September 12-18, 2016 Weekly Spiritual Messages

This is a great week in terms of taking care of yourself and following your inner guidance.  You may experience new opportunity, seeds to plant, or simply a new sense of being.  Our guidance is to focus on our heart center and intuitive senses.  Be aware of the energy others are offering and your own energy as well!  Let us put heart-centered intentions and energy into our actions and words.  This week is about building up faith and confidence in yourself…it is more beneficial to step forward with these type of feelings rather than with doubt, after all.  The week could be busy and abundant, but also tiring, so the weekend highlights resting and balancing yourself to even things out.  No matter what, let your sense of magic and power rise within you this week; experiencing your power and your love, no matter what the circumstances, are the ultimate experience.

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