November 28-December 4, 2016 Weekly Spiritual Messages

Our last week of November marks a lot of healing to help us move into our more natural state of joy.  The beginning of the week asks us for balance in our relationships and our perspectives.  Notice where you may be giving too much, whether it be in terms of generosity, criticism or energy.  It’s important to deal with issues from the past that are blocking the flow of love running through you.  The middle of the week could bring some good news, and overall asks you to keep believing and having faith.  Keeping your vibration high and tending to your spiritual nourishment is important to give you better results and open you up to a new energetic shift.  The weekend asks us to maintain that high vibration and trust our intuitive instincts.  The highest vibration is love, so do things this weekend, such as going out in nature, to experience the energy of love as much as possible.  

Card Deck: The Flower Therapy Oracle

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The book Mandan Dreams by Cedric Redfeather

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