July 18-24, 2016 Weekly Spiritual Messages

This week you are invited to be the master of your own emotions. As an individual, you have the chance to take charge of your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health this week. Stay objective, and keep fear-based energies at arm’s length, while allowing loving energy and opportunities to sift through. This week we are urged to be HEART-HEALTH CENTERED: what do you wish to allow in your life that will make you feel calm, centered, and joyful? The middle of the week we could be susceptible to falling mentally into the ‘details’ and stifle our manifestation, but you can work through it by keeping yourself mentally clear. The weekend gives us the chance to bring harmony and unity into our lives both as individuals and globally. The best thing you can do this week? Focus on what makes you feel good, balanced and vibrant!

Card Decks: “The Fenestra Tarot” and “The Indigo Angel Oracle”

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