Lesson Three Now Available!

It’s taken me awhile (over a year) to start writing psychic lessons again.  I’ve learned that I lose inspiration when I overwork myself, or keep myself TOO busy.  Seems so simple a concept: just slow things down a little!  Yet it is something I so easily forget.  

I am excited to be back into it, and to keep creating free services for you all.  I desire anyone who is ready and willing to find a way to be in touch with their spirituality; I find it truly empowering for you to be connected to your soul-self.  For me, it is all about living a life of joy and ease.  

This lesson includes a meditation to open up your psychic senses.  Find it on the Psychic Me page, which includes free PDF’s for you to download.  

Lesson Four will be about reading and interpreting the energy you receive, before we move onto meeting your spirit guides and angels!  These next two lessons will be out in time for the end of the year.   Love and Blessings to you all!

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