August 22-28, 2016 Weekly Spiritual Messages

Purpose, freedom and strength are the themes of this week.  We can discern what is right for us by listening to our intuition, which is strong this week.  Some are reaping rewards of the seeds they’ve sown, and some are figuring out what seeds to plant.  The key here is to get in touch with your inner being and decide what you wish to experience, trusting that the ‘how’ will come when it is ready.  Also keep an eye out for how relationships energize you, and which drain you and dive you into conflict.  You can decide where to put your energy and how.  This is also a week of freeing yourself from any emotional experiences that have weighed heavily on you.  You can rely on your own strength to give yourself freedom from anything that has a hold on  you.  Overall, this is a week where you will strongly feel the desire to expand, and experience and express the agape of our universe.  

Card Deck: The Energy Oracle Cards by Sandra Anne Taylor

Instagram: @mariateresareadings

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