January 30-February 5, 2017 Weekly Spiritual Messages

We transition into a new month, and everything this week is supporting us to listen better and follow the good feelings.  Pay attention to your intuitive messages, and know that you are following the path of your highest good.  Trusting your gut and opening your heart to healing will clear your path.  This week there is a lot of self-discovery, and we become more grounded in our knowingness.  It is a week to trust, self-nurture and take any action that feels right for us.  There is no need to doubt yourself, and simply seek your highest experience.  To help guide you, ask where you want to invest your energy, and what kind of energy do you want to receive back?  Not becoming stuck on one solution will open up doorways for other possibilities.  

Card Deck: The Healing with the Fairies Oracle

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February 2017 Tarot Forecast

February is a breath of fresh air, as there is so much energy available to support us.  This month marks movement occurring, and enjoying the abundance we have.  If we focus on the energy behind our desires, it will be easy to follow the signs leading us to those desires.  Trust your intuitive messages and take worry off your plate; don’t focus on future hypotheticals, but instead trust your instincts.  We are opening up to new possibilities, and letting go of weight that has kept our blinders on until now.  The important thing is to not doubt yourself, and invite the energy of ‘new’ into your life.  Abundance is attainable in all forms, so don’t put restrictions on what you can receive and keep your arms open to what comes through.  

Card Deck: The Guardian Angels Tarot

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February 2017 Spiritual Messages with Archangel Chamuel

The last two weeks of January I find myself struggling with various illnesses: colds, viruses, and general fatigue.  What a metaphor for the last month, as much felt stagnant, unable to take action despite the desire to do so.  It was very much an ‘incubation’ period, where we had to get real and face our feelings, all the while transitioning into the energy of the new year.  

February, on the other hand, will feel like a breath of fresh air.  We can start to venture out of our comfort zone and take action, even if that action is writing things down, getting healthier, or having healing conversations with others.  There will be a bigger desire to take responsibility for how we feel and how we care for our energy, and less dependence on others to do so.  However, this does not mean completely ignoring other people, but rather turning our focus on those who support our energy and to whom we equally support.  

Archangel Chamuel came through for this month’s message (yay!  I LOVE him.)  With the most soft and gentle energy, he is popularly known as the Archangel of lost items, helping us find misplaced objects, forgotten ideas and long-lost items.  He is also helpful with relationships, both personal and global ones, bringing peace and healing to all who request it.  Call on him when you are seeking inner peace and even solutions to troubled times.  



Here is his message:

Dear Ones, greetings, I am Archangel Chamuel, and I know you are here to see what you can learn from me, but I tell you that I learn from you in equal measure, that we are all interconnected, we are all a perfect matrix of light and love energy.  I invite you to pursue this concept this month: to what are you intertwined with, how do you feel affected, for although we are connected and can affect each other, it is only when we make the decision to allow this influence that it occurs.  

So you now know you have the power to choose by whom and what you are affected, to whose connection you feed on and vice versa, and this is a month to examine the connections you have and decide whether they are serving your highest good and nourishing you in the way you need.  This is a time where you are focused on your individual selves, but you find that something is lacking, and it is the interconnectedness, the interdependence.  Decide your supports, and if you feel there are none, I tell you that which is unknown is not forever unfound, for you can find these supports.  

In this you bring the focus back to yourself and your well being, the focus back onto what is supporting my life, my energy, my happiness, and what does not?  When you see that which you are tied to that does not support you, it is an easy decision ten to release, and even if releasing is tough I then tell you to change your focus to that which does support you, and where you would like to flourish your energy, and that tie to that which depresses you will naturally fall away, much like the cord off a child’s belly does after birth when  it no longer needs it for nourishment and receives it from other methods  

If you feel lacking, turn your attention onto ourself and repeat the phrase I love you; do this constantly, so that more love may find you, to heal and move forward.  And while this occurs, sensitivity may be high, and I say that self-care is not synonymous with inconsideration towards others.  If you are interacting with others from a place of love, then all is well; simply do not operate from a place of self-sacrifice, as this is not a place of love.  You do not have to give up a part f yourself to share in love with others, and you can understand others without giving up a part of yourself.  

You will find that when you make room to listen to both, yourself and the other person, without needing a confirmation from them, or give up part of yourself, that is the most healing, and brings both parties to better self-sufficiency.  Speak your truth not to prove anything, or because you need someone to listen, but because you wish to share in love, share in energy, and this is the most healing interaction of all.  Keep the focus on connecting with the energies that support you, and you will continue to flourish your energy.  I love you dearly, and always.  

January 23-29, 2017 Weekly Spiritual Messages

The energy will begin to ‘lift up’ this week if we allow it within ourselves.  Paying attention to what feels good and getting to know ourselves in that way leads to greater freedom and opportunity.  A ‘begin again’ vibe is coming through this week, putting us in a more active role in how we take care of ourselves and see ourselves.  Allow self-love to be at the center of your self-care, and this week will invite good fortune in all forms.  Enjoy being who you are most of all, and invest your time in things that help you enjoy being yourself!  

Card Deck: The Mystical Wisdom Oracle

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January 2017 Energy Update with Insights from MLK

I always find January to be one of the most ‘difficult’ months.  Much of the month can be transitioning from the energy of the previous year to the current year.  Often it feels like we are stumbling through a thick fog, searching … Continue reading

January 16-22, 2017 Weekly Spiritual Messages

Show compassion for yourself above all else this week.  Many things are awakening within us, as emotions wish to be acknowledged and our inner lights wish to shine through.  Taking care of your energy and doing reflection is the best way to open a doorway towards greater freedom and unseen solutions.  If you keep the focus on how you reflect to the world, and how to move towards what best helps you experience your true self, gateways open to share our love with the world.  You are learning and growing, which is an important thing to remember this week.   All this learning and growing is simply helping you remember who you truly are, even though sometimes we first (and repeatedly) go through reminders of what we are NOT.  Staying true to yourself and tending to your vibration will help you get into a happier and more blossoming rhythm!

