April 2016 Guidance from Buddha

This month’s message comes from Buddha, or Prince Goutama Siddhartha.  Buddha isn’t much of a talker; instead, he surrounds you with immense love, joy and peace.  Lots of royal blue and lemon yellow swirl in his aura, and he smiles endlessly.  

His frequency is very high, and it took me a few hours of preparation and meditation to connect with him. He is always connecting lower energies with love energy, muting the harsh and bringing inspiration.  He is constantly around and always everywhere, spreading joy and peace wherever he goes.  

I have never connected with someone who was so in LOVE with his own existence.  Buddha is incredibly grateful and enamored by his own entity in the humblest way possible; he exists on both an individual and a collective level.  He showed me some amazing things, such as how he devotes so much of himself to creating “frequency tubes” or hoses that connect lower dimensions with higher dimensions in order to filter love down into the lower dimensions.  

He wishes to assist us in our spiritual growth by infusing our energy with love and joy, reactivating a switch within us that helps us access these energies more easily; basically, he amplifies the signal that is already within us.  He connected one of these ‘hoses’ or tubes to the base of my neck, explaining that when the nervous system is relaxed first, all other energetic portals of your body are open to love.  The tube was bright, golden, and fizzy, like a solid tube of electricity.  

The instant he connected it to my neck and spine, I slumped back in my chair, as if I had lost all control over my body.  I was immediately transported to a space of infinite love and joy, and I saw many images and revelations.  One of the most interesting things was seeing all the faces of all the people I have ever loved in all my lifetimes in rapid fashion; I saw one after the other for barely half a second, it seemed, and yet it also felt like it lasted for hours.

Buddha’s message this month is very short.  He is more interested in connecting with your energy to expand your sense of self-love and inner peace.  If you choose to do so, I recommend laying down on a bed or a mat, so that you don’t fall over as I almost did!  Breathe deeply and meditate, asking Buddha to connect with you and thanking him for his connection.  He will bring you one of his energetic tubes to help relax you, and you can give him permission to connect it with you if you wish.  

April is a month of putting your relationship with yourself first, and Buddha will help you do this.  Your higher mind and self are waiting to be inspired, and I feel a lot of support for us this month if we set out to do so.  If you are looking to make changes, it is time to start asking yourself the ‘why’ before the ‘how’, and then go about making those changes, always with self-love in mind.  

Buddha’s Message:

Create your own way.  If you are asking yourself questions, questioning your being, your existence, your thoughts, your actions, your feelings, then you are on the right path.  If you feel unsettled and restless, or lethargic and unmotivated, then it is time for you to start asking yourself questions.  

The most important thing you can ask is not a question itself, but rather a feeling of a thought that relates to your existence.  This isn’t about what you want, but who you are.  Asking what you want is a stepping stone that leads to the heart of the bigger question, and now it is your time to discover that question, as it may appear different for everyone, even though it is the same in its essence.  Now is the time to wonder about yourself.  

Do not settle for one answer to any of your questions, but let the answers continuously flow to you to increase and extend your awareness.  Who you are, how you exist, what you create: these are all flowering components of you, all different aspects that are connected into one beautiful and infinite energy.  You can either lift your frequency or bring it down again: it is up to you.  

What I want you to remember, dear ones, is to ask yourself in everything you do, “How is this uplifting for me?” and proceed accordingly.  Focus on uplifting yourself higher and higher, until you are floating with ease on a frequency of love.  

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