May 29-June 4, 2017 Weekly Spiritual Messages

This week asks us to stay strong.  Stay true to yourself, and don’t be afraid to let your actions match your inner self.  Take time for self-nurturing to keep your energy up, and partake in some self-reflection.  Looking to the past to help adjust our current course of action can be useful.  Feel confident in who you are and what you know, and trust yourself this week.  You have what it takes to turn your life around and move into a time period of ease.  

Card Deck: The Saints and Angels Oracle

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June 2017 Tarot Forecast

What a wonderful month of growth and empowerment!  We are learning this month how to make things happen and stepping into our manifestation power.  Overall we are supported in doing so, whether we take concrete steps are simply get used to emotionally starting over.  Take your time this month, using reflection and patience as your tools.  Don’t get involved in the drama, using your logic and wisdom to adjust actions for better results.  If you want to make changes, this is the time to at least start thinking about doing so.  Follow your right action by connecting with what you know about yourself, and look forward to being more confident and creating stability.

Card Deck: The Archangel Power Tarot

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June 2017 Spiritual Messages with Archangel Uriel


This month we shift into the latter half of the year, and we will be doing a lot of self-examination.  This self-examination is encouraged, but don’t obsess over your past, or put pressure on yourself to make a choice.  Make peace with these aspects, and use them to know yourself better.  

Our power this month comes from being comfortable and relaxed with ourselves.  The more at peace we are with ourselves, the more empowered and inspired our actions will be.  This is a month of ‘dough-kneading’: things may be stretched and pulled in different directions to acquire the perfect shape and texture, so stay connected with who you are and what you wish to stay centered throughout this process.  



Our messages for June come from Archangel Uriel, who I have playfully dubbed ‘my angel boyfriend.’  Out of all the archangels, he is the one who I have always tuned in with the most strongly since the beginning.  He is the Archangel of Ideas, and often is represented with a lantern or light, as he guides our way by helping us find that which we already know.  His message for this month is right on-point with his purpose, as he speaks to us about our own source of knowing.  

Here is his message:

Dear Ones,

I am so close with you now, that you can feel my presence instantly and more strongly than ever before.  I want to speak of your capacity for doubt, and how to realize that this doubt no longer belongs to you.  Do you notice that when you take an action that feels right, there is no doubt whatsoever?  You take that action at a perfect and swift pace, without a single doubt in your mind, as it feels so right in all the parts of your body, heart, spirit and mind.  You are so in tune with that feeling of rightness, that it leaves no room for doubt.

Doubt, then, derives from a lack of connectivity between your mind and your emotional and spiritual bodies.  When there is an absence of connection between you and your knowingness, and your emotions, your mind tries to fill up that space, but the only thing that is created from absence of connection is more disconnection.  

Every part of you-mind, body, spirit, and heart-are designed to work together to create a flow.  When those parts are not working together, the flow is halted.  It is much like the gears of a clock; if one gear is slightly jilted, the clock’s time is halted, the hands stop working, or it gives an incorrect message about your time.  

There is no room for doubt now, and if you find yourself in doubt, it is a signal that all parts of you may be disconnected or not working together.  Therefore, focus on what you know, and I do not mean about your situation; I mean about yourselves.  What do you know about yourself?  What do you feel?  The knowing comes from your heart and solar plexus chakra, not your mind; your mind is the device that interprets this knowing for you, and when it is in tune with your inner knowingness, there is no space for it to create anything about not knowing, about doubt.  

Focus on how you feel; focus on how you see yourself; focus on your perspective.  Once you focus on that which you know–that strong feeling of knowingness that connects all parts of you and makes you feel perfectly in-tune with the universe–then you can relax, for the knowingness tells you also that all has been resolved.  

Whatever you doubt right now, whatever you are worried about, you already know it has worked out perfectly.  Say this about your situation: all is resolved.  Believe this; feel this.  You know this in your heart, in your gut, in your spirit.  

Shift into that vibration of knowingness, and then do you know what shall happen?  The doubt you felt about which action to take, or what attitude to adopt, will dissolve, for once you shift into a vibration of knowingness, you will RECEIVE all the knowingness you need.  You will be perfectly in tune, allowing the flow to occur beautifully.  You will know where to look and what to do.  

Move yourself into this state of knowing, and know I am right by your side.  I am guiding you in this process.  All is well; all is resolved; this you know.  

May 22-30, 2017 Weekly Spiritual Messages

We start the week off feeling strong, capable and at our highest potential.  Productivity and exploration are energies we embrace.  As we move forward, be watchful of burnout later in the week.  Know that you don’t have to get it all done all at once, and avoid doing things frantically whenever possible.  Pray for help and solutions, and take part by pulling back and getting more centered so that action can come from a peaceful and inspired place.  The weekend encourages us to find that balance, and to feel satisfied with our results thus far.  When in doubt, focus on feeling good for the best manifestation to occur.  

Card Deck: The Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle

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May 15-21, 2017 Weekly Spiritual Messages

This week focuses on getting us emotionally and spiritually empowered.  There are many emotional possibilities inside of us, and we are in charge of where we focus our energy and how we wish to feel.  As we begin to honor ourselves, and maintain our sense of well-being, other aspects of our lives will offer healing and strength.  Meaningful connection with others can happen this week, as the respect we show ourselves will then vibrate outwards towards others.  The weekend shows stability, feeling safe, and earned rewards.  This is a week where we realize we have much to learn, and can take joy in growing.  

Card Deck: The Psychic Tarot

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May 8-14, 2017 Weekly Spiritual Messages

This week calls for emotional gentleness and insight.  It will be very empowering if we get clear on our self-perceptions, and what we believe about ourselves.  The energy may feel harsh, but it serves a purpose: to drive us inward.  Allow the actions you take to reflect your sense of self, as we become exhausted from trying to behave in a way that isn’t authentic.  Things get easier when we focus on feeling good and allow our self-development to happen, which means letting go of old beliefs about ourselves that never belonged to us in the first place.  The weekend calls for healing and being uplifted; allow yourself to feel your feelings, but also know you don’t have to be stuck in that emotional place, and can lift yourself out of it at anytime.

Card Deck: The Flower Therapy Oracle

Crystals: Rose Quartz

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May 1-7, 2017 Weekly Spiritual Messages

This week is meant to generate peace and calm within us, no matter what the outside forces may bring.  When you find yourself directing to much energy towards things that are outside yourself, redirect that energy inward, and focus on the love and peace in your heart chakra.  The journey we take this week is for healing, and encourages self-reflection.  You may feel led to take action, or simply get in touch with how you feel.  Hold your space with relaxation, and allow love into your heart.  

Card Deck: The Indigo Angel Oracle

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May 2017 Tarot Forecast

May is full of emotional growth, helping us to become more confident, independent and passionate.  It will have it’s emotional upheavals, but will help us develop our sense of Self, and support us in our pursuits.  Some may be figuring out what they want, while others will put plans in motion; either way, rewards can be reaped as we follow our inner guidance and reignite our passions.  Balance is important this month as we heal emotionally, so make efforts to bring joy and connect with fun relationships.  By the end of the month, we’ll feel more grounded and prepared to achieve what we want.  

Card Deck: The Tarot of the Mermaids

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