January 29-February 4, 2018 Weekly Spiritual Messages


This week is focused on taking time to heal so that we can leave the past behind us and live in the present.  We may be reconciling with our past, but also must focus on what lies ahead while nurturing our child-like joy.  We learn how to pick our battles, and strengthen our powers of discernment this week, deciding what is truly important.  Remember to focus on what gives you life and excitement, to nurture your dreams, and keep in mind what is truly important.  

Card Decks: The Angel Tarot (general reading) and the Self-Care Oracle (zodiac readings)

Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius): 12:08

Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn): 14:02

Water Signs (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio): 15:53

Air Signs (Aquarius, Gemini, Libra): 17:38

February 2018 Tarot Forecast


In order to move forward freely, we must leave behind all that is weighing us down.  This month helps us to heal past issues, amplify our inner strength, and accept that we are ready to walk through the doorway of new beginnings.  Be patient and take your time this month; in truth, we want to step forward with freedom, but also with the intention of creating stability.  Steer away from those who would take you away from your center, or distract you from what is important.  Allow things to gestate and take root, and your courage will grow.  This is a month to celebrate yourself and put the focus on what is truly important.  

Card Decks: The Psychic Tarot (general reading) and the Archangel Oracle (zodiac readings)

Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius): 15:43

Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn): 17:56

Water Signs (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio): 19:55

Air Signs (Aquarius, Gemini, Libra): 22:06

February 2018 Spiritual Messages with Archangel Metatron

In January we amplified our hearts; in February, we amplify our strength and our truth.  To me, I intuitively feel that we strengthen this new amplification of our heart centers, and bring to us new and inventive ways of making physical progress.  This is a time for trust and belief in the self, and how the universe works for us.  The tests and challenges that come along the way will only serve to strengthen us further, and help us heal the issues that have made us stray from the core center of our inner being. 

Archangel Metatron came through for this month’s channeling, and Metatron always gives me the feeling of courage and wisdom; when he is by your side, you are invincible.  He teaches us how to use our spiritual power for good, and turn our negative thoughts into positive ones.  He encourages us to be a master of where we put our focus.  

Here is his message:



Dear Ones,

I am Archangel Metatron, and I am so happy to be with you each day as your time passes through this world.  I tell you that you have been absolutely amazing, that in the higher realms we are amazed at how quickly you are progressing. 

You are incredibly in tune with your desires now; you feel more direction, deep within your soul, due to the deep connection you have made with yourselves.  I want you to know that the changes you are both making and seeking are steeping deeply now.  All is coming as it needs.   

I also am here to inform you to not make your life about the change; the change is not what is important. What is important is how the change reflects the development that is going on within you, and the pure connection you have made to your inner self.  Focus and take time during this month to build your strength and courage, and give yourself a strong foundation to maintain these changes that directly mirror your inner growth. 

In the months that come, you will be taking great leaps; in order to not exert yourself, or give too much effort that drains you, now is a time to feel solid and sure within yourself.  By this you know what I mean; you know when you feel a wobble within you, when you feel yourself faltering, so now is a time to anchor yourself in your new beliefs, your new desires and perspectives, and make them strong. 

This means to care for your physically body, take time with your emotions and thoughts, and anchor them constantly.  Repeat your affirmations, write down your inspirations and reflections, and focus on this part of you that is emerging and let it come out strongly.  There is not much you need to do; it will all come to you the more you anchor yourself in your truth.  Let this new you be anchored to the ground, and feel the earthiness of it.  In this way you are bringing your ethereal truth into the Earth and the physical world. 

Most of all, do not lose the healing perspective; all is here to serve you, help you embrace your truth and strength, and give you power.   Focus on growing your inner power; there is no one you need fight against, no thing you need to exert yourself over; it all comes naturally and effortlessly when you remind yourself consistently of who you are, and how your desires reflect you. 

Anchor yourself in the why behind your desires, and state each day who you are: a loving, peaceful being, deserving of all manifestation.  In this way, your life shall change.  I am here to remind you of this strength as you move forward, onward and upward.  

