August 2016 Monthly Tarot Forecast

We can use August to our full advantage if make the choice!  The month looks busy in terms of making plans, healing issues, and creating commitment to our personal growth.  A lot can be revealed to you if you commit to clarifying your intentions.  We may wish to take lots of action this month, and we are guided to do so only if we have crystal clear intentions about our actions.  The veil is thin and we are manifesting rapidly.  If you take ’empty action’, the result will end up being empty also.  Therefore, taking a time-out is essential this month so we can be in tune with our highest good as much as possible.  Let your aim be to create joy, and don’t let the pressure of others force you into something you are not ready for; it is okay to go at your own pace and take the time you need.  By September, we’ll be experiencing better balance, healing, and increased ideas of steps forward.  

Card Deck: The Archangel Power Tarot by Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine

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