May 2016 Guidance with Archangel Metatron

Greetings and welcome!  I’m late with this month’s posting, yet I feel it is coming at the most perfect time in terms of what we need right now.  Since the end of April I knew we would be hearing from Archangel Metatron, and I’ve felt him all around me–particularly above my shoulders–for weeks now.  He’s a bit relentless.

Metatron is a giant in the Archangel realm.  The legend is he is one of two Archangels who once led a human life.  You may have heard of ‘Metatron’s Cube’; he uses this cube to clear away lower energies.  He holds esoteric wisdom and knowledge, and can help you understand concepts beyond our physical lives.  My mother recently commented that he always feels ‘very old’, and I agree; he can feel this way due to his wise energy and sageness.  


May is all about the balance between taking action and taking time for reflection.  It’s about getting back into the FLOW of things.  Energetically we are receiving major upgrades to our spiritual consciousness, which is very jolting; this month we’ll be taking those upgrades and integrating them into our flow.  

If you have been feeling off-kilter and misaligned like I have the past few weeks, deep down we know we are out of our natural rhythm, and it can feel maddening.  I personally have been having restlessness, anxiety, and extreme exhaustion simultaneously.  I had trouble concentrating, headaches, and felt very contained and limited by my physical body.  

May is going to help us resolve these issues.  We’ll be encouraged to ponder on the layers beneath our desires and thoughts, and focus on refreshing our energy.  Issues that have been bubbling may finally boil over in efforts to heal and repair, especially when it comes to relationships.  The key to work with this month’s energy, per Metatron, is very simple: to focus on completion.  He explains this in the following:

Archangel Metatron’s Message:

Let’s begin straight away.  It is time to take some calming breaths.  Breathe in with the intention of breathing in the energy of peace and love.  

Do you know what drives you crazy?  The fact that you are wise, wise beyond anything you will ever know, and yet you have no outlet for this wisdom, and therefore have no entryway to access this wisdom.  Yet, that entryway is there; you just believe you must keep it closed, because it will have nowhere to go.  What would you do with this wisdom?  Who would you share it with?  Know that your wisdom is not an object you have; it is a state of being.  You do not let wisdom out; you let it flow through you.  Embrace your wise self, and do not focus on what to do with it.  Focus on being it.  

As you become more evolved in your energy, it is time to evolve your other aspects as well.  For many, your spiritual growth can be frustrating as other areas lag behind.  This is where the feeling of misalignment comes from.  If we focus on your thought processes, we can see they are frantically trying to keep up with your spirit, and this is causing you to feel scattered.  

You have grown beyond focusing on desire, manifestation and creation; you have grown beyond bringing your thoughts to center on what you want.  Look under what you desire, and you will reveal yet another desire, and yet another under the previous.  All desires lead back to peace, to self-love.  To match your thoughts with your spiritual upgrade, focus on your desires as completed.  

This does not mean giving up on action.  In truth, it encourages simultaneous action and reflection.  Typically when you focus on your desires and manifestation, ideas come to you of actions and steps you can take to create this desire.  What we see, then, is a loss of the desire as most your energy is put into the actions, and into the end result.  The desire, in its purest form, becomes lost.  

Remember that, in its root, all your desires are about being at peace.  Therefore, take your desires, and see them as completed.  See them as peace you have achieved.  This will not stop your wheel of manifestation if you see something as completed.  In fact, it accelerates the wheel, because the energy of the universe will now be racing to match your current energy-of-completion.  It will hurry to meet you at your current state. 

Therefore, if you act out of peace, and not earnestness; feel out of love, not haste; think out of completion and satisfaction, not worry, you shall bring yourself into balance with your thoughts and feelings.  See yourself as completed; see yourself as peace.  Trust in your higher self and the knowing you possess.  Remember that you are the wisdom that you seek.  


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