June 27-July 3, 2016 Weekly Spiritual Messages

This week you may need some rest and relaxation. Feel free to reflect on the steps you have taken so far, and change course if you feel the need. It’s time to cut out unnecessary items that burden you, and make yourself lighter. This week calls for you to have faith in yourself, and take the time to reinvigorate your life. If you are feeling bored, aimless or agitated, you will be able to detox emotionally this week to find direction again. By the weekend, expect some new breath into your life and for you to feel excited again about what you can do. This week is about taking back your inner power!

Card Decks: “The Fairy Lights Tarot” and “The Numerology Oracle Cards”

July-December 2016 Six Month Tarot Forecast

This reading looks at different aspects of the year, as well as general energy for each individual month.

Change is upon us, whether we welcome it or not, so the rest of the year will require COURAGE. We want to seek purpose and meaning from within, and cease seeking fulfillment from outside resources and events. We have the chance to connect with others, even though it may be difficult. The lesson is that anything we need for motivation, we can find within ourselves. We will have great strength the rest of the year as we skillfully integrate the physical with the spiritual, and apply our higher knowing to our daily lives. You know yourself and have more strength now than you ever have before! The guidance to keep in mind is to stick to your beliefs, and tune into your higher senses. You could be easily swayed this year by worry, worldly events, and ego-based fears, so listen to and process your emotions to clear out any bothersome chatter. Your spirit is passionate, and by 2017 there will be major transformation for everyone on multiple levels.

Card Decks: “The Psychic Tarot” by John Holland, and “The Angel Tarot” by Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine

June 20-26, 2016 Weekly Spiritual Messages

Trusting yourself is the theme of this week. It’s not just about trusting your ideas, but trusting your feelings and letting them guide you and provide you understanding. You are encouraged to have some introspection this week as we wind down from the full moon. It helps to look at experiences without judgement and labels, and instead acknowledge the feelings you felt and the lessons you learned from this experiences. Only then can you let go and move forward, and bring that reflection to the present moment. If you want to continue to build, let yourself experience your feelings and intuition, and trust them! The weekend shows peace and love as you build your trust in yourself.

June 13-19, 2016 Weekly Spiritual Messages

This week is very gentle and calm, with emphasis on inward contemplation in the beginning of the week.  As you begin to know yourself better, you inherently add layers and development to your emotional and spiritual body.  From there we can move on mentally, and the middle of the week marks a big change in how you see yourself and recognize your own qualities.  You are encouraged to focus on your immenseness, and add bigger and better dreams to your thoughts.  The weekend marks a time where you emotionally begin your quest to seek out more; you may not know what you want specifically, or how you want to develop yourself, but you are in touch with the feeling of moving on and seeking out the new.  This is a big week to get in touch with every part of yourself!  

Card Decks: The Mermaid of Tarot, and the Magical Mermaids & Dolphins Oracle Deck.  

June 6-12, 2016 Weekly Spiritual Messages

This week might start out hectic and your head could spin in all directions. Don’t let others push you around, or try to conform to other people’s ways; everyone is their own trend-setter this week! Stay firm, keep going, and don’t give up on yourself; simply dance to the beat of your own drum without worrying. By the middle of the week, you’ll have a lot of respect from others as well as yourself, and things become more stable and abundant. By the weekend, you’ll feel confident and sure enough to communicate with others about your needs. The theme of this week is owning your power and grounding yourself in your personal self. Keep your head high, your feet on the ground, and trust your instincts.

Card Decks: The Crystal Tarot, and The Power Animal Oracle Cards