January 4-10, 2016 Spiritual Guidance

This week feels a bit heavy due to inner struggles (and Mercury Retrograde on January 5th!). You’re trying to successfully integrate your intuitive self with the rest of the world. Staying out of drama and tending to your physical health is very important this week, as well as taking care of yourself emotionally and mentally. Overall, you might feel like you haven’t made any movement forward due to the stagnation of this week. Instead of guilt-tripping yourself, we are guided to seek inner peace. You have nothing to prove, and you can focus on the loving being you are. You must inwardly achieve that which you seek in order for it to manifest outwardly. Prayer, meditation and focusing on self-worth will greatly help you. Remember you are being looked after, guided, and are very loved.

Card Deck Used: The Soul’s Journey by James Van Praagh

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