January 2017 Energy Update with Insights from MLK

I always find January to be one of the most ‘difficult’ months.  Much of the month can be transitioning from the energy of the previous year to the current year.  Often it feels like we are stumbling through a thick fog, searching for a clearing and tossing aside items that are no longer useful to us, but still confusion reigns as we aren’t sure what the heck we are doing or why.  

All this confusion is, interestingly enough, all for the sake of our awareness; to bring attention to how we are feeling and sensing internally.  Overall there is a sense of lacking many people are experiencing, and all the release we have done is certainly contributing to this feeling.  However, our purpose now is to bring our awareness to this feeling, and realize it is not that we lack something, but rather that we have room for something more.  Once we realize this, we move into the energy of creation, an energetic transition we will experience over the next few months.  We have created space within ourselves to fill, and not to fill with just anything anymore, but rather to fill with our dreams.  

A few days ago I woke up and Martin Luther King Jr. was by my side, and I can tell you he is even more charismatic in the Higher Realms than he is in real life.  It makes sense now that he is around, not just because in the United States we had a day this week that commemorates him, but more so that we are moving into the “What is my dream?” stage of creation, and that is his specialty.  In the spirit world he is hosting workshops with other spirit beings, and together they are bringing a special kind of light to humans on Earth that awakens our own light, i.e, our inspirations and motivations, or, to say it in his words, ‘turns up the volume’ on these energies that are already within us, waiting to burst forward.

He stressed the importance of paying attention to our feelings right now and not denying them, (as you may have heard in my weekly video), thereby allowing acute awareness within us.  This awareness allows us to work with the Divine within us, and pay attention to those intuitive messages we are always receiving.  Right now the ’emptiness’ we feel is calling us to add something to our lives, rather than focusing our energies on changing or erasing something that is already in existence.  Allowing new ideas and dreaming big is the current energetic state for many, which will prepare us for a more physical stage of addition that is inching toward us.  

He advises us to pay attention to our feelings, as they are the most direct barometer we have to our vibrational state.  If we work on this awareness of what is happening internally, we place the power of affecting our vibration in our hands, and less on other people or circumstances.  Our feelings are constantly communicating to us what our vibration needs.  

I asked him, “But what if we don’t know what we need?”  and his reply is:

Then you DO know what you need: you need to explore.  To try things.  To sit with ideas.  To connect with yourself.  To find your center.  To do something joyful.  In joy is where you discover the most inspiration.  Remember you are not trying to find one major thing that will solve all your problems.  You are wanting and desiring deeply to experience yourself in the best way you possibly can.  In this process, you sometimes experience what you are NOT before you realize what you truly are.  

And so I tell you, take your attention and focus it on what you want to bring to your life, what you wish to add, on the plusses rather than the minuses.  And you will find the perfect addition to your life and your energy for that moment.  It will be just what you need at that moment in time.  And then you start to create a pattern of perfectly finding what you need at any moment, constantly uplifting yourself, which then becomes your main goal.  The easiest and simplest idea is always what you need in that moment, so always choose the simplest effort in that minute.  And that which you wish to eliminate will slowly overturn on itself, as it is receiving no energy from you anymore, as all your energy is focused on the new additions in your life, on the joy you give, on the joy that you are.  

Let us sit peacefully in hope, and love ourselves enough to indulge in our dreams, as we work on the additions we can create this year.  Much love to everyone!


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