November 7-13, 2016 Weekly Spiritual Messages

Here’s what to know this week: our needs are met, and all will be fine!  The beginning of the week we need to relax, take a breath, and move out of worry.  The energy may feel murky, but if you focus on keeping your energy uplifted, healed and nourished, you will move past it quickly.  We have what we need in front of us moment to moment.  The middle of the week asks you to hang tight.  There is no need to make any big decisions, but instead hold on, give patience, and instead continue to work on opening up your mind and making peace with uncertainty.  Accept your current circumstances, and wait so that new possibilities can arise at the perfect time.  The weekend brings healing and uplifting transition, as we move on from any mental traps that have imprisoned us.  Throughout the week focus on your own light, and how you shine.  We have much to be grateful for just by being ourselves!

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