February 15-21, 2016 Spiritual Messages

This is a week to ‘burn up’ any mental limitations that have been holding you back. 2016 is, after all, about shaking things up and starting anew! The beginning of the week calls for rest, reflection and inaction. Take some time to focus on your dreams and desires, and connect with your inner being. There is no need to force things to happen. The middle of the week you might feel restless, as if you are being held back. You might feel limited, but the only thing that holds you back are thoughts and feeling of being unworthy. Recognize how you can change your perspective to put power back into your heart and mind. The weekend shows the clouds parting, and gaining back your mental clarity. You’ll have new ideas, a new perspective and new strength. You’re confidence will take another step upward after this week of mental and emotional cleansing.

The main message of this week is becoming more grounded, finding your childlike energy again, having new inspiration and tranquility, and having a higher sensual awareness of yourself. You are putting the reins back in your hands this week!

Card Deck: The Robin Wood Tarot


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