved.  I am Mary Magdalene, as you know me.  I am here to bring you the inspiraiton and assertiveness you desire.  Many of you are seeking what you know as “answers”; you have so many unanswered questions about which direction to take, what to think and even how to feel.  This is due to the rapid development of energy on your planet.  More and more as individuals and as collectives, you are questioning everything: your beliefs, your ways of life, and what you think you know about yourself.  

This can be extremely exhausting for your physical minds and bodies, and your emotions may be feeling very unsettled.  I understand, as I have been human too.  I want you to know that this month, allow yourself to change your mind.  You may think you come across “the answer” to a question that maybe you cannot even yet define, but then something else will come along and make you question that answer you initially received.  You are changing rapidly, you are going through an accelerated growth process, so allow things to drift in and out of your life as you need them.  

This is difficult for you, because you need to feel anchored in your sensibilities.  Therefore, I advise you to anchor yourself in love.  Surround yourself in self love, love of your passions, love of the outdoors, love of creative projects, for this type of joy will help you feel anchored to your higher self.  You may want to eat more and feel an increase in appetite, or you might feel the exact opposite and not feel the need to eat at all.  Do what you need, and listen to your bodies, as they are very wise.  Your health is very important this month, as your bodies must adjust to the constantly shifting energy of your soul, and extra sleep will be necessary.  

Most important, pay attention to the inspirations we are bringing you this month, but do not attach  yourself to them too steadfastly; your inspirations are merely stepping stones.  One thing will lead to another.  See yourself on a constantly moving wheel.  You will sometimes be at the top of the wheel, and as it moves, you also will move to the bottom.  You are focusing on being in the center spoke, so that you still are moving but you are balanced and merely observing the highs and lows of the moving wheel.  

The most important thing is to pay attention to the present moment.  Anchor yourself in the present moment, and attend to your needs in the present moment.  I am telling you now that there is difficulty; it will be very difficult for you to set expectations for the future, because things are shifting rapidly and you are going to be going through change after change.  This is part of your development, but can feel chaotic.  

Therefore, stay focused on the present moment.  Do not hold on too tightly to things that flow in and out of your life, because each occurrence, each person and each idea is serving you a purpose.  Once that purpose is finished, there is no need to hang onto it, for it is not ‘the answer’ you are looking for, but rather it is a what you need to prepare you for the next wave of energy shifts.  Say yes to your experiences, and call on me when you need help being assertive, when you need ideas, or when you need to care for yourself better.  

I wrap you in my love, and I am honored to be with you during this moment and all moments.  

August 2015 Forecast

Uploaded from my smartphone in France (sorry I do not have my better camera equipment with me!)

August holds a theme of integration and balance so that we can later catapult toward our dreams. This month asks us about the new beliefs we have acquired and how can we harmonize our new identities with our lives. Expect to leave many emotional situations behind you, so you can focus on self-nourishment and sufficiency. By September you will be better equipped to focus on your earthly goals and how to combine them with your spiritual self.


July 2015 Guidance with Archangel Barachiel

Greetings and Happy July!  I cannot believe we are currently halfway through 2015.  It’s been quite a journey so far, and I am looking forward to the months ahead.  

Our channeled message today comes from Archangel Barachiel, the Archangel of Blessings.  I did not have much previous knowledge of this angel, but he came to me in a very bright vision.  His energy is light, playful and giggly, and I never experienced such a feeling of floating and flying then when he entered my energy space.  I saw him with red hair, blue eyes and a beautiful golden-green aura, and he was ever-so-smiley! 

Archangel Barachiel is the chief of all guardian angels, so he can direct your guardian angels to bring you blessings as well!  Many times he is called upon to help people in their pursuits of healing, success and manifestation.  He is closely connected to humans and his love is immense for all people and human spirits.  He can also help instill a sense of humor in a situation.  


Key Points for July:

  • Bring your focus to now, and not the future.  You are always shaping your probable future.  Trust in your current place and focus on your current actions, thoughts and feelings day by day.
  • We have so much knowledge!  When you focus on lack of knowledge about a certain situation, you are taking away your sense of power.  Focus on what you do know, how you do feel, and the thoughts and senses that you are alive with.  This will empower you to make informed decisions on a physical, emotional and metaphysical level.
  • July will see a major shift in emotions, so expect some highs and lows.  This is because we are receiving a big download of psychic energy from our higher selves, as we are very ready to incorporate our psychic gifts on a day-to-day basis.  
  • This is an adjustment for us, so take time to nurture your body and pay attention to what you need, whether its more rest and relaxation, the need to be really active, give in to cravings, etc.  Either way, give yourself permission to do what you feel like doing!
  • July might feel like a ‘standstill’, but equally full of inspiration; it is a month to review, make a plan, gather your energy and enjoy your time.  Take advantage of this energy by doing what you feel like doing each and every day.  You have more than enough time to accomplish your goals, and you will!


Archangel Barachiel’s Message:

I am the Angel of Blessings.  I am here to guide you with these loving messages.  This month, is a month of gratitude, of giving and receiving in equal measure.  Let go of not knowing, and simply be mindful of the current process you are going through.  You cannot control everything, but you can take charge of each moment.  

