December 12-18, 2016 Weekly Spiritual Messages

We begin the week with a need to make fair and just decisions, and where situations may begin to be sorted out.  There may be matters that require your attention, or details to consider.  Whatever may be happening, it is important to withhold judgement of others.  You may be seeking the truth about a matter, but do not hold too tightly to assumptions in an attempt to be definitive.  The middle of the week shows a positive lift in energy, with a message about self-expression and individuality.  Now is a time to enjoy who you are, what you’ve achieved, and feel contentment with merely being yourself.  The weekend continues this energy with enthusiasm and a new sense of adventure.  You may feel restless and a need to voice how you feel.  The key to balancing all the energy of this week is to bring in light in and around yourself. Call in a high frequency to your vibration to help your heart and mind work as one.  

Card Decks: The Crystal Tarot and the Magical Times Empowerment Cards

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