December 2015 with Archangel Machidiel

During this week, I had a dream about a reindeer.  I was walking through the woods, following some train tracks that never seemed to end.  It was nighttime, and it was quiet, and it was snowing.  From out of the forest came a reindeer, who allowed me to pet him.  I asked him his name (“Roger,” he said) and then I awoke.

I mention this here because reindeer have a symbolistic meaning that fit into the theme of the energy of December that applies to all of us.  Reindeer symbolize that the end is near to a long, emotional journey that you have taken.  Even though you have no idea where the road is going, reindeer tell us that we have what it takes to keep going, and to have courage to move forward.  

This, indeed, is the theme of December: courage.  As we draw near the end of 2015, a year that has been about major expansion and “blind” movement, we will be given the ultimate opportunity to apply what we have learned this month about faith and trust.  December is helping us embrace our fortitude and our fearlessness.  After everything we have been through, both personally and globally, there is no sense in giving up now!  

Archangel Machidiel guides us this month.  I had no idea who this Archangel was until this morning, when I was in the shower, doing my physical and spiritual cleansing (I always imagine golden light coming out of the shower head, cleansing my aura.)  I asked the universe who would like to come through for this month’s channeling, and Machidiel came forth.  At first I was like, “Huh?  WHO?  Modo-chadeel?  Monkey-eel?”  


There is not much written information about Machidiel.  He rules the sign of Aries, and is the Archangel of the month of March.  So, why does he come to us now during December?  Well, I have learned that Archangel Machidiel is the Archangel of Courage!  He gives us strength and lights our way through our own hearts.  

I am so pleased to have him here with us for this month’s message, as the most POWERFUL thing we can do this month is pay attention to the messages of our hearts and intuition.  It no longer suits you to go against anything that makes you feel bad, uneasy, awkward, unhappy, uncomfortable or worried.  The signals you receive through your emotions are so strong now that even your physical body feels horribly uncomfortable.  

For example, if a friend asks you to go somewhere, and you feel you don’t want to go and then decide to go anyways, you will feel so uncomfortable that you could possibly feel ill later on.  There is no way to avoid this unless you stay true to what you want in the moment.  Trust your inner messages, and don’t worry about upsetting anyone; if you follow the actions of your highest good, then everyone will benefit from those actions.  You have expanded so much that you can no longer go against your own current.  

Therefore, this month is a time to listen to the messages of your Divine Self.  It can be a stressful time of year for those who celebrate any of the numerous holidays that take place, so it is essential you become comfortable with saying ‘no’ to others and ‘yes’ to your ideal feelings.  Say ‘yes’ to feeling joy, peace, gratitude and love.  Follow your instincts, and trust in yourself.  

Archangel Machidiel encourages to “do” or “not do” whatever feels right to us.  In short, it is important to be ourselves without worry or preoccupation.  When he came to me, I saw a very light blue and green aura, almost like aqua, and some cream color.  This angel has a lot of feminine qualities that help us be in tune to our inner guidance.   He put a brilliant light onto my heart chakra, that made me feel unashamed to be who I am, who I have been, or who I will be.  He helps you take self-judgement out of the picture, which clears the way for loving thoughts.  

You might not see a lot of action this month, but that is because you are building up your strength and courage through “small” movements; so, when you WILL have many things to do in the near future, you will not experience a lack of confidence, because you will have a strong foundation to base your trust on!  Al always, the best thing you can do is pay attention to what you want or need in the moment, without projecting too far into the future.  

Random knowledge: he also showed me how he helped Marie Curie follow her own passions and inner guidance (despite anything society said, and without worrying about what others would think) so she could become a renowned female physicist.  


Archangel Machidiel’s Message:

Greetings beloved souls, light bearers, light givers, and sparks of the universe.  I am Archangel Machidiel, here to spark within you the passionate fires of your heart.  You may feel directionless this month; know that there is much value in not doing just as much as there is in doing.  Your qualities of listening and being still will greatly fortune you this month.  

This month is good to keep quiet, to focus on the essence of your desires, and to follow your guidance as you see fit.  I will ignite your hearts with passion and courage whenever you call on me.  I do not push you forward, but instead help you realize your endless strength in order to move yourself forward.  I am here to guide you, and sometimes that means keeping still.  

You could easily fall into worry this month, especially when it comes to money.  You will indeed have everything you need, so turn your focus on gratitude.  Do you realize the power of gratitude?  It is to put you in a state of high vibration.  It is to help your conscious mind recognize all the love you are surrounded with.  Gratitude is an extension of giving love, so giving gratitude will surround you with the vibration of love.  It surrounds you with the vibration of joy, so that you can readily receive the gifts of the universe that you yourself have created.  

I cannot express how powerful you are.  Your inner desires are reflected all around you in your physical reality; so, always ask, and you may be specific in what you ask for.  Then let go of expectations.  You may ask to see growth, and see a tree that is growing.  Be specific in what you want, and not how it should happen.  If you want to see yourself as growing and successful, ask for this, and let it unfold before you without trying to control every step.  

If you must take actions this month, focus on each moment as an opportunity to follow your inner guidance.  One step at a time this month.  You can trust yourself to do what is right for you.  You can be courageous this month when it comes to taking chances; do and say things you’ve never done before, or think thoughts you’ve never allowed yourself to think.  

I express all my love for you in each moment; call on me to feel it, so you can feel your own love that you have for yourself, and all of your kind, as you are all one, and never alone.  If you feel anything this month, feel the courage within you to simply be WHO YOU ARE.  Be who you are, be true to yourself, be true to your guidance, be loving to yourself.  This does indeed take a lot of courage, as you have become accustomed to denying yourself everything you feel, everything you are, and everything you want.  If you can stay true to yourself moment to moment, you will feel much joy more than you ever have before.  You are READY to be you.  I am with you, loving you and igniting you.  

I wish you all the best this month, as you access the courage that is always with you.  Keep moving forward by being who you are in every moment, and you will feel more joy and strength possible than ever before.

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