What is troubling you with your relationships?  Rather than worry about the future, focus on what you currently know is true.  You will find unexpected gifts in so many ways, all which are aiding you in your current developmental journey.  

What do you want to do?  You can do it this month, whatever it is, when you are involved.  Forget the long term for now, and simply take each day as a gift that you have the power to direct.  Let go of controlling others this month, and let yourself be nourished.  

You will find that if you take each day with gratitude, and focusing on your current knowledge, rather than knowledge of something that you do not yet possess, you will nourish your empowerment.  You will find reflection useful, as you are on a journey of learning how to proactively shape your life.  I love you dearly, and am always here to bring you gifts of joy moment by moment.  

July-December 2015 Forecast

Whereas the first half of the year has been about inner growth and reflection, the last half is centered on action and outward change! We are seeking for things to go our way, and it finally starts to happen! We are encouraged to take risks and put enthusiasm behind our creative actions. Our seeds will be well planted and eventually grow if you are patient and tenacious. Healing will still occur, and manifestation is evident. It will be a time period of steady progress, and our confidence will grow!

June 2015 Guidance with Archangel Cassiel

Archangel Cassiel

I am so thrilled to bring you a message from Archangel Cassiel for June.  Archangel Cassiel is a very mysterious angel who has been in my energy field as of late, but who I did not know until the time I wrote this message.  He is very esoteric, wise and gentle, and has come through for us at this moment in time.

He has an extremely high vibration, and appeared to me as sky-blue and white light, constantly weaving in and out of every space.  I saw how he surrounds planet Earth with love energy at a constant rate, and looks at every individual lovingly.  He is known in ancient scripture for not interfering, but is rather a watcher, without any particular duties assigned to him, although he has been known as the ‘Angel of Tears’ due to his association with death.

Archangel Cassiel, however, is not about death but rather about transition!  He helps us restore balance to our lives, and has enormous love for humans and Earth.  He helps you experience the love of God and will bring you closer to it, ultimately bringing you closer to your own love of self and Divine energy.  He is often depicted as an old man, and I can understand why: his energy is very wise, and somewhat of a teacher.  He will teach you under a Socratic method by asking you questions in answer to your own, and helped me realize some very altering truths about my own life today.  

Energies of June

When I peek into June, we have a theme of learning our life’s lessons.  We’ve had a few tough months, although there has been joy in surprising and unexpected ways.  In June, we are encouraged to take these lessons–most of which are old lessons that have reoccurred before–and ask ourselves, “What do I really want?” rather than, “What should I do?”  

June is a time for you to regroup and refocus.  Cassiel explained that many are scattered and feeling like anything they do will collapse, simply because we are out of alignment with our true selves.  This means we have been fixated on what we cannot have, or what we do not have the confidence to do, or what could hypothetically happen–and ultimately collapse–if we do something differently from what we are currently doing.  Basically, we fall into an emotional and mental downward spiral!

Therefore, take June to focus on our source of love and the types of activities, people and things that energize us, and we will be able to build our sense of self-confidence.  Self-confidence, he explains, is vital for removal from ego fears.  Take this month as a gift of time: time to review the past few months as a way to get in touch with what you want and don’t want, time to focus on who you are and the love you are, and time to realize that there’s no rush in uncovering inspiration.  



Archangel Cassiel’s Message


Dear Ones,

I am Archangel Cassiel, keeper of love to help you restore balance.  This month you have a theme of review; to review what I see as tough times for you these past few months, and review these circumstances to better understand who you are and what you want.  

So many of you are seeking next steps to take, and I am here to tell you that there are no next steps if you are not in touch with your wants and needs.  You may feel stuck because you simply don’t know where to go or what to do with yourselves.  I want you to know that now is the time to focus on your self confidence.  Now is the time to see yourself in your true form, as a being of love, as you are the pure love that God intended.  

By the end of this month, you will be ready to seek inspiration.  This month it is time to realize there are no next steps, and that is okay to be in that space.  You can be in this unknowingness as long as you need, for the knowingness is actually there, you simply cannot see it now because you have a different expectation of how your journey should play out.  

Let go of all expectations for yourself, and instead hope for something better, what you would call miraculous.  Affirm that greater joy is in your life, and use this month of refocus and review to get in touch with you who are and what you desire.  As humans, you are looking to make plans and make life altering decisions.  This will come when you are ready; you will know you are ready when you know what you desire.  

I have long watched you and have sent you love.  If you desire help and ease with this transition, call upon me and I will whisper into your ear thoughts of guidance and comfort.  I do love your oceans, so whenever you are near any body of water, you will hear me more clearly.  I can help you find the direction you need, as long as you have decided which direction you want to take.  

You will find this direction when you decide what you do–and do not–want to do.  Remember that this is very different from what you want or not want to happen!  It is about focusing on action to take, and not focusing on action taking you.  If you want to think and feel clearly, do not speculate on possible occurrences of possible future events.  Instead, focus on what you can most definitely do, and confusion about the future will dissipate as you focus on your present moment.