June 2016 Guidance with Jesus

This month ask yourself what you really want–and get specific about it.  Although we are still in Mars retrograde this month, which slows down action, this month holds two important energies: setting specific intentions, and ushering in support.  June is a month where we can get support if we are direct about asking for it.  In fact, you can even demand that it come in.  You are your own master this month.

After a long walk, I sat down and wrote how I want to spend my summer.  I currently spread myself over four very different jobs and careers (partly because I have many varied interests, and partly because I’m a little crazy), but I am realizing I want to focus on only a few things this summer, with time to relax and be peaceful, and still somehow be financially abundant.  I wrote down all my intentions, with how I want to feel at the very top (peaceful, joyful, and experience fun), and demanded the universe bring me what I desired and needed in miraculous ways.  I let go of worrying how things will happen, and made my intentions.  

I encourage you to do so as well, and reflect often and get detailed about what you wish and how you want to consistently feel.  Our inner transformations have led up to this moment, where we set the energy for the rest of the year.  Most of this year we have been doing things ‘solo’, focusing on being ourselves, building our confidence, and trusting our intuition.  June will see us begin to applying this inner transformation to the outer world.  It is time to take concrete steps towards realizing things, and also time to begin working with others and inviting in the energy of teamwork and support.  You are certainly ready.

Jesus gives his words of wisdom to us for June.  I don’t feel compelled to write a lot about Jesus, as there is so much already!  There are also many amazing channels who channel Jesus, and I encourage you to explore and find what resonates with you.  He is a wonderful healer, and his energy is warm, inviting and playful.  He did say that everyone on Earth needs to have more fun!  His energy is INCREDIBLY gentle; I immediately felt safe, and the connection was very quick.  Jesus does not stray far from the human world, and is right next to us all the time.  

The fun thing I learned about Jesus is he devotes a lot of his energy to helping others be successful.  More than any other being I have channeled, I feel his enthusiasm for seeing others succeed.  He helps others achieve their dreams, and he does this by helping connect you to your own Divine Source!  We all have all the answers we seek within ourselves, and Jesus will help hook you up to your Higher Self.  He doesn’t want to tell you what to do; he wants to help you tell yourself.  

Jesus’ Message:

Greetings Loved Ones,

Do not be afraid; it is I, Jesus, and I am so happy to be with you.  In truth, I am always with you, around you and next to you.  I have known each and every one of you before you came to Earth, I know you now, and I will know you again when you return from Earth.  Feel my love for you as you would feel the air around you; it is always there, and you take it in your body effortlessly.  I love you so much beyond all you know.

I do not wish to speak with you about this month, but rather about your life in this moment.  I do indeed have a task for you, and it is simple: to know yourself better.  Let go of doing, let go of thinking about what you should be doing, and simply know yourself.  

You feel there is so much for you to do, but in truth there is so much for you not to do.  You cannot begin to transform this life without knowing yourself.  You must first allow yourself a space to be, and then begin creation.  Creation is an act of love; and the more you know yourself, the more love you will experience.  Those who feel disconnected are disconnected from themselves and distracted by the world; you are not in the world, but the world is in you.  The better you know yourself, and the more you connect with your inner being, the more you experience the entire world and the love will grow.

The more you grow this love, the more love you invite in.  It is essential now, more than ever, to be in love with yourself as much as I am in love with you.  Magic is beginning for you; miracles are in your energy field, waiting to manifest.  Let go of distractions, let go of fears, and look inside yourself.  Have a conversation with yourself, and become close to your inner being.  Ask me for help with this connection, as I am always beside you.  You are everything, and you are realizing this more every moment.   

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