August 2017 Spiritual Messages with Archangel Jophiel



In August we enter a time period of emotional highs and lows.  It feels much like ocean waves, as some will flow with freedom in the open ocean, and some will experience a crashing halt at the cliffside of shores.  I feel for many,  August will be a time for 2 major behaviors: people will be trying to exert their ‘control’ over others more than ever with frustration and exhaustion, or they will be carving out their own independent path in the gentlest of ways with total ease.  

The first behavior comes from a sense of panic: people will feel like they have very little direction, and rather than looking inward, they will be looking outward to get their sense of control back.  The second behavior comes from embracing themselves as human beings, their personalities, their bodies, and simply embracing the experience of living.  To make the most out of this experience, we must focus on our power of choice: what will we choose to influence us?  

This leads me to a download I received the other day from my collective, and I wish to share this with you all:  

To become masters of living, we need to take a few steps.  The first step is to acknowledge that we are in charge of our gaze and focus.  

We focus so much on external stimuli, (we are physical beings in a physical world, after all), that the following tends to happen: We look outward, and our energy is pulled in a certain direction.  If we look toward negativity, we are led toward it.  If we look toward positivity, we are led toward it.  And truly, the point is not where we look, but rather to realize we have the freedom to choose where we look. 

 As we progress, we learn that when we look inward, our inner self guides us.  We do not need to lock ourselves in a box and ignore what happens in the world, or shield ourselves from something that is, quite frankly, so much work to shield ourselves from.  This first step simply requires you to say to yourself, “I have the freedom to choose where I put my focus.” 

The second step is to realize we are masters of our energy.  If you find yourself looking towards negativity, you don’t have to think, “Oh no, I’m looking toward negativity!  Look away, look away!”   Instead, just acknowledge that this is your choice, and you can choose whether or how it influences you.  By realizing this ability, we can step outside of the influence; we can choose the impact it has on us, or whether it has any impact at all.  Whether we are looking at the outside world, or whether we are focusing on our inner guidance, we get to choose what affects us!  

This does require training, as we are conditioned to always look at outside sources and be influenced by them.  I do not feel wholly banning outside influences is helpful, as many outside influences are wonderfully exalting.  We often need nature, music and the kindness of others to reflect on us the Love that we are.  Instead, we are blending our spiritual experience with our physical experience to become one experience; to experience ourselves in oneness.    

As said, this takes practice!  As we move into this new month, practice being in charge of your experience, of your energy, and of your self-image.  Start with the thoughts; repeat to yourself the most empowering version of, “I am in charge of my energy.  I allow what affects me.”  Feel how liberating it is to know that YOU are in charge.  As masters, we get to choose how we are influenced, to what we listen, and, most importantly, how we feel about ourselves.  The point is not to transcend our physicality; it is rather to be a master of our physicality, which is merely an extension of loving and believing in oneself.  


This leads to to our channeling for this month, from the lovely and gentle Archangel Jophiel, the archangel of beauty.  She helps us see positivity and beauty in all things, especially when it comes to the Self.  I always feel a lot of pink when I connect with her, as the feminine energy is quite strong with her.  She showers us with love and nurturing.  Ask her to connect with you to see your perfect self, to beautify your life and self-image, and to experience your purest sense of Love.  


Jophiel’s Message:

Greetings dear Ones, it is I, Archangel Jophiel.  I am in every bird that sings, every flower that blooms, every heartfelt exchange between you and others.  I am here to express the Divine that is within you all!  

I want you to know that you have done so much and have come so far.  Feel the love in my words, for this is what I express to you.   You have spent so much time knowing yourselves, uncovering more layers, and this has been extraordinary work.  

In the uncovering of layers, you often miss a vital step in this process of uncovering: loving those layers, and loving that which you have uncovered.  Your ultimate purpose is to experience yourself as truly as you can.  You may have “side missions”, but overall you are simply here to experience yourself in physical form.  

You know yourself better than ever before, but the process you need is not just to know thyself, but to love thyself.  The one thing that will be your brightest light, your lighthouse, your way to finding your truest steps, and taking them, is loving thyself.  My goodness, you may be tired OF this, but I tell you now: it is the way.  

You must practice each and every day of loving yourself.  As you know yourself better, you seem to discover more dissatisfaction, as if you are disappointed with progress, or regretful of the layers you have shed, blaming these layers for holding you back, or wondering why you are not progressing further.  

These feelings, not the layers themselves, are what holds you back.  The layers are merely a build up of emotional residue, but you must see that the residue does not affect you when you are loving yourself wholly and completely.  In fact, when you love yourself, the layers need not be shed, for they instead transform into pure loving energy, and there is no need for letting go when you practice the art of self love and appreciation.

I am here to tell you, yet again, as you have heard so many times, that you are perfect and whole.  You have the permission of the universe to see yourself, to experience yourself as perfect and whole, and you only need to partake in that.  Give yourself permission to see yourself this way.  

I tell you now, get in the habit of visualizing yourself and your Higher Self in conversation, for you are the ultimate spiritual being, and You are your Higher Self.  There are not two parts of you; they are one and the same, and there is no more need for division.  Unite with Yourself, and feel the calmness that vibrates throughout your Being.  

None of you needs division of your parts; they are together and whole; they are the same.  See yourself as whole.  Repeat, I am my Highest Self; I am Love; I am Perfect; I am the Universe.  Do this each morning, each night, or as much as possible!  Tell yourself you love yourself; look at each part of your body and tell it you love it; focus on each part of your personality, your likes, your talents, and send them love and appreciation.  

This is the process of self acceptance and appreciation.  When we do this, our paths are clear, our steps are easy, our power is infinite.  Only when we have the courage to love do we release any heavy notions that keep us stagnant.  There is no need to focus on shedding or letting go; there is only need to plant the seedlings of love and let them blossom.  The layers will transform and dissipate naturally.  

Take your time with this essential process; water your love every day.  Bring the focus to your heart, and feel the Light that is your Heart shine throughout to the very edges of the universe.  I am here to help you uncover these feelings of love that are all you are made of.  Every part of you is love, and it is time to not just see that, but feel it.  Have this experience of love for thyself.  I am so close to you now, radiating this love throughout your planet, to every being, every living thing.  I always love you.  

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