August 8-14, 2016 Weekly Spiritual Messages

This week is centered in growth.  Use your feelings as a barometer to acknowledge how you are experiencing something or someone.  If you are feeling tough or negative emotions, allow those feelings to rise from the surface so you can detox from them.  Link them to memories from the past so you can deconstruct any blocks that are holding you back.  The beginning of the week may feel chaotic, rushed and exciting.  Stay centered to receive the best experience possible.  We then move into nurturing and focusing on inspiration.  What is the best way you can feel, and how can you feel it?  Allow inspiration to guide you to actions you can take to get the best possible experience for yourself in that moment.  The weekend shows blessings and stability.  As you release the importance of past memories and situations you cannot control, you put the power back into your hands.  This week will be beneficial for everyone in terms of healing, expanding your awareness, and being aligned with your intuition.

Card Decks: The Fairy Tarot and The Soul’s Journey Lesson Cards.

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