Card Decks: The Indigo Angels Oracle, and the Soul’s Journey Oracle

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January 9-15, 2017 Weekly Spiritual Messages

Remember to leave the past behind as you move through this transitional energy; there is no need to carry it with you and make your journey heavier than it needs to be.  Bringing lightness as you display your amazing strength and determination is important, as keeping a sense of tranquility and softness will help resolve things.  As you move through the week, taking time for yourself is important.  Getting away and connecting to your inner being, your emotions, and your thoughts will help your energy heal and revitalize.  Continue to have faith and keep your wishes and dreams present in your mind.  The weekend shows some intense energy coming in; whether it is coming from you or another person, there is no need to rush into anything before you’re ready.  Have some patience, as your eagerness to make change may override your intuitive messages that tell you to wait and take a calmer approach.  Use this energy instead to investigate, do research and discover the many options and approaches available to you.  

Card Deck: The Fairy Lights Tarot

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January 1-8, 2017 Weekly Spiritual Messages

This week encourages gentle connection with others. Now is a time to gather support and warm feelings around you to reinvigorate your energy. Make time for play and fun this week to increase your sense of empowerment. You may find yourself turning over a new leaf in the sense that minor transformations can occur if you stay open and willing to experience growth.

Card Deck: The Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle

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January 2017 Tarot Forecast

This reading wonderfully emphasizes messages from Archangel Metatron, who advised us to take this time to ‘return’ to our true selves.  By seeking and acknowledging that which helps us experience a connection to our most vibrant parts of ourselves, we are embracing our true energy of love and joy.  This is a month that encourages us to start the process of change by taking our time to explore.  Your intuition and psychic abilities will continue to enhance as you are taken care of physically and nurture every part of yourself.  This month is all about awakening the ‘sleeping’ parts of you, so you can help contribute to a new reality further down the road.  Have a blessed month!

Card Deck: The Angel Tarot

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January 2017 Spiritual Messages with Archangel Metatron


January feels like a time for us to gather the lessons of 2016 both personally and universally.  I sense that we will have ‘quiet’ ways to put these lessons into practice as we invest in shifting our energy, thus shifting our lives.  While you may have had many reminders of old patterns you still need to break over the last few months, these reminders came at the perfect time, for they are now fully in your consciousness, making you extremely self-aware and conscientious.  You are ready to get 2017 off to a powerful start, and, most importantly, in a way that feels right to your unique self.  

Archangel Metatron joined me, and what follows is the conversation we had as I asked for messages for all of us for this new month.  He has been ‘on my mind’ lately (and a friend even recently mentioned him over coffee) and I know that when a particular angel is on my mind, he is around!  He is wonderful when you need help learning esoteric knowledge, or clearing away negative energy (you may have also heard of his cube, an amazing piece of sacred geometry).  He is ENORMOUS, so if you ever call on him and ask to tune into his energy, you will probably feel wonderfully overwhelmed by his mammoth energy.


When I called on him, he was there immediately, and suddenly we were transported to another place and time.  I found myself in the middle of a desert, the sun shining brightly and harsh winds blowing the sand around.  I asked where we were, and he replied, Where I returned. “Where you died?” I asked.  Yes. 

I was curious.  “How did you die?”  Metatron laughed as he said, Humans are always asking how others die, when the why is far more important.  You die to return home when your journey is done.  This is always the reason.  Every death is an opportunity to return, and in this you may rejoice. 

Metatron, knowing my thoughts, continued:

I remind you of this, for very much of your time now, for many of you, will be about returning.  No, not in death of your physical self, although many are choosing to return this way.  But for those of you who are determined to stay, the return is about returning to your true self in your physical world, in a way that has not been done before by so many.  

You come here in the hopes of experiencing yourselves, in one way or another, sometimes by the way of experiencing what you are not in order to know what you are.  Now, my beloved angels, you have experienced what you are not so many times that you are ready to be what you truly are.  Therefore, it is essential to take this time to reflect, to focus on that which you are in order to physically live it.

Think of the things you like to do.  You believe these actions bring you joy, bring you fun, bring you creativity.  This is what it appears on the surface, but I tell you that this is not the entire truth.  You enjoy these things because they connect you to the core of your true self.  They remind you of the love that is you. 

Do you claim to love reading?  For it is not the action of reading you love, but rather it connects you to the part of you that is knowledge, fantasy and discovery.  Do you love to knit?  It connects you to the part of you that is creativity, integration and creation.  All you love to do is merely a reflection of you, your true, most perfect self.  The action itself connects you to your true energy, helping you to feel it brightly and strongly.

Take this time, then, to acknowledge that which connects you to yourself.  Investigate behind the joy of the action; to what part of yourself do you feel connected when you do or say certain things?  Make a simple nod of acknowledgement to that part of yourself.  In this way you can consciously lead yourself to experiencing more of who you are, rather than who you are not.  

This is, indeed, about returning.  Returning in the sense that you can experience your true self in physical form, for this is the new wave of ascension.  When you feel lost, uncared for, or alone, connect with yourself  in whichever way you choose, and acknowledge that connection, for acknowledging that is acknowledging the Love that is You.  

I suppose then this month we can take the time to steadily focus on this self-connection.  It feels as though we are setting the stage for things to come, yet these things will be brought by us as we lessen our reliance on outside sources.  May this month bring us all revelation, a clear sense of joy, and steady growth and blessings.  And so it is!