July 2018 Spiritual Messages with Archangel Metatron

July 2018 Spiritual Energy

When I tune into this month’s energy, the first things I see are items on a checklist being scratched off, and new checklists being formed.  Thus, this is a month of wrapping things up and starting anew; we are, essentially, ending cycles that began in the beginning of the year, and setting new cycles for the remainder of the year.  Throughout this process, our strength will feel like it’s being tested, and it depends on us whether it feels strenuous or easy.  

I’m not an astrologer, and pay on-and-off attention to the planetary events, but I felt like skimming through some astrology reports for July, and saw that there is a LOT of things going on: eclipses (yes, plural!), five planets in retrograde, planets lining up behind the sun…our solar system is going to be SUPER EXTRA this month.  The main message I receive about all this busy-ness is that it is here to help us slow down and flow down. 

This month is not about forcing events to happen, or to make major life changes by ourselves; instead, get centered, and go with the flow.  Follow what feels instinctive and easy, only taking action that feels in tune with your inner self.  Most of all, be patient, and tune into your surroundings: the Universe is showing us the way if we open our hearts to our experiences.  


Archangel Metatron


I woke up on the morning of July 1st to find Archangel Metatron in my bedroom.  He was ready to get things going and give us our message, but I needed my coffee first; I’m human, after all. 

After my morning routine, I settled into my meditative state, and let Metatron take me on a journey.  When I tune into Metatron, I get the ‘big hand syndrome’; my hands and arms feel like giant trees weighing me down, and this time the occurrence was felt more strongly than ever.  In fact, I asked him why it happens, and he says it occurs when we are half-in and half-out of our bodies; the energy in our hands and arms expands to make sure we don’t completely float away.  I thought, that’s weird, and asked why I didn’t feel it in my feet instead.  After all, my feet are what plant me to the Earth.  “In the physical realm, you use your hands to hold onto and grip something, do you not?”  Okay, point taken.  

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again; when I tune into Metatron, he is enormous.  It’s akin to when Alice in Wonderland grows into a giant; he towers over my home, and I can’t help but feel completely embraced.  He oversees the Akashic Records, recording our choices while teaching us how to use our spiritual power for our highest good.  His energy is protective, strong, and that of a loving teacher; you can’t help but feel that he wants what is truly best for us.  

During this experience he took me through doorway after doorway, each only revealing a blinding-white light.  This process went on dozens of times, and I didn’t ask what it was for until later in the day.  He told me, “Light is not just for illuminating and cleansing; it is for elevating.”  I realized he was elevating my mind and upgrading my neural pathways to not only become as pure a transmitter as possible of his energy and words, but to also harmonize my mind with my heart. 

In this is the essence of his message for us this month, and I encourage you all to invite Metatron to work with you, and to receive his assistance.


Here is his Message:  

Greetings Beloved, I, Archangel Metatron, am in complete harmony with you, here to help you raise and exalt yourselves.  Over the course of this year you have experienced many facets of your being that were once unknown or ignored, but now they have surfaced as part of your self-empowerment journey.  You are now at a point where you are ready to embrace these layers more fully, and allow them to guide you and bring you into a more harmonious flow. 

Love your mind so that you may cleanse it of your agendas; then, ask your mind to work more deeply and in balance with your heart.  Your heart is the first thing that forms in your physical form, and it is the last to to stop functioning when you transition.  Thus, your heart is always where the root of your life force is found.  It is where you feel your motivations, your desires, and your deepest truths. 

Now is a time then, for your mind, which applies the motivations of the heart to the physical world, to give your heart a helping hand, rather than to take control.  This leads me to the basis of this message: now is a time to not take control, but to flow n harmony with all that is around you. 

New beginnings, over and over again, will find their way to you, and they all serve you a purpose; your job, so to speak, is to flow with them.  Float upon the directions of the wind, not against them.  Does this mean to compromise yourself or your values?  No.  Flowing in harmony with experiences and events means to open your heart to them without forming logic. 

You often call these judgments, as your mind is trying to make sense.  When it comes to your mind, it can only make sense based off of previous knowledge and experiences; your heart, however, has access to ALL knowledge of the universe, and that is why it is more important to allow it to lead you.  The mind can only interpret with the tools it has acquired in your current life, but the heart is connected to all the light of the universe, which is in ALL things, whether they take form or no. 

Here, we have again the need for your mind to work in harmony with your heart.  This means letting it know in your most loving way that if it cannot make sense of something, it does not need to, for your heart, your spirit, already knows.  Your connection to your spirit and your Higher Self is through your heart, not your mind. 

Give your mind permission to not figure it all out; instead, let it help you nurture and give self-care, and let your heart lead the way.  Let your heart tell you how to go with the flow.  Keep it open to the experiences that occur, and the revelations, the deep, inner revelations that arise.  Following the flow means to see each experience as an opportunity to love yourself more deeply

With this strong connection that builds more greatly each passing moment, your mind will work in harmony with your heart simply by saying, yes, I can allow myself to love more deeply now.  In this way, you will find yourself in more agreement than disagreement.  IN THIS WAY, YOU EMPOWER YOURSELF MORE THAN EVER BEFORE, FOR ANCHORING YOURSELF IN THE ENERGIES OF AGREEMENT ARE ALWAYS STRONGER THAN DISAGREEMENT.  Tell your mind to bring your attention to being in agreement, in HARMONY with your experience, and away from disagreement and discord.  

If something happens that you feel strongly against, and you feel the conflict rise within you, do not fear; you are simply finding the best path towards agreement.   This is what it means to open your heart to the flow: if someone insults you, you do not worry about how to push back, but instead focus on what your heart needs in that moment.   If you think your heart needs to stand up for itself, you may do so, as long as this action feels in agreement with your heart.  For in all moments, your heart is asking for the best path towards nurturing.  In all moments of upheaval and conflict, your heart is asking what is my best path forwards toward agreement?  This agreement is with life, and with yourself; It is with your heart, and with all experiences, which are always here to help you love yourself more deeply. 

Ask your mind to work in harmony with your heart, go with the flow, and you will easily see there is no need to control; there is only to be in resonance, in AGREEMENT, with your highest energy.  I am here helping you not to transform, but to open yourselves freely, and in this way you transform yourselves effortlessly.  Call upon me to open your hearts, to assist your minds, and you will feel me all around, opening the doors within you.  

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