September 2016 Guidance with Archangel Michael

September is always a month where we are anticipating the change of seasons.  In the Northern Hemisphere, we watch summer wind down as we wait for autumn to approach, and in the Southern Hemisphere the promise of Spring is just around the corner.  The change does not happen overnight, but is a slow metamorphosis, and in our minds we are preparing for the changes to come.

This is how I am feeling about this September’s particular energy.  It’s a month where we may feel as if we are waiting for things to change, and mentally remain quite focused on that.  With most of the month being draped over with a Mercury Retrograde, it will be an introspective month where we can review plans and reflect peacefully on our lives.  I will say that no matter what is happening energetically, we are always our own Masters; only you can know and decide when it is best to do–and not to do–any action.  


Lake SuperiorI took a day trip to Lake Superior for some hiking along the rocky north shores, an activity that always brings me rejuvenation and meditation.  After several hours I sat down for a break, and Archangel Michael came through, the Chief of Archangels who provides courage, protection and confidence.  He showed me an image of birds flapping their wings to fly higher and higher until they meet a current of air upon which they can glide with ease.  He said this is a metaphor for many of our efforts right now: we are working hard to fly higher and higher until we find a current that we can effortlessly float on.  

Here is Archangel Michael’s Message:

Greetings, I am Archangel Michael, and Dear Ones, you have come so far!  You are yet so preoccupied with the ticking of the clock.  You have all the time you need to do everything.  You can get what you want, but the getting is not your priority.  You have an impression that it is, but listen closely: it is the doing that you truly desire.  It is the experience that you crave.

This is not a time period to make life-altering plans; it is a time for you to discover another layer of your desires.  What I mean is this “quiet” period you will experience most of this month will build up the action-oriented part of you.  You will remember, as your Higher Self already knows, that the experiencing (which is always reflected in your feelings and mood) is what you deeply wish for and love, not the end of an action or the obtaining of something.

Therefore, to get your conscious self aligned with your subconscious self, practice this experiencing part of you this month.  If you feel unhappy with an experience, you know that you are not living your deepest desire and your Highest Experience.  Once you know that, and once you are in touch with that, ask yourself in that moment, “How can I live my highest possible experience right now?” and follow the immediate guidance that comes to you.  

Practicing this in what you call “everyday moments” will prepare you for “bigger” experiences ahead.  Remember you are protected.  I am here.  I am always here, ready to instill you with the courage you need.  Do not rush, for there is nothing to which you need to rush; everything is here and now, and everything is love.  I am with you always.

As you can see, Archangel Michael’s advice is short and sweet.  To live better and brighter, in every moment there is always an opportunity to “experience higher”…even if it means slightly shifting an action, an attitude, or a few words.  If we get in the habit of shifting, we get in the habit of embracing our power.  Have a wonderful month, and much love to you all!

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