September 2016 Monthly Tarot Forecast

Brought to you from the north shores of Lake Superior (Sorry if the sound and camera work isn’t the best!)

This is a month of introspection and sitting back, but that doesn’t mean good things aren’t coming your way! We move past a period of mental stress and get to experience some positive revelation about ourselves. This is a great month of helpful support from others, as well as coming together in partnership and healing from difficult situations. This is a month where we get to lay a lot of emotional foundation that will support us in the months to come. We reach for higher and better experiences in our every day lives, and this will energetically lead the way for us to tackle bigger and more life-altering experiences. By the end of the month you will feel more capable and independent to look at options, feel whimsical, and have more energy to do what excites you. ¬†

Card Deck: The Tarot of Mermaids

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