February 6-12, 2017 Weekly Spiritual Messages

Welcome to your weekly spiritual messages!  Unfortunately I was not able to create a video this week due to illness, so I’ve decided to post it in this format instead.  Thank you for being here, for all who have sent me well-wishes, and for simply being yourself.  I have immense love for you all.

This week I am using the Angel Tarot.  I fell asleep thinking about this deck, and woke up thinking about it, so it was definitely calling to me for this week’s reading.  

This week is dedicated to healing and confidence.  I see two visions: this week could be really awesome for us, or it could be a major kick in the shins.  It all depends how we work with the energy, and how we boost our own energy.   February ‘s theme is change, whether it is about accepting change, being the change, or resisting change.  Wherever we find ourselves, this ‘change’ energy is pushing us to be our own catalysts, and to focus on the moment’s journey rather than the destination.  The best way to build a happier future is to start working on a happier now.  


We start the week of with the ‘Release’ card, traditionally the ‘Death’ card in tarot.  This is one of the most powerful cards, and one of the most positive in my eyes, as it signals the end of one thing and the beginning of another.  The messages I hear are to let go of what we can’t control, and focus on what we need to do to take care of ourselves and feel more empowered.  There is a lot of judgement floating around, but these judgements are here to serve us.  They communicate with us on an emotional level what we do and do not resonate with.  Rather than putting the focus on what another person ‘should’ be doing, go back to yourself and do what resonates with you.  They also help us bring up issues that need to be healed.  We are getting in touch with what we would you like to move on from, and asking how we can best take care of ourselves right now.  We are given the freedom to make changes, heal our hearts, and plant new seeds.


The middle of the week we have the 9 of Fire (9 of wands in traditional tarot.)  I see 2 visions for the middle of the week.  One is of encountering challenges, and needing to calm our nervous systems.  We might feel like we are in fight or flight mode, and there will be a great need for self-care and healing.  The second vision is of finding the strength within us to meet these challenges.  This card encourages resilience and strength, and let’s us know that we can do it.  The best way to embrace our strength is embrace ourselves.  Don’t feel you need to compromise yourself or your values.  Pray for a way to be both respectful and kind to others while staying true to yourself.  These 2 visions are not separate, but are intertwined together.  Meeting these challenges will give us the confidence we need to further believe in ourselves, and keep working towards boosting our vibration.  


We end the week with the King of Air (King of Swords in traditional tarot.)  This guy perceives truth objectively, and doesn’t fall into ego traps.  This weekend encourages us to follow our own path, and not to fall into any bickering matches.  It asks us to trust ourselves to find the best path, regardless of what others are saying or doing.  Only we know what feels good to us, and the way to not be swayed by others’ energy is to stay objective.  This weekend says to focus on balance.  What have we done in the past that didn’t feel right, and are we repeating any harmful patterns now?  There is no need to feel guilt or shame about who we are or what we have done; everything has led us up to this point, and we are all perfect wherever we are, always with the opportunity to feel better.  What will help us improve our self-image, our feelings of joy, and help us to grow?  If we keep that as our objective, no one can bring us down to the lower levels of doubt and worry.  

I am hearing that everything we are experiencing right now is helping us learn how to love ourselves more and more.  Affirming that we are growing and evolving into more love will help us embrace our experiences, learn from them, and attract higher-vibrational experiences continually.  Love yourself as much as you possibly can, and then turn up the volume some more each and every day.  

And remember how much love I am sending you.  Have a healing and empowering week!   

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