January 22-28, 2018 Weekly Spiritual Messages

This week is focused on creating harmony, as we bring all our cumulated lessons and tools to a happier and more stable place.  Don’t lose confidence this week, as rewards are coming their way.  We are learning how to keep gaining momentum by getting rid of doubt, and sticking to our intuitive actions.  Recognize all the good things that are coming, and especially give appreciation for who you are.  Lots of action and movement will culminate in a busy period of time over the weekend, begging for your attention, so keep trusting your instincts, stay grounded and give some love to all the beautiful things in life.  

Card Decks: The Fairy Lights Tarot (general reading) and the Archangel Michael Oracle (zodiac readings)

Fire Signs (Aries, Leo Sagittarius): 14:19

Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn): 16:27

Water Signs (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio): 18:38

Air Signs (Aquarius, Gemini, Libra): 20:37

January 15-21, 2018 Weekly Spiritual Messages


This week is about changing direction through some soul-searching, mediation and reflection.  We are lighting our own way by utilizing our own wisdom and trusting it!  Opening new doors closes others, which can cause feelings of regret, loss and worry, but we are able to detach and focus on the logical aspects.  We have the emotional energy behind our desires to make decisions and steer our own course.  Expect success and confidence this week, as a wave of enthusiasm is coming in.  Most of all, trust your instincts and go for it!  We will end the week knowing we have invested in our long-term visions!

Card Decks: The Archangel Power Tarot (general reading) and the Magical Times Empowerment Cards (zodiac readings)

Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius): 13:46

Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn): 15:44

Water Signs (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio): 17:42

Air Signs (Aquarius, Gemini, Libra): 20:42

January 8-14, 2018 Weekly Spiritual Messages

This week, take the focus away from conflict and towards beauty.  The energy this week supports us getting in touch with our senses, our creativity and our nurturing side.  While we may have grievances, try to keep the focus balanced.  There are essences within us that want to be created and realized, and the best way to bring these energies outward is to give gratitude.  This week we learn how to let go and transform one step at a time.  

Card Decks: The Tarot of the Mermaids (general reading) and The Saints & Angels Oracle (zodiac readings)

Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius): 12:58

Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn): 15:34

Water Signs (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio): 18:43

Air Signs (Aquarius, Gemini, Libra): 20:50

2018 Yearly Readings: The Zodiac Elements

2018 Tarot Forecast for Fire Signs: Aries, Leo & Sagittarius

You are breaking down barriers and creating things for yourself! Don’t be afraid to take action!

Card Decks:
-The Good Tarot
-Archangel Raphael Oracle
-Magical Mermaids & Dolphins Oracle
-Keepers of the Light Oracle


2018 Tarot Forecast for Earth Signs: Taurus, Virgo & Capricorn

A new start is ahead, so believe in yourself and consider your new ideas and inspirations!

Card Decks:
-The Good Tarot
-Archangel Raphael Oracle
-Magical Mermaids & Dolphins Oracle
-Keepers of the Light Oracle

2018 Tarot Forecast for Water Signs: Pisces, Cancer & Scorpio

Now is the time to open your perspective and try new things.  Let each experience lead you to another, unfolding your path before you, and broaden your horizons this year!

Card Decks: 

-The Good Tarot
-Archangel Raphael Oracle
-Magical Mermaids & Dolphins Oracle
-Keepers of the Light Oracle


2018 Tarot Forecast for Air Signs: Aquarius, Gemini & Libra

Time to get in better touch with yourself to make decisions that feel right!  Synchronicity will work for you as you release burdens and focus on balance.  

Card Decks: 

-The Good Tarot
-Archangel Raphael Oracle
-Magical Mermaids & Dolphins Oracle
-Keepers of the Light Oracle

January 1-7, 2018 Weekly Spiritual Messages

This week is about releasing ourselves from false imprisonment.  Though we may be feeling shackled, addicted or constrained, we have the chance to mentally and emotionally lift ourselves out of self-fulfilling prophecies that hold negative expectations.  Instead of trying to take care of everything, focus on the few important things that bring more vitality into your life.  New energy is coming this week to help move us forward and cut through any illusions.  There are always challenges, but we are getting the gift of encouragement this week to push us forward and renew our sense of faith in ourselves and our journeys.

Card Decks: The Morgan Greer Tarot (general reading) and the Angel Dreams Oracle (zodiac readings)

Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius): 11:25

Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn): 13:28

Water Signs (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio): 15:21

Air Signs (Aquarius, Gemini, Libra): 17:26