July 2016 Guidance with Angel Dominic

I’m really excited to bring you spiritual insights into the month of July, with a dialogue between myself and one of my guardian angels Dominic.  I wanted to post this by July 1st, but the dialogue has been continuing for several days, so I decided to wait until we had finished our conversation!  Typically I try to tune into an ascended master or archangel for each month’s channeling, but this time it felt like Dominic had a lot to share that would feel relevant to many of us.

The first time I saw Dominic, he looked like he was in a 90’s grunge rock band–a red flannel shirt, black pants, and long, black, disheveled hair.  We’ve grown quite close the past several years in particular, and I can always feel him on my left side.  When I am feeling drained or upset, I can feel his hand holding mine as he brings me the energy of comfort and peace.  He’s very straightforward and speaks his own truth.  

We all have guardian angels who are accessible to us always.  If you don’t know yours, start talking and thinking to them; tell them about your day, your hopes and dreams, sing with them while driving, and invite them to be in your presence.  Their energy is warm, protective and loving, and they have much to share with you.  

Here is Dominic and my dialogue about the month of July:

Me: What would you like us to know about the month of July?

Dominic:  You might feel this ‘basic’, but there are really two big paths you can take this month: fall into fear, or transform it all with love.  It’s the simplest of lessons, and yet the most difficult for you to achieve on this plane.  

Me: Can you explain more?

Dominic: This month is about transformation, but you first have to transition out of the thought of ‘selective transformation.’  When something transforms, every bit of it does.  This is true transformation: every single part of a anything with life force will transform.  When earth beings try to transform, it is more difficult, because they only want certain parts to transform and develop.  Transformation is holistic, and encompasses every part of you.  You must be willing to let everything about you transform and ascend.  

One of the reasons this is difficult for you is you are afraid of losing something in the process.  Your identities are very important to you, and since you base much of your identity on the physical, which is always temporary, it is hard for you to shift your consciousness to spiritual thinking.  You lose things in the physical, but you do not lose in the spiritual.  You can start to shift your thinking and your perspective about your physical identity, that these physical aspects are merely reflections of what you are spiritually remembering.  Some are reflections of what you need to spiritually heal, what your spiritual strengths are…every physical aspect about you has a deeper meaning that relates to your soul.

Me: So, if we are to transform, we must do so with a ‘I surrender myself’ type of thinking?  

Dominic: Yes and no.  You are creators, after all, and contrary to your belief, to create doesn’t mean to also control.  Creation is an act of love; control is an act of fear.  If you wish to create, you must give up the programmed desire to control.  If you wish to transform, you must do so willingly without fear.  Surrendering is just your way of identifying how to do something with trust and without fear.  Surrendering is your way of spiritually trusting yourself.  You are all desiring deeply to ascend, and with this desire comes conflict from your ego.  

Me: There’s so much tragedy going on, lots of violence and acts of fear, and people seem like they feel so stuck.

Dominic: You can think of it is tragic, but know that we do not judge any acts.  People are experiencing the physical, and you are the ones labeling the good and the bad.  Some of these acts are coming out of resistance of their spirit; some are out of fear.  If you feel the call to do something, then do it, as long as you feel it presents you the way you wish to be presented.  Feeling stuck, however, is a natural part of the process of ascension.

Me: How is being stuck a part of it?

Dominic: Feeling stuck, yet know you are not, because the wheel is always turning.  It is like changing the channel on a television: you are enjoying a program for awhile, but then you become bored and want to tune into something else.  However, you don’t know what that something else is yet.  So, you change the channel, and come to the ‘in-between’ channels that show static, or uninteresting programs.  Feeling stuck is like this process.  Until you tune into a program that speaks to you the most at that moment in time, you will continue tuning into static.  This is simply you moving and seeking until you find your next step in your ascension.  

Me: So, how can we speed up the process this month so we can tune into the best program possible for ourselves?

Dominic: Be willing to transform.  You will never find something to properly suit your spiritual needs and growth if you are unwilling to truly move on and let go.  Transforming requires you release, because transformation is about liberation.  This requires you to visit and revisit all your present circumstances, to be aware of your perspective and how you function, and to liberate yourself of all in the present moment.  

I do not mean take your possessions and throw them away, unless you feel called to do so.   I mean to not let your circumstances and material life be the driving force, which is usually what has motivated humans in the past.  This is no longer working for you; you have moved beyond that.  Your driving force is love and creation.  Let your thinking transform in this way.  You do not buy food because your stomach is empty and you wish to fill it; you buy food to nourish yourself as an act of love for yourself.  This way you shift your focus from lack to love, from physical needs to expressions of love.  

We tell you often you will not find fulfillment in the outside forces of your life, but that it has to come from within.  Take that deeper this month, because the ‘within’ is YOU; outside forces CAN affect and nourish you, but only when you are the force behind it.  When they come from your desire, your creation, and your love.  It is always fulfilling when you are the manifesting one,  rather than waiting for others to fulfill your needs and desires.  

Be willing to listen, go within, and ‘shop around’ this month.  You will have lots of desires and impulses, feelings of stagnation and despair, but simply accept these periods and acknowledge that the wheel within you is always turning and always ascending.  Start connecting with others, doing things outside your comfort zone (many of you really do need that push), because nothing will transform for you if you are unwilling to transform yourself.  Remember, remember, that you are pure love and perfect, and this month is helping you to remember that. 

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