February 29-March 6, 2016 Weekly Spiritual Guidance

The beginning of the week starts off with a stalemate energy. You might lack information to make a decision, of how to make your next move, or be having disagreements with others. The guidance is to hold on for now until you feel empowered to make a choice. This energy quickly shifts in the middle of the week to inspiration! You may have a breakthrough in your perspective and new ideas. You could realize some new information that helps you take action, and communication with others could become very clear. Expect mental clarity and deeper insight into your life. This propels us into the weekend, which shows new investment and opportunity. It is the BEGINNING of something real and concrete. Abundance is indicated, and prosperity in the material world. Allow the inspiration to keep flowing to you!

The main focus of this week is to let go of anything that is holding you back from the past. Your spirit and the universe wants you to move forward with this energy; it’s time to leave the past in the past, and welcome healing energy into your life.

Card Decks: “The Fairy Lights Tarot” & “The Soul’s Journey Oracle Cards”

March 2016 Monthly Tarot Forecast

March is a time for you to settle your energy. You are integrating the old with the new! New awakenings, epiphanies and perspectives will be integrated into your daily energy this month. Left behind will be the ‘topsy-turvy’ energy, and instead you’ll be able to get grounded and be more comfortable in your true self. You’ll still be growing spiritually, and it will be in big leaps! What’s more, you will have the support and strength of others around you to take on any challenge, task or purpose in front of you. The theme of this month is experiencing JOY; being content and happy with what you have, where you are going, and who you are. By April, you will be well-nurtured and inspired to continue your journey.

March 2016 Guidance with Archangel Michael

This month’s message comes from Archangel Michael.  He is the Archangel of Protection and guides you on your life purpose.  He is often depicted with a shield and sword, and is probably the most well-known Archangel here on earth…and believe me, he knows it.  (He has a sense of humor, and is a bit of a ham…I get the feeling he enjoys the attention!)  

When I connect with Archangel Michael, he has a lot of blue around him.  He appears to me as 9 feet tall, with dark, shoulder-length hair and blue eyes.  His energy gives out senses of protection and love, and simply inviting him into my energy field makes me feel 10 times stronger than usual.  He is truly awesome in every sense of the word.

Michael passes on some interesting messages for March.  If you have been feeling restless lately, it is because an energy is awakening within you….you just don’t know what to do with it yet!  This month will be when you finally get a SENSE of that energy, which is, in the simplest terms, your spiritual power and Higher Self.  Archangel Michael introduces to me the word ‘HASNA’; when I looked it up later, it is Arabic in origin, and means ‘Beautiful.’  

The energy is bigger than your physical being, and it is causing you to go through some big inner changes, which is affecting your physical senses and world as well.  It may be causing you some irritation and extreme emotions!  Yet this is a month where you let it ‘settle’ a bit; it will integrate better with your physical self, and you’ll be able to apply it to your physical life.  You’ve already begun embracing this power within you, and March will be a wonderful time where you let it integrate with your conscious self.  It is a month where we REALIZE our great spiritual selves, and what it means to be spiritual energy.  This allows you to not only bring big changes to your life, but also, and more importantly, be happy.

Here is Archangel Michael’s Message:

Welcome my fellow beings of love.  I am Archangel Michael, protector and strength of all energy.  I am so pleased to be with you here and now, as I always am.  I am always with each and every one of you at all moments, and you know this.  You know I am around you, because you feel my encouragement and strength.  The strength you feel, in fact, is not just my own, but yours as well.  I combine each of our strengths with an energetic cord, so that you can feel it more immensely.  

For awhile you may be feeling restless.  This is because, as you know deep down, that you have a dormancy within you.  Something inside of you has been sleeping, and it has slowly been waking up over the last few months.  It is an energy that is at the core of your spirit; it is the knowledge and the power that makes you a creator.  It is the power of your Higher Self, the energy that makes you feel connected to something greater than your physical presence.  

You have the knowledge that you are a spiritual being, and you know it is more than that.  This power within you is waking up; it is a power that extends beyond your physical world, and you are beginning to truly feel it for the first time.  You cannot define it, you cannot ‘put a finger on it’, because it is something you have never felt in this life, and it is difficult to remember from your time spent in the higher dimensions.  

