January 9-15, 2017 Weekly Spiritual Messages

Remember to leave the past behind as you move through this transitional energy; there is no need to carry it with you and make your journey heavier than it needs to be.  Bringing lightness as you display your amazing strength and determination is important, as keeping a sense of tranquility and softness will help resolve things.  As you move through the week, taking time for yourself is important.  Getting away and connecting to your inner being, your emotions, and your thoughts will help your energy heal and revitalize.  Continue to have faith and keep your wishes and dreams present in your mind.  The weekend shows some intense energy coming in; whether it is coming from you or another person, there is no need to rush into anything before you’re ready.  Have some patience, as your eagerness to make change may override your intuitive messages that tell you to wait and take a calmer approach.  Use this energy instead to investigate, do research and discover the many options and approaches available to you.  

Card Deck: The Fairy Lights Tarot

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