Energy Insights for August 2016

A recent post on I made on my instagram provided some insights into the current energy we are feeling right now, and I wanted to address this a little more.  You might be feeling restlessness and exhaustion, agitation battling motivation, and desire combatting with low confidence.  We want to proceed but we just don’t know how, all the while dealing with circumstances that appear to prevent us from moving forward.  In short, we feel right and not right simultaneously, as if we are seeing clearly, yet all we are seeing clearly is fog.  

What I see is that we are currently purging emotions from our physical experience that are not aligned with our higher selves.  Our consciousness continues to expand.  More and more we are coming to understand that we are not here to learn, but to remember who we truly are.  We are here to experience our True Selves in physical form, because the physical is such a glorious way to experience and express Ourselves.  If we came here on this Earth with the knowledge of Who We Are already, it would defy the purpose of being in the physical dimension in the first place.  We could not experience Ourselves fully if we were not able to create ourselves anew in each given moment as we are now.


Right now the energy is leading us to greater expansion.  We are driven by desires to physically experience, but these desires have changed from surface comforts and pleasures to taking a deeper meaning.  We don’t just want a nice house, a loving relationship, or a purposeful career; we desire to experience the highest form of joy and love in all these things.  We desire the feelings themselves, as it is the feeling that is the experience.  Our souls are always in search of this.  Our souls have the knowledge already of love, but having knowledge is inherent in us; it is not why we are here.  We are here for the experience; we are here for the feelings.  Feeling love is to feel Ourselves; experiencing love is to experience Ourselves.

Therefore, all this instability you could be experiencing is about helping you choose.  You cannot choose your Highest Self, or your Highest Experience, if you have nothing to choose from.  How do we choose then?  You must first take away the power of anything undesirable in your life.  


This leads us to the current energy right now: It is time to sort through emotions.  Past issues are showing up in present circumstances.  Why?  So we can release them.  Everything we are experiencing now is stemmed from the past.  It is all tied together, acting as a signal that it is time to heal from these issues.  Your soul can remember every circumstance where you felt hurt, depressed, controlled, helpless, etc.  The difference, as you experience these emotions again, is that now you are prepared to heal them.  

How do we do this?  First of all, remember that you know yourself better now; you are far more self-aware.  Your feelings act as a barometer; they tell you when you are not experiencing your Highest Self.  Notice when you are having unpleasant feelings; they tell you when you are not experiencing your True Nature.


Then, let these unpleasant emotions rise to the surface.  Let yourself confront them, and connect them to any past situations where you also experienced them, like pulling apart a sweater to see where it all began.  Let it all unravel before you.  This will require some time and thought (meditation, journal writing, or talking to yourself about it all helps), but as you continue to do so, you deconstruct an entire wall that was preventing you from moving forward.  When we deconstruct something, it loses its power.  It returns to the Earth and transmutes into the Cosmos.  It loses its importance and its power over you.  


When this process is complete, you have freedom.  You are able to put intention into experiencing love in everything you do, say, see, touch, smell, hear and feel.  By making this intention, inspiration soon follows and you are able to take action, putting the power back into your hands to physically experience your True Self.  

You may have to do this process over and over again, and the trick is to allow it to happen.  We are longing to do something about Who We Are, and each moment we are stepping closer to that.  We can experience Ourselves in every moment, but first we have to acknowledge that which is not a part of our True Selves and let that go.  We can certainly be grateful for these unpleasant experiences, because they are helping us get closer to knowing how to experience true and perfect love, and our True and Perfect Selves.  


As you move forward in your present, and heal from your past, remember to take your time.  Find what works for you, and allow the process to unfold naturally.  Each day you will see a little clearer, hear a little louder, and know a little better how to experience the most love possible, which is what You are all about.  You are letting in the light, one window at a time.

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