Yet now is a time when you are waking up to it; you are feeling this power within you, but may be driving you into a state of worry, because your body does not quite know what to do with it, and your body does not know how to process it.  Do not fear.  This is a month where you acknowledge this power, this great energy, within you, and you begin to bring it forth.  

Expect great things for yourself this month, because of your ability to bring forth this inner power that has been dormant for so long.  You may not understand it, because it is something that is not separate; it is intertwined with everything that you are.  This is a time when you begin go realize what it means to be you, and how to use this power, this energy, that has always been with you, that IS you, waiting for you to bring it forth.  

Some of you are waiting for divine timing, and I tell you this: instead of waiting for something specific, bring your power forth into the moment.  Bring this strength of yours into the moment, because that will nourish this energy and let it grow quickly.  This is a month of realization of this power, and you will find immediate physical results because of it.  You have the power to even speed along divine timing.  You do not have to wait for happiness, but instead draw it to you.  

This power within you, you can call it Hasna.  It is your beauty, and what makes you beautiful, but this is a human way or of relating this to you; because Hasna is what IS, not what makes you.  You are beauty, and this energy that is growing more and more towards the sun, towards light, towards clarity, is you, is beauty.  

You can feel this within you, can you not?  You can feel something reaching out beyond your physical body, and it may be to the point where it unsettles you and irritates you and causes extreme emotions.  Let it unfold naturally, because you are beginning to understand it.  You understand it better the more you connect with yourself.  

The Hasna is you, and as you focus on this connection with your energy, rather than your consciousness, you will find this power come forth more quickly and easily, because your own truth is always the easiest way.  This energy is not something you will be able to define easily in words, but it is a feeling and a knowing that goes beyond your physical realm.  

I am guiding you to use your power this month, to let it come forth naturally, and to use it in the moment rather than worrying about the future.  The more you focus on your day to day, moment to moment growth and expansion, the easier your life becomes, because you are letting the love and beauty flow freely within you and around you.  Let go of your expectations of yourself, and simply let yourself flow like the river.  I am with you always, guiding you to embrace your true nature of love, strength and beauty.  

February 22-28, 2016 Weekly Spiritual Messages

Things are on the upswing this week! You can now be confident and take steps forward with intention. Your ability to navigate past obstacles is strong this week. Expect positive affirmation in multiple ways from the universe. This week is focused on leaving the darkness behind, because you realize the importance of feeling good. By focusing on feeling joyous, all other joyousness will follow. The weekend marks a period of stepping into a new place both spiritually and physically. You may be making physical changes, and you have immense support around you to be your true self. You can move forward fearlessly and with love!

Soon a tarot forecast for March, as well as a challenged message from Archangel Michael, will be posted on my website. Stay tuned!

February 15-21, 2016 Spiritual Messages

This is a week to ‘burn up’ any mental limitations that have been holding you back. 2016 is, after all, about shaking things up and starting anew! The beginning of the week calls for rest, reflection and inaction. Take some time to focus on your dreams and desires, and connect with your inner being. There is no need to force things to happen. The middle of the week you might feel restless, as if you are being held back. You might feel limited, but the only thing that holds you back are thoughts and feeling of being unworthy. Recognize how you can change your perspective to put power back into your heart and mind. The weekend shows the clouds parting, and gaining back your mental clarity. You’ll have new ideas, a new perspective and new strength. You’re confidence will take another step upward after this week of mental and emotional cleansing.

The main message of this week is becoming more grounded, finding your childlike energy again, having new inspiration and tranquility, and having a higher sensual awareness of yourself. You are putting the reins back in your hands this week!

Card Deck: The Robin Wood Tarot


February 8-14, 2016 Weekly Spiritual Guidance

This week shows you building strong foundations. The beginning of the week asks you to get clear with your feelings and thoughts. Be truthful with yourself about how you think, feel and desire. Take time to reflect and focus on what you are feeling. This will help you get anchored in your higher self, and help you listen clearly to your intuition. Once you do that, you can change your perspective easily, as the middle of the week shows. A sense of humor can do you a world of good, and you may have a windfall of abundance in one form or another. The weekend shows you fully stepping into your power. You faith grows stronger in yourself, the universe and all that you believe. Remember you can steer the direction of your own path, and nothing can hold you back but yourself. This week feels very ‘revealing’: it is a time when you come to terms with your true nature and grow strong because of it.