February 1-7, 2016 Weekly Spiritual Messages

Can you handle another fabulous week? Do you know WHY it’s so fabulous? Cause YOU are! This is a week where you get to see your beautiful self reflected back to you in very real ways. The beginning of the week focuses on healing and receiving. Its about ACCEPTING the good and not doubting yourself as you free yourself from the past. As we move on, expect positive connections with others, whether its through new relationships or existing ones….either way, there is an opportunity to connect your TRUE self with someone like-minded. You will receive positive affirmation from the universe that whoever you are is the best person to be. The weekend shows us getting grounded in this ‘new’, truer version of ourselves as we truly begin to accept that our spiritual side is real, our desires are real, and what we want CAN be real. Overall, this week grounds us in our own truth. The more we are true to ourselves, the more joyful we are, and that joy is reflected back to us. It’s a great way to kick off the month!

February 2016 Monthly Tarot Forecast

I decided to do a Celtic Cross Spread for this month, as it feels very transformational and empowering!

This month is all about healing joyously. It may be difficult to put the past behind us, or to let go of certain things. The beginning of February really shows a lot of balance happening; you may find your thoughts and actions being centered on balancing multiple projects, and you will have to keep your energy up and nurture yourself in the midst of it all.

Throughout the month, however, you will find things miraculously ‘wrapping up’, and you will have much to celebrate. Relationships could grow closer, projects could begin to manifest, and past troubles will simply disappear into thin air. This is all about the letting go; as you let go of the old, you finally make room for the new.

The best thing you can do this month is continue to listen to your inner guidance. Let your emotions detox, so you can clearly receive messages from your intuition. It’s also important to be loving to yourself, and to be your own leader. Don’t invest in drama or worry, as this will drain you. Focus on what makes you feel good and strong.

The universe is supporting you in MOVING ON, through other people, circumstances and realizations. By the end of the month, you’ll feel incredibly capable of doing anything, and you may well be on your way to doing so! You could find an unexpected opportunity fall in your lap! Whatever happens, remember that you are POWERFUL.

Card Deck Used: Archangel Power Tarot by Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine

February Guidance with Mother Mary

This month’s message comes from Mother Mary.  Mary is known in Christian lore as the Virgin Mary who gave birth to Jesus Christ, after Archangel Gabriel came to her with a message that she would be giving birth to the Son of God.  She is a nurturer, and unsurprisingly helps with all matters related to children and fertility.  The best known source of information about her, the New Testament in the Bible, only depicts her in a passive role, and there is not much information about her.  

When I asked who was to come today for our monthly message and it was Mary, I said at first, “Ummm….I don’t know if I’m ready for that!”  I was quite intimidated, as Mary had always been a figure in my mind since childhood as someone who was way too holy for me.  Regardless, she came anyways, and I found she has a loving nature and a firm hand.  I could feel her clear my heart chakra so I could hear her clearly.  She also has a sense of humor and a bit of sarcasm.  She had a beautiful blue aura, with a mix of royal blue and sky blue.  She had dark skin, eyes and hair in the way she came to me, and her gaze was very intense.

This may cause some controversy, as it is contradictory to what all Christians are raised with, but when I asked her about the virgin birth associated with her, she told me, “Don’t be ridiculous.  I was a human being, and I conceived my children in a human way.  This was something that was added to my story, as sex has always been a means of suppressing women, whether it meant making them evil or holy,” and she rolled her eyes and laughed it off.  She is indeed a champion for our feminine sides, whether one identifies as male or female, and I found out that she helps us connect to our intuition.

Mary sees one of her Divine missions as helping living things live their lives through their intuitive selves.  In February, this will be our challenge, as we learn to embrace life more fully through our intuition.  We will be given many opportunities to make changes with clear guidance from our higher selves, and this is to help place us in the feeling and knowing of our inner power.  When we pay attention to the knowing, we can begin the doing.  

Here is her message for us:

Hello My Children,

I am Mary, Mother of All.  What do I mean by ‘all’, I mean you and your guidance system.  I am Mother of the Feminine, the intuition that guides you each and every day.  I continuously nurture your intuitive side which is with all….the plants, the animals, the humans, and all living things.  I enter the hearts gently and cleanse your intuition so you can listen to it clearly.  There are many things during my human life I would have done differently if I had clearly listened, and now it is my work and my desire to help you all listen to that side of you that you are learning not to ignore anymore.  Emotions are your key, as your emotions are a guidance system to which you can conduct your life.  

There are many things I want you to take lightly.  Bringing lightness to your life will help your intuition become clear.  When you put worry or fear into your thoughts, or an impending decision, you cloud the messages of your intuition.  In a way, you must detach from the situation by putting lightness into it.  This is how you can detach, by changing your perspective and telling your emotional body that there is no significance to it; when you choose lightness, you will hear your intuitive messages clearly.  

What more can I say to you, except that your intuition is simply an extension of your higher self, and your higher self is made of love, and seeks out love, and therefore your intuition will always help you seek out the most loving way for yourself.  It is time to let go of what you think your intuition should sound or feel like; you already know what it is, and the only thing holding you back from it is the worry of making a wrong decision.  

This is why the lightness is important.  Light seeks light, and your intuitive side will be heard clearly when you bring lightness to yourself and every situation you are in.  This is a month where your emotions will be invaluable to you.  They are a guidance system not in the way you think.  Your emotions won’t tell you what to do; only your thoughts can do this.  Your emotions tell you what you are feeling, and whether it is a feeling to cherish, or whether you must seek out another feeling instead.  

Your emotions tell you whether you can clearly hear your intuition.  Your emotions let you know whether it is a good time to listen to your intuition, or whether you must wait to hear it clearly.  You cannot take action when you are upset, as all actions will only cause more upset in this manner.  You can only take action when you feel clear.  

I predict great clarity for you this month, as you move into a more intuitive way of being.  I have been nurturing you all in this way, caring for you by helping you listen to yourself clearly and therefore being better equipped to care for yourselves.  A mother nurtures in a way where we work together; she does not do everything for you.  She helps you discover your sense of self, so you may grow to help others do the same.  

As you move into a more intuitive way of being, your manifestation will grow.  I see how you affect one another when you accept your intuition and draw joy to you.  Do not worry about what is right or wrong, but pay attention rather to what is clear to you.  I have always loved you, as a mother does.  


January 25-31, 2016 Weekly Spiritual Guidance

What a beautiful week of manifestation and things coming together! Angels say the faith you have in yourself and the universe is leading you to making major movement in your life. This week expect a turnaround in your life, as you keep your thoughts uplifted and let go of old ways of thinking and doing. This week is a big confirmation that all your inner work is paying off. Don’t forget to be grateful and accept the good things that happen in your life, even if they seem small or insignificant. Make time to relax and enjoy, and ask for help when you need it. There are times for doing, and times for sitting back and letting things happen; let your intuition guide you, and feel safe in your own power.

Next week a channeled message for February, as well as a tarot forecast, will be posted!

Card Deck Used: Magical Mermaids & Dolphins by Doreen Virtue

January 18-24, 2016 Spiritual Messages

Usually I get tons of intuitive messages from the cards, but this week it is pretty straightforward! What the cards read is what is happening this week, and that is a sign that we are on the right path. This week is all about laying foundations for the long term, and the over-arching message is embracing your INNER KNOWING. The angels say that inner-knowing is the source of your inner power, and letting go of relying on other people and circumstances to bring you peace. You know yourself well, and you know what you need to feel peaceful and prosperous. This is directly leading to manifestation for you. This week you might be making long-term plans, and finding things coming together. You choose not to involve yourself in other people’s drama, and sit on your throne of comfort and confidence. Your life is always moving forward, and this week shows it. Choose to feel peace and serenity at all times, and you will find that you have grown past old problems and issues that used to distress you….but no more! You are glowing this week with ability!

January 11-17, 2016 Spiritual Messages

We move through a new moon this week, and its all about rising up! “Have faith” is the theme here, because this week is all about having faith in yourself and feeling confident. You’ll start to see real results this week that are concrete. Its a time to acknowledge your success, acknowledge your abilities, and allow positive energy to flow freely to you. Don’t compromise yourself and let things move at their own pace. You don’t have to please anybody! The weekend could mean making quick decisions or seeing quick results, but overall remember to relax and enjoy the productive rhythm.

January 4-10, 2016 Spiritual Guidance

This week feels a bit heavy due to inner struggles (and Mercury Retrograde on January 5th!). You’re trying to successfully integrate your intuitive self with the rest of the world. Staying out of drama and tending to your physical health is very important this week, as well as taking care of yourself emotionally and mentally. Overall, you might feel like you haven’t made any movement forward due to the stagnation of this week. Instead of guilt-tripping yourself, we are guided to seek inner peace. You have nothing to prove, and you can focus on the loving being you are. You must inwardly achieve that which you seek in order for it to manifest outwardly. Prayer, meditation and focusing on self-worth will greatly help you. Remember you are being looked after, guided, and are very loved.

Card Deck Used: The Soul’s Journey by James Van Praagh

January 2016 Tarot Forecast

This month is about taking it step-by-step. You might feel restless and uneasy this month, due to the lack of ability to make concrete decisions. It might feel like a waiting game! Lift yourself up from negativity by making time for fun and relaxation. Take your time this month; there’s no rush! Have faith, because there IS movement, and things will come together. Be in the present moment and take time for reflection; this is a month of self-realization through inner work. Manifestation is on the horizon!

Card Deck Used: The Angel Tarot by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine