December 2014 Monthly Forecast

Happy Holidays this month as we are focused on being our ideal selves! The month shouts “moving forward” in a positive way. There will be lots of worries floating around this month, so its important to stay focused on what motivates you and brings you joy. You might encounter helpful beings this month, and the joy of creative projects and activities.

By the end of the month, things that have held you back will be over as you move forward quickly and close yet another year.

December 2014 Guidance from Athena

“There is a great disturbance in the force”~The Emperor, The Empire Strikes Back.

Preach, Emperor;  there really is a ”great disturbance”, or rather, a colossal ripple effect in the energy of our planet.  In the last few years we’ve seen an amazing number of social and political rebellions on both a major and minor scale.  Whatever is happening in the world, keep in mind that these are signs of awakening.  Awakening starts with the feelings on an individual and collective level that something is not right.  We experience the sense that there is a better way, and we are exploring being unsatisfied and restless.  While many of these changes are being pushed through with heartbreaking and seemingly extreme results, we can understand on an energetic level that a shift is taking place.  Whenever there are shifts, it manifests as physical deconstruction well before a new type of construction takes place.  

Here we have December, our last month of 2014, and this month we are asked to reconcile with these restless feelings; we must come to terms with this ”disturbance.”  As you focus on your personal life this month, which will be more prominent than the months before, you are encouraged to make peace with everything that disrupts your peace.  

The Ascended Master Pallas Athena comes forth this month to deliver a message for all of us.  I saw Athena as dark-skinned with long, braided brown hair and deep brown eyes.  She wore an amazing red-orange dress and her presence was strong and unmovable.  She is best known as the ancient Greek goddess of war and wisdom, arts and crafts and the household.  She helps with resolving conflict, protection of physical and psychic levels, creativity, and honesty and integrity.  

Here are her KEY POINTS for us this December:

1) Move forward with integrity; will you be able to look back on your actions and feel satisfied with your movement?

2) Everything is energy; you can feel this energy, manipulate it, mold it.  Start with energy first when trying to change, manifest or understand situations.

3) Time to bring your true feelings to the surface; too much has been repressed and hidden for too long, mainly from yourself.  Don’t be ashamed or feel guilty about these feelings.  Let all buried feelings about anything rise to the surface and be felt, so you can release so you can move forward.

4) Many traditions are upon us this month, but for some it will feel different as it never has before; accept the difference, as it is a part of growth and change.

5) Don’t force yourself to do anything this month when it comes to connecting with people; its okay to break away from the crowd and work on your relationship with yourself.


Here is Athena’s channeled message:

Greetings, I am Athena, protector and guide of human energy and beyond!  I am honored to join you, as I work with you to realize your true selves.  As you have observed, much is rising to the surface as of late; this is due to the need for change.  Everyone is restless; this is because you have realized something that is beyond your physical bodies, but your consciousness keeps fighting it.  An outpouring of emotions with high intensity are the result.  

Do not fear this; this is all part of your evolvement.  This month energies will still be high and intense, but with an ability to step back and reflect.  Use this month as an opportunity to see why you are mad, depressed, unhappy, dissatisfied or any other ‘negative’ feelings you are experiencing.  Do not press for the answers all at once, but allow them to come to you slowly through prayer, meditation, writing and other quiet activities that allow you to connect with yourself.  

Something that will help you is to pay attention to your sacral chakra and engage in creative passions and pursuits.  If you sit around waiting for inspiration to come without feeding that energy center, it will starve to death.  Working with your hands will be extremely beneficial, as it will help fuel your creative passions and help you to connect to your divine self on a deeper and more intimate level.  You’ve been ignoring it for too long, wondering what is the point on spending time on that which you love?  You are worried too much of the outcome; get back to enjoying the process.  

Protect yourself from harsh people this month; they will see your brilliant light and unknowingly feed off your energy.  You heal the world best when you are healing yourself.  Remember we work together.  Call on me for wisdom, advice and protection.  I am here for you.  

