January 18-24, 2016 Spiritual Messages

Usually I get tons of intuitive messages from the cards, but this week it is pretty straightforward! What the cards read is what is happening this week, and that is a sign that we are on the right path. This week is all about laying foundations for the long term, and the over-arching message is embracing your INNER KNOWING. The angels say that inner-knowing is the source of your inner power, and letting go of relying on other people and circumstances to bring you peace. You know yourself well, and you know what you need to feel peaceful and prosperous. This is directly leading to manifestation for you. This week you might be making long-term plans, and finding things coming together. You choose not to involve yourself in other people’s drama, and sit on your throne of comfort and confidence. Your life is always moving forward, and this week shows it. Choose to feel peace and serenity at all times, and you will find that you have grown past old problems and issues that used to distress you….but no more! You are glowing this week with ability!

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