June 2016 Monthly Forecast

There is lots of different kinds of energy this month, because we are on the cusp of shifting our lives.  This month is about pressing on, and ushering in supportive energy.  We may have gotten used to doing things on our own, and tending to our own needs, and this month we begin to shift that energy from solitude to community; we see that we don’t have to continue to do everything by ourselves.  Now is the time to accept help, and ask for helpful people from the universe.  Expect a lot of energy this month to keep working on your personal and professional pursuits; at times you may want to give up, so teamwork will help keep you motivated.  It’s also important to reflect on any behaviors or habits that tend to drain your energy, and take them as lessons to replace them with habits that boost you up.  When we go into July, our worlds will be turned ‘upside-down’, with opportunity to have a new outlook and become unstuck.  

Card Deck: The Angel Tarot by Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine

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