Guidance for August 2014 from Archangel Ariel

There is a wonderful scene in the film Harry Potter: The Deathly Hallows Part II, where (spoiler alert!) Harry dies and his soul passes into what we could call “the waiting room.”  There he meets the spirit of his mentor Professor Dumbledore, who guides him, if somewhat cryptically, through his questions and speculations.  I don’t need to go through the entire scene, but the one part I want to point out is when Harry asks the Professor, “Is this all real?  Or is it just happening inside my head?” to which the Professor replies, “Of course its happening inside your head, Harry!  Why should that mean its not real?”

Whether you’ve read the books or seen the movie or not, let this be a guiding thought for you this month: Just because its happening inside your head does not mean its not real.  Let the phrase “its just your imagination” lose validity from your consciousness, and embrace the truth that what happens inside your mind is, in fact, more real than what happens outside of it.  I might just be suggesting that our current concept of “reality” can be switched around with our current concept of imagination.  Our current world is, in fact, a material manifestation of our spiritual growth, and only temporary; our spirits, ourselves, are more real than this world and are infinite in space and time.

I mention this because this month of August, we will be pushed to not just recognize ourselves as Divine creators, but wholly change our mindset.  Instead of just reminding ourselves that we are spirits, this month is about embracing this truth so that we see through our spiritual eyes and not our physical ones.  Since our imaginations are a direct link to our Divine power, its time to understand that when things, such as meditations, happen inside your head, it is just as “REAL” as that tree outside your window.  Your mind, your visualizations and your imagination are powerful!  When you return to your spirit form, you will see that the INSTANT you think of something, it manifests right in front of you.  Since we live on a material plane, it takes longer for manifestation to occur; however, it still happens.  This is why we must not only try to stay positive, but more importantly, say “yes” to this concept.  In doing so, you say “yes” to your true self: Yes, you are Divine, and yes, you can create whatever you want.  You’ve got the power!

Archangel Ariel came through this month and delivered what I must say is the most ethereal message I’ve received as of yet.  Ariel is indeed a “lioness of God” as her name suggests.  Although the angels do not have a gender, she displayed a very feminine energy to me when connecting with her, and I cannot describe how ENORMOUS her presence is.  She very much felt like a QUEEN, extremely powerful and very gracious (and somewhat of a diva…I could feel Archangel Michael poking fun at her).  She is best known as the archangel of nature and animals, and that is apparent as she has a very “Mother Earth” energy.  She can also be considered an angel of new beginnings, which is what August is all about: new beginnings from within ourselves.




Since August marks that we are over half-way through the year 2014, it seems fitting that we are being pushed to make important changes from within.  Here is some information and key points from Ariel about this month:

1) This is our turning point month–we are applying our emotional lessons and initiating changes that set the tone for the rest of the year

2) Continue to stay in touch with your feelings and release all that no longer serves you.

3) Your life is not YOU–you are a Divine being.  Be in touch with this aspect about yourself.

4) Everything happens in cycles.  If you look at nature, it operates this way, and so do you.  Recognize that you are continuously going through a cycle of growing, blooming, releasing, resting and growing again.  There is no END GOAL.

5) If you want to accomplish something, you must stop worrying about how the end result will occur, and simply embrace the current process of being and doing the change.

6) You must constantly remind yourself of your beauty and love.  Practice eye-gazing in the mirror to bring this about.  Look in a mirror and gaze deeply into your own eyes for an extended period of time.  You will see your soul.  Do this often so that you can truly realize the Divine within you.

7)  You will need to clear your chakras often this month, and ground yourself, as it will be a sensitive and emotional month.  

Here is Archangel Ariel’s direct message to us:

Dear Beloved Ones,

I AM ARIEL, Queen of Nature and Divine Strength!  I call on you now to embrace YOUR Divine Strength!  Cease to resist your true nature and begin to create your experience!  DO NOT WAIT for circumstances to come into your life, changing your outer world.  Do you not realize that nothing will truly change, no matter how many new people, jobs or homes enter your life?  The change comes from within, and all new things in your outer world will never bring that change you crave until you transform your inner being!

You ask, then, how can I change from within when my life is so lacking now?  You must first recognize that you are resisting who you are.  Look around you, and accept your current circumstances, but know that this is not you.  Now see YOU, a being of LIGHT AND LOVE, a great powerful creator of manifestation, and accept this.  Surrender to your great power.  When you do this, you HEAL, and bring forth the change you desire, because you have transformed your inner world, and that is where it all begins.

This will indeed be a month of surrender.  You decide to surrender controlling the outcome, surrender to controlling others, and allow yourself to surrender to your own inner truth.  Do you not feel how powerful you are?  You are blocked by worry and trying too hard.  Success is near, and you have felt this coming.  You can SEE you are near what you call a “breakthrough!”  You are frustrated because you are expecting a well-defined idea, a material idea, of how your life can be–a new job, location or relationship.  This is not the breakthrough, but rather the connection to your Divine Self is.

We are SO CLOSE to you this month, and this is because you will have lots of emotional ups and downs–doubts, release of doubts, sorrows, release of sorrows, and so forth.  Relationships and communication will develop, but your acceptance of yourself is what will move you forward.  Again, I say, stop resisting.  You resist yourself, your life, because of fear.  Let us be close to you and help you with this.  When you are in pain, bring all your focus to the pain and tell us to help you release it.  Then fill yourself with as much gratitude as possible, because this will help you embrace your manifestation powers.

Your focus is to not worry, but be.  Be who you are and become familiar with that idea.  You are not how you are living your life–you are the center of the universe.  Reconnect with that.  You are very supported, and we are helping you transition into the present and away from the ego.  Call upon us always.  


Well, it is rather cryptic, is it not?  What Ariel is urging us to do is to be present.  We are currently seeking changes in our life, but what she is pointing out is that no matter how many changes we make, we will always be looking for the next change to make.  Therefore, we can change anything about our lives as much as we want, but still be left unsatisfied because we are always seeking yet another thing to transform.  We will continue to feel unsatisfied unless we connect with our timeless selves.  The first thing to do is: accept that you are Divine, instead of just thinking about it.  BE where you are, and be who you are.  Remember we are human beings, not human doings.  

Whether you live comfortably with countless amenities, or in an underdeveloped part of the world, this applies to us all.  When she speaks of “surrender”, she is not asking you to give up, but rather stop fighting against how your life is currently.  When we fight, we create more obstacles, mainly within ourselves.  Instead of fighting, you must accept.  Only when you do this, can you make ROOM for changes and take actions to improve your situation.  By accepting, you become present, instead of always thinking and worrying about the future.  When you are present, you are open to inspiration, which leads, ALWAYS, to change.  Then you will have nothing to fight against.  

The angels are extremely close with us during August, so call upon them for support and guidance every day!  Remember, however, that you are just as powerful, loving and beautiful, and this is what they want us to remember.  When we surrender to this realization–that we are Divine–all our seeming problems will dissolve, and we will move forward fearlessly.  Make time to connect with your Divine self each and every day.  

July 2014 Guidance with Archangel Chamuel

July might seem a far cry from June.  In June, we were guided to devote as much time as possible to our loves and passions, and to embrace the manifestations that came from this.  July now might seem like a step back, but really its two steps forward.  This month, simply put,  is about finding yourself through major release, and Archangel Chamuel is here to help us.

Typically when I do automatic writing, I go on a meditational journey and request that the overseeing Archangel blends their energy with mine so that I can fully immerse myself in their speech.  I typically receive certain feelings that are often difficult to describe in our limited form of communication.  The best word I can choose to describe Archangel Chamuel’s energy is SAFETY.  I never felt so incredibly safe and looked after as I did in the time he blended with me.  I am, as always, left in complete awe.

Archangel Chamuel’s name means “he who sees God.”  Chamuel can see everything, including lost objects and solutions to problems.  He also helps with relationships (including your relationship with yourself), which will be VERY important this month.  His style of speech was short and very “to-the-point”, almost in a terse yet loving manner.  I felt like I was listening to an instruction manual!  He is very down-to-earth and has some solid advice for us this month.  You definitely want to ask him to be by your side this July!  Or, as he would prefer, simply demand it.


Here are some key points for us this month:

1) Don’t be afraid to let go.  What might seem like losses are simply ways for you to now make room for other things.  A “clearing house” phenomenon of sorts.

2) Now is the time to use your manifestation powers.  DEMAND what you need from the universe, instead of hoping for it or timidly asking for it.

3) Connecting with nature is the closest and easiest way to connect with Divine energy.  Make time for it in whichever way you choose, whether its being outside, sitting by your houseplants, spending time with animals, or bringing fresh flowers into your home.

4) If you are stubborn about change, change will be that much harder to come about!


Here is his direct message to us:

Hello loved ones!  I am Archangel Chamuel, and I am pleased to be here with you!  I am known as the Archangel of that which is Lost, and I am here to let you know that it is time to find yourself this month.  I want you to know that when you are in a state of despair over what has been lost in your life, you focus all your energy on what has been lost, and this creates a massive void.  You must replace this seeming loss with something that you create.

To be simple, when you have encountered that something is no longer in your life, you must see that there is now room for other things that you previously did not have room for.  Therefore, you must look at this month as a chance t o grow from within.  If you have a dead plant in your garden, you will dig it up and throw it away, and replace it with a new one.  Treat your losses in life with this process.  Mourn if you must, and then replace.

I want you to know that you can stop holding yourself back now from the many excuses you have had for yourself when comitting to certain ideas or projects.  You have seen that when you truly devote your time, thoughts and energy into something, that it rewards you with, at the very least, feelings of satisfaction, pleasure and joy.  Now that you are beginning to understand this, you will see that eventually you must cut negative circumstances or situations out of your life in order to truly pursue these joys that you are discovering.

Be prepared to release and move on not just with the material goods but to move on with a new identity, which is your truer identity.  You cannot do anything wrong in this process, because this is a journey you are choosing, and there is nothing wrong about choices.  If you are stuck, that is why I am here: to show you the way.  To help you find what you have lost when you decided to come down to Earth as a human.  Blessed you all are for taking on this great feat to accelerate your own growth.  Remember we are always here to help you and intervene if you simply ask us.


June 2014 Guidance with Archangel Raguel

Ah, June!  Thank goodness June is here!  This month we get a break from all the intensity we’ve been going through this year.  This will be a month of action and activity, even though it might not always be in the traditional sense.  A lot of our activity will be happening with our thoughts and feelings, but the unique part is that it will lead us to take outer action, rather than to dwell on these thoughts and feelings like we have been doing for what seems like such a long time.  


This month we get some solid (and somewhat pushy) advice from Archangel Raguel.  I was quite surprised to get a message from this archangel, as I have never (to my knowledge) developed a relationship with him.  Raguel has quite a tough personality, but doesn’t mind poking fun at you, from what I could gather.  He is the Archangel that is best known for harmonious relationships, and therefore is quite straight-forward.  He isn’t afraid to tell us flat out the honest truth about a situation, because he knows it will bring the necessary healing that is required for us to move forward.  

In addition, Archangel Raziel is working in partnership with Raguel.  When I connected with Raguel, a swirling energy of a colorful rainbow enveloped us, and Raziel gave a quick, “Hey, we’re working as partners; I am going to help too.”  Although Raguel did all the talking, it was nice to know they were tag-teaming it.  Raziel is the archangel of universal wisdom.  He can help you heal issues from past lives, recall lessons that you have accumulated from past lives, and help dissolve any past issues.  He is also a grand teacher, being the archangel of wisdom and all.  Ask him any question at any time, and he will provide you an answer.  After all, we are quite ready for some answers, aren’t we?


Here are the key points for June that AA Raguel provided for us:


Now is the time to have more confidence in yourself this month, and you will find it comes easier than it ever has before.

Your place and function in your relationships will change, as this is something you have been praying for.  Be prepared to see this changes occur, and BE WILLING to function in these relationships in a new way.

Let go of any fear or worry about change; stop resisting and embrace whatever change comes.  This includes changes in how you feel, think and act.

Enthusiasm for different areas of your life will be felt.  You will have more energy for these areas than you have before.

June brings a feeling of renewal, as the last 6 months have been a significant cleansing period.

Keep working towards your goals, with your relationship with yourself at the forefront.

Now more than ever, it is important to spend at least 5 minutes a day in meditation, as this will catapult your self-healing and important realizations into your conscious being.

Don’t let others influence you by pressuring you into doing, feeling or saying things you don’t want to do, feel or say.  Be who you are and love yourself for it!

Create little goals for yourself each day that you can knowingly accomplish.  This will help your confidence and growth.

For goodness sakes, smile!  Make room for fun and laughter, even if you are in tough circumstances; when you worry and feel weight upon you all the time, you end up manifesting more things to worry about.

Archangel Raguel’s Message:

Hello Little Children,

I am Archangel Raguel, your angel of hopes, dreams and harmony.  I am known for helping to bring harmony to relationships, and this month I am here mainly to help you with your relationship with yourself.  This is indeed the most important relationship of all, is it not?  From here stems the nature of all other relationships in your life.  From your center grows your thought patterns, reactions, personalities, actions, goals, dreams and so forth.  

Many of you are quite self-sacrificial.  This is quite bewildering to us, and we are here to tell you that this is never necessary.  Your number one mission is to love yourself fully and completely, yet we understand that for many of you, this is the most difficult thing of all.  We see you distract yourselves on a daily basis and avoid spending time with yourself.  We understand many of you are quite busy, yet also you tell yourself that you simply don’t have the time to be with yourself.  

Please know that you cannot delay anymore if you wish to find your joy.  All your joy comes within, as you are a part of the Divine Creator, and all you are, as is the Creator, pure love.  When you discover that perfection within yourself, you shall not want for anyone else to provide it to you.  Only when this happens can you truly embrace all the love the Universe has to offer you.  This month it is important to embrace and accept every aspect of yourself fully.  If you are unhappy with something about your person, work on changing it and simply ask us to help you with that aspect.  Or simply ask us to help you with everything.  Again, no self-sacrifice; let us work together on this.

Whereas much of this year you have been met with outer challenges, this month will be inner challenges.  However, you will welcome these subtle, soft and gentle inner challenges because you are ready for them.  You are ready for action and change.  You will want to be active this month.  Realize that being active does not always mean to be moving at a fast pace physically.  Some of your action this month will be to sort out your feelings about all of your being.  Write down memories, feelings and so forth to help you develop your relationship with yourself.  Make time for yourself each day so that this healing and eventual manifestation can occur quickly.  You KNOW that it is time.  

Talk to us always, and let us help you with this journey.  This will be a joyful month with important clarity.  Each morning when you awaken, sit still and bring your attention to your heart center.  Repeat these affirmations: “My life is in harmony with my heart.  My life is in harmony with myself.  My life is in harmony with Universal Love.”  Learn to love yourself infinitely as we love you. 

Raguel’s point here is that we must stop relying on validation from others because we will find the most harmony in validating ourselves.  Easier said than done!  However, that’s where the affirmations comes in; we can train our conscious mind to accept this.  When we do that, we will stop relying on joy coming in from outer sources, and instead see that it is within us and always has been.  That is the moment when we suddenly realize how much infinite joy we have the ability to create.  Have a conversation with Raguel each day this month to help you with this task.  

Wishing you a month full of joy and blessings!



Monthly Forecast May 2014

This month we are headed towards balance, surprises and expansion! It is a month draped in self-discovery as we heal relationships, receive opportunities for growth in our career and home lives, and become more in touch with our feelings and our true nature. This month will be a tad earth-shattering, but in a beautiful way! We are guided to accept the change so we can easily move forward; if we resist it, it will be more difficult! By the end of the month, you will be better equipped to make decisions and have better realizations about where you are headed and how you want to get there!

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May Guidance from Archangel Azrael



We welcome May with open and eager arms as we are ready to move past the very heavy energy of April.  In April many of our issues came bubbling to the surface, forcing us to deal with them and reexamine our thoughts, feelings, relationships, goals and more.  This was felt on a planetary level and manifested in countless ways, from personal relationships to worldwide protests occurring in public streets.  

May is our time to pull back and apply what we have learned in a slow and gentle way.  As we do this, we will come to some very significant yet timely realizations about ourselves and our lives.  This month Archangel Azrael wishes to give us some beautiful advice and guidance to help us through this very rewarding month.  

Archangel Azrael is known as the “angel of death”, but that does not mean he comes and swallows your soul on your deathbed dressed in a scary black robe.  Instead he is a grief counselor, and guides souls lovingly and gently as they cross over, in addition to helping those left behind on Earth with their grief from losing a loved one.  He is a helper of transition, and his name means “whom God helps.”  

Here are some important guidelines for May:

1. It is important to be yourself; the best way to do this is to be honest with yourself about your feelings about EVERYTHING.

2. Do not worry or be afraid of change; some drastic things must occur in order to speedily bring you to the place that you have been desiring for the past several months

3. If you have not already, create a safe space in your home that is yours and only yours, whether it be a chair in a corner of a room or an entire room to yourself.  Let this be your sanctuary, as you will need plenty of alone-time this month.

4. Be ready to let go of the old; only when we do this can we usher in the new.

5. It is time to reflect on your relationship with your parents, whether they are here on Earth or have crossed over.  Focus especially on your childhood, and simply review these memories.  Great insight will come as a result.

Here is our channeled message:

Dear Loved Ones,

Hello hello hello!  I am Archangel Azrael, and I know that the channel is confused as to why I am bringing you your message for May.  I will tell you now, that it is I who helps you with moving on, confronting hurts and transitioning to the light.  This is exactly every person’s mission this month: to transition towards the light.  I do not mean in the sense of  “death’’, although there truly is no such thing as death; instead, there are only new ways of taking life.  I do mean, however, that YOU are moving faster towards LIGHT-heartedness, and letting light shed into your lives.  

Expect this month to confront some heavy truths, but know that we angels are helping you with this confrontation.  This is a very necessary step in order to move towards the light.  After this month, you will feel more relaxed and more rejuvenated about who you are and where you are headed.  Please know that we are helping you to do this as gently as possible, and we urge you to not worry or be afraid.  In the end, when this process is finished (for now, as this process is forever and on-going), you will feel LIGHT as a feather.  All your heavy weight and baggage will be lifted off of you, and you will have the essence of floating along your path.

Call on me for help with this transition.  Call on me for help with healing from any lingering issues, hurts and the like.  Call on all us angels for guidance and invite us into every aspect of your life.  We LOVE you and are with you always.  Do not be afraid to move on!

Connecting with Azrael is truly magnificent in every sense of the word.  As I feel his energy blend with mine, I can see pure white lights dancing everywhere, and I could feel his arms envelop me in a giant, angelic hug.  He is truly pure LOVE, and I could feel it in every inch of my body.  I invite you to ask for his help and guidance every day this month to open the doorway of connection between the two of you.  Remember that angels are omnipresent, as they are not limited by physical bodies, and can be in millions of places at once.  Therefore, the instant you call on them, they are with you, no matter whoever else they are with at the time.  

Many blessings to you during this wonderful month!  Don’t forget to check out the MAY FORECAST angel tarot reading as well

Energy Forecast for April to June 2014

Are you experiencing feelings of intensity lately? In this special reading, Spirit shows us what we are experiencing both globally and personally for the following months and the best way to keep moving forward! We may experience highs and lows, but we are helping to initiate change and manifest dreams in our lives and on a universal level! The important message is to stay positive and not to fall into worry or anxiety. Keep the faith and know that we are on a journey of growth and fulfillment!

April 2014 Guidance from Archangel Raziel

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April personally is one of my favorite months.  Not only is it my birthday month, but it is also a month of rebirth and springtime!  This month is definitely a time of universal rebirth.  In the previous months we’ve been rebalancing and restoring, and we are finally seeing all this work begin to pay off!  Perhaps not in the way you’ve imagined, as this month we will continually be learning how to rely on our inner knowledge and lessons from past experiences.  

Archangel Raziel is our overseeing angel this month.  He is the angel of esoteric knowledge and helps us find answers to our questions.  Archangel Raziel is connected to manifestation, inner knowledge, spiritual understanding and psychic abilities.  If you are looking to develop your intuition and natural psychic abilities (remember, we are ALL psychic), ask Archangel Raziel to help you out!


Here are some key points for us this month:

1) We will encounter ”disappointments”, but they will turn out to be major learning points that will be welcomed!

2) We will learn to seek answers less from outide sources, and turn more within for our answers

3) Relationships will increasingly become more balanced as we continue to balance ourselves

4) Growth in our careers is imminent as we are realzing who we truly are and what we truly want

5) Every challenge we meet is an opportunity for growth.  Ask for guidance constantly and pay attention to your thoughts and feelings

6) The time to stop doubting yourself is NOW!  Only you can decide if you want to move forward or stay still; either way, you are still being watched over and guided


Here is his direct message for us:

Dear Ones,

I am the Archangel Raziel, and I am so excited to see your growth this month.  As Maria types this, she can feel the excitement and joy, and we set the intention that you all feel it too.  This month will be the month of the unexpected: unexpected revelations about yourself, unexpected opportunities, unexpected growth, and unexpected events in your personal and professional lives.  Simply put, whatever you are expecting for yourself will not be occurring this month, as by now you have learned we bring you what you need in mysterious ways.  You  might protest and argue at first, but in time you will see how it was necessary for these things to occur.

We guide you this month to be honest with yourself about your thoughts and feelings.  You have grown wonderfull y in learning how to let go of the need to please others and follow your hearts.  This month you will be evaluating every aspect of your life and how it makes you feel.  We encourage you to try new things, seek out new activites and embrace new people.  This is necessary part of the process towards finding joy.  The more you do this, the more will be revealed to you about yourself.  You might also experience quite a bit of deja vu this month, because you are becoming more in tune with your soul’s journey and purpose.   Don’t be afraid, and just go with the flow.  Follow your impulses and acknowledge your thoughts.  You will continue to feel more fullfilled as you do. 


Archangel Raziel

Guide to Exercise-Angelic Guidance

When I write articles, I am always guided to do so.  Some days I do automatic writing, which is writing down every word I hear Spirit say, or other days they just send me the idea to write about something.  I ask them to guide my words, and sometimes they do it so well I don’t even notice what I’ve written till its done!  It should be understood that ALL our inspirations come from Spirit and our Higher Self, so I’m never really creating by myself.  
Today I was told very clearly, “Write about exercise and how to stay motivated!”  Well, OKAY then Captain, here we go!  
One of the most common New Year’s resolutions is to work out more and improve our bodies.  These resolutions quickly fall by the wayside as we let daily duties weigh us down and indulge in unhealthy foods for a number of emotional reasons such as stress or lack of confidence.  
If you are unmotivated to exercise, know that you’re not alone! Especially if you live in a cold region like me, (Minnesota, brrrr!) where below zero temperatures make it tough to get outside (my personal preferred way to work out)!  The motivation to exercise has always been difficult for me, and at my heaviest I weighed 250 lbs.  
I’m happy to say in the last few years I have lost over 30 lbs and counting, and I am feeling happier with my body with each passing day as I fell into a normal exercise routine.  The remarkable thing is, I felt more motivation as I became more involved with spiritual growth and studies.  This shows that taking care of body and spirit are not separate things, but intertwined as one.  


We know that there are definite physical health benefits to exercise, but here are some metaphysical benefits as well:

1) Exercise is a way to communicate to your body, “I love you and respect you.”  How wonderful and validated would you feel if someone said that to you every day?  Well, if you put in a little exercise several times a week, you are essentially sending that message to yourself on a frequent basis.   When we give that message to our body, we ultimately give that same message to our soul as well.     This helps us gain confidence, realize self-love and puts us in touch with our Higher Self.

2) Exercise helps you with your life purpose.  Wait, what?  HOW?  Well, when you exercise on a regular basis, you automatically are investing in yourself and giving yourself permission to DO.  Thought is the beginning of creation, (and we are all creators), words are the middle step (affirmations, writing, etc) but ACTION is how creation is carried out.  When we engage in ACTION, especially in the action of self-care, we are sending the message to the universe that we are doing our part.  What’s more, regular exercise gives your body more energy, and more energy is just what we need when we have work and growth ahead of us.

Understanding that might give you a little more motivation.  However, here’s a few ways to help you with exercise and motivation:

1) Ask Spirit and your angels to help you with motivation. You’ll find once you do this, you’ll have little “pop up” thoughts during the day where you see yourself exercising, and it FEELS like a good idea to you. Those are memos sent by your angels!  Follow through with them.  You’ll have days where you just don’t want to do it, so ask, “Angels, please help motivate me to exercise today.”  You’ll find that later in the day you’ll break down and just DO IT, and you’ll be so happy that you did.  

feather2) Try not to look at exercise as a chore, but as fun! Taking walks outside are my favorite, but when I can’t get outside, I have a hula hoop and jump rope and I listen to big band music while I do it! It feels like playing to me (I let me imagination run free and pretend I’m in the circus) and gets me in touch with my inner child in addition to giving me a good work out!  

When I was looking for good indoor exercises, I asked my angels to help me find something.  The next day I woke up with the idea of ”hula hoop”.  Completely random!  Yet I couldn’t get online fast enough to find a weighted, 3 lb hula hoop….its like I just HAD to have it.  And I had never heard of an ”exercise hoop” before!  Thank you angels for putting this idea into my head, because I am in love with it, and they KNEW that already.  They will help you too if you just ask.  Remember, it might not be in an obvious way, so pay attention to your thoughts and what others say to you, what you see on television or online, and see if something *sparks* in you and gives you a sense of, “Hey…I LIKE that idea.”  That’s your angels helping you out and sending you ideas!

3) Write it down.  Write reminders on your calendar, planner or put up notes on a wall with affirmations and motivational sentences to get you going.  Seeing a visual reminder keeps it fresh in your mind and leaves little room to forget about it.

4) Change it up.  I love my exercise TOYS, but sometimes I want a lower-impact workout, so I do yoga.  I cannot endorse yoga enough, but if its not for you, try a few things so you don’t get bored.  Remember we come from Spirit, and Spirit has the ability to do infinite things at once, so its no surprise that we can get bored with the same thing on Earth day after day when we used to be able to do so many things at the same time when we were in spirit form!  So know that you DO need a variety of things, for every aspect of your life.  If you eat the same thing every day, you eventually get tired of it.  Think of exercise in the same way…you don’t want to get bored!  

5) Get a buddy.  Although this is not my preferred choice, as exercise is also a meditation-like experience for me, sometimes meeting with someone at a scheduled hour several times a week will help keep you on track.  “Well, if THEY’RE going to do it, I might as well do it…” is how our thoughts work, and we hate to disappoint.  However, consider that perhaps your souls are also helping each other out to become more aligned, and it becomes a treasured shared experience.  

healthyWhatever you do, start with the thoughts, “I am worth taking care of,” and the affirmation, “Every day I lovingly take care of myself and exercise my body.”  Affirmations WORK, and if you say it enough times, it will become second nature to you.  And never forget to hire some angels to help you find the motivation and the perfect form of exercise for you.