August 15-21, 2016 Weekly Spiritual Messages

This is a very physical and earthy week!  It’s important, first of all, to take care of your physical well-being and strength so you don’t get worn out, especially if you’ve been feeling fatigued lately.  The beginning of the week is about finding balance between giving and receiving, and trusting yourself to make the right choices and investments.  You might even receive some gift of generosity, or have the opportunity to do it for someone else.  The middle of the week asks you to continue to have faith in yourself, and let you blossom one step at a time.  Keep your arms open to the possibilities, and know that you are independent and self-sustaining.  As we approach the weekend we may have lots of inspiration and guidance as to taking action steps, but it could overwhelm you, so take it easy and do it one step at a time.  Overall, this is a week to get in touch with your manifestation powers and amazing strength.  Enjoy the process, and let go of worry; you are on the right path.  

Card Decks: The Crystal Tarot, and the Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards.

Instagram: @mariateresareadings

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