July 24-31, 2016 Weekly Spiritual Messages

Happy last week of July! (Holy cow, already?)  This week we are asked to open our heart chakras wider and take more steps towards freedom.  A message came through about disengaging from judgment, which will help emotionally detach us and gives us more freedom to thrive.  The week starts off with the energy of new love: you may find a new person, rekindle an existing relationship, or experience new ideas and opportunities that excite you.  It is also a healing energy that reinvigorates you.  We can start this week off by paying attention to our intuition and by giving our attention to loving situations that empower us.  The middle of the week is full of fire and rebirth, even though it may feel like a waiting period.  We are asked to give up control and focus on self-care.  Don’t be deterred by the challenges which may appear in the form of situations you cannot control; this is merely trying to steer you in a better direction.  The weekend is a time for endings and new beginnings, which is perfect as we begin a new month!  Emotional healing comes up, especially in the forms of past experiences.  Let these memories rise to the surface to be healed, so you can be lighter as you are steered in a better direction.  

Card Decks: The Crystal Tarot, and the Soul’s Journey Oracle Cards.  

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