Get a FREE Mini-Reading for 2016!

Have you ever received a reading from me, and would you like a free reading by 2016?  I would love to receive an honest testimonial from you to add to my website!  All you need to do is go to CONTACT INFO and submit 3 sentences (or longer) about the experience you had on receiving a reading from me.


I will only include your first name and last initial in the testimonials.  If you submit one, I will send you a FREE energy forecast for 2016.  This will include your main focus for the year, important influences and future events, obstacles to look out for, and how you can best reach your goals and dreams during the year.

This includes any CURRENT purchases.  For example, if you purchase a reading before January 2016, and submit a testimonial afterwards, I will send you your free 2016 forecast!  All mini-readings in exchange for testimonials will be delivered by December 31st, 2015.

Thanks very much for all the opportunities you have given me to help you on your journey; I have loved